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S01E01 Episode One (preview) 15/09/1997 Hayes is a gritty New York cop-turned-lawyer who uses his street smarts to convict criminals when he lands a job as a federal prosecutor. In the opener, Hayes jeopardizes a case to rail a mobster, when he realizes that the mob informant is responsible for the murder of a woman that Hayes investigated while he was still a cop.
S01E02 (pilot) 23/09/1997 Hayes investigates a connection between a murder victim and a politically connected attorney, and discovers that his closest friend has been implicated in the kickback scheme.
S01E03 True Blue 30/09/1997 Michael investigates police corruption on the NYPD, which worries the district attorney and alarms Eddie, whose friend may be indicted. Meanwhile, Danny tries to reconcile with Caitlin, who is mourning Rebecca's death.
S01E04 The Doctor's Tale 07/10/1997 Michael investigates claims that a well connected HMO refused to treat a young leukemia patient because of the costs and finds that some of the employees were paid to keep their mouths shut.
S01E05 Act of Contrition 14/10/1997 A British art gallery in New York is rolled by suspected Irish terrorists and Michael tries to get his hands on the deathbed confession of a suspected to his priest, before the British FBI are able to extradite the others involved. Meanwhile, Michael prepares his nephew for his first communion.
S01E06 Heroes 21/10/1997 Michael is asked to switch sides and defend the FBI, when they are sued by a kidnapping suspect for violating his civil rights. While preparing for the case, he uncovers damaging evidence that may incriminate both sides.
S01E07 Radio Killer 28/10/1997 Michael tries to prosecute a radio talk-show host, whose right-wing views may have spurned a crazed militia man into killing a government official. Meanwhile, Danny's future remains on shaky ground.
S01E08 Death and Taxes 04/11/1997 The murder of a Russian immigrant leads Michael to the Russian Mob and its possible involvement in a multimillion-dollar gasoline tax scam. Meanwhile, Danny us approached by loan sharks.
S01E09 Slaves 02/12/1997 Michael tries to convict a Chinese mobster or running an Asian prostitution ring, but complications arise when one of the enslaved girls is killed, and another risks deportation if she agrees to testify against her boss.
S01E10 The Confidence Man 09/12/1997 Michael's sting operation is jeopardized by the volatile actions of his government informant. Meanwhile, Danny takes part in a fun robbery to appease a loan shark.
S01E11 Retribution 16/12/1997 Michael's attempt to nail mob boss Frankie Malatesta is jeopardized by the untimely death of his right-wing man and by a vengeful restaurateur, who seeks retribution for the murder of his nephew.
S01E12 Mob Mentality 06/01/1998 Lindsay and Jenny run into resistance from witnesses when they try to prosecute a racially charged mob killing case; Michael's investigation into Vinnie DeMaio uncover some disturbing news regarding the possibility of a prosecutor on the mob's payroll.
S01E13 Arise and Fall 13/01/1998 The assistant U.S. attorney investigates Julies connection to the Mahatesta crime family and allegations that she may have thrown a case for the mob family. Meanwhile, Denn's case is jeopardized by claims of witness tampering.
S01E14 Imagine (1) 04/03/1998 Part 1 of two. When a suspected serial mail bomber is put behind bars after the death of a New York public relations executive; Michael's investigations uncovers a possible government cover-up, involving the FBI, CIA and the attorney General.
S01E15 Imagine (2) 11/03/1998 Conclusion. Michael's best leads in the suspicious death of a suspected serial mail-bomber appear to be a mobster and a well-known lawyer, who could be linked to a conspiracy that is fixing elections results.
S01E16 Under Color of Law 18/03/1998 Michael's attempts to reopen the murder acquittal of a police officer may be thwarted by the attorney General's office, despite his solid evidence and a teenaged witness who could blow the officer's alibi out of the water.
S01E17 Lawyers, Guns and Money 25/03/1998 Michael's prosecution attempts against a diplomat are hindered by a State Department that will do anything to protect his immunity, but the situation becomes easier to understand after Michael uncovers some confidential information.
S01E18 Gotterdammerung 01/04/1998 Michael's former boss a U.S. attorney, is suspected of taking bribes form the powerful businessman whom Michael is prosecution; Eddie learns that the man who killed his first wife is out on parole.
S01E19 Power Play 08/04/1998 When an ATF agent is killed during a raid on a militia group, Michael tries to determine which party started the deadly conformation; a hostage situation develops when Michael gets on the bad side of Andrea Jordan, a former confidential informant.
S01E20 Devotion 01/06/1998
S01E21 Faith 08/06/1998 Michael jeopardizes his job when he and the team search for the truth about Danny and stumble across a possible conspiracy.
S01E22 Vaughn Mower 15/06/1998

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