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2016 8.0/10


Série TV

1 saisons  | 52 épisodes  | 30min  | En cours

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8.0 /10
Affiche Metumtemet

The series tells the story of Shiri azari, a failed actress who is being forced to join the police as an undercover agent to save her husband from prison. In favor of the mission she dress up as a prestigious high school students in order to fabricate a case to a high school manager who is suspected of an affair with a student, and her falling into drugs. Shiri returns to high school, what was her greatest nightmare, determined to please her commanders and playing the role of her life but sooner than she realize things are getting increasingly more complicated. The boundaries between truth and falsehood, from bad to good blur. Shiri soon discover how far it has to go to learn to appreciate herself.

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Retrouvez toutes les informations sur Metumtemet lancée en 2016 : synopsys, casting complet, acteurs, scénariste, réalisateur. Découvrez des séries similaires à regarder également. Faites vous une idée de la série grâce à la note des membres et aux critiques des internautes.

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Network : HOT

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