Affiche Michel Vaillant
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Michel Vaillant est un pilote de course automobile Français, courant pour la marque créée par son père : Vaillante. Il est un des meilleur pilotes du monde mais il doit toujours régler des problèmes intérieurs ou extérieurs à la course.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Michel Vaillant

S01E01 Urgence à San Carlos 00/00/0000 The sea trials for the Grand Prix of San Carlos's team leader wants off the Vaillant. Through their assistance already two cars are junk. When Quincy, the mechanics of the Vaillant team, now has no bright idea, the race for Michel has already passed before the start of…(information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E02 La course extrême 00/00/0000 In the famous annual high-mountain rally, Teamleader' crew must put up with a painful defeat.The winners are once again Michel Vaillant and his friends. Asks the aggrieved Leader Vaillants to a duel. This involves a racing Triathlon, which includes a sea-crossing belongs. Quincy developed an amphibious vehicle and the Vaillant sit down soon to the top of the race. But they have not counted on the treachery of the Team Leader-team…(information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E03 Chocs 00/00/0000 USA: At a stock car meet, Michael encounters a "Highway Pirate", a driver who gets his kicks causing auto wrecks. For the first time in history, Team Valiant and Team Leader join forces to halt the pirate's path of destruction! DE: A phantom power with his SUV the highways unsafe and attacks innocent motorists. As well as Hanna and Frank are attacked and a little later and Ruth Fox, include the Vaillant and the Leader team for this time of peace and demand the apparently deranged stranger at a fair duel on the track out …(information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E04 Carnaval à Venise 00/00/0000 USA: Michael and the team journey to Italy to participate in a jet ski race through the canals of Venice. When a group of skiers in carnival costumes show up and trounce Team Valiant, the gang wonders who this remarkable team can be...and they're really surprised when they find out! DE: The Vaillant team has come to a water scooter race, whose revenues serve a good purpose, to Venice. There they not only have to compete against their old rivals from Team Leader, but also against a mysterious clown. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E05 Vaillant contre Vaillant 00/00/0000 USA: Michaels younger brother, Frank, is told he is too hot headed to participate in an important race. Hurt and angry, he joins a competitor, Team Tiger, unaware that it's really Team Leader in disguise. As the Leader watches gleefully, Michael finds himself pitted against his own brother in an action-packed finale! DE: Frank, the youngest member of Vaillant is a still inexperienced, but talented Formula 1 racer. His father and the rest of the team to keep him still for prudent enough to challenge for the forthcoming races. Angered by this decision family Frank is easy prey of Leader, the nearest rivals of Vaillant ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E06 Pilote d'acier 00/00/0000 USA: In Japan, bot Team Valiant and Team Leader are bested in a race by Team Tosa. Later Tosa reveals that its victorious driver is a sophisticated robot. Infuriated, Team Leader sabotages the robot in a fire and reprograms it to obey the Leader's every command! DE: At the Grand Prix of Japan Dr. Nikito presented the astonished experts a mechanical racers.Leader brings this invention secretly se. He wants during the Grand Prix 'with the help of the robot provoke an accident and prevent Michel Vaillant in the victory. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E07 Le rallye d'Australie 00/00/0000 The villains Jack and Victor steal the new Vaillant prototype and take Hanna hostage. With the help of the miracle car stealing both an equipped with sleeping gas rocket and threaten to fire the deafening charge to Parkersville if their ransom demands are not met ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E08 L'île du danger 00/00/0000 Quincy is working with his friend Dr. Elliot at a Antimaterialisierer. The head of Team Leader gets wind, leaving the two kidnap to an island in order to conquer the world with the aid of the invention. Steve and Michel follow the kidnappers to free their friends. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E09 Opération Burgos 00/00/0000 The Vaillant want to test in the coastal town of San Carlos Quincys new speedboat. Leader plans to build its new plant in the same place, which the king does not like, because some buildings should give way to the factory floor. When he is blackmailed by Leader, he asks the Vaillants for help. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E10 Mission Koursk en danger 00/00/0000 Professor Toniew has developed a new, weightless metal that is resistant to heat. To test it, he has given to the cosmonaut Yuri. But the space capsule comes off during landing off course and crashed into the Lake of the thousand reefs', where it sinks immediately under the ice. Juris hours are numbered. Help is at hand from the Vaillant, who are looking on behalf of the professor after the space capsule ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E11 Plein pot à Paris 00/00/0000 The Vaillant preparing for a race in Paris. Ruth of Team Leader steals this evening the Mona Lisa 'from the Louvre and hides them in Julies machine to throw suspicion on them. A wild chase through the French capital is the result ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E12 La panaméricaine 00/00/0000 Pops tells of a plane that crashed 30 years ago in the jungle and had a mysterious cargo on board. Curious to make the Vaillant on the way to solve the mystery. Leader who suspects a treasure hunt behind this mission, Ruth, Fox and Cramer rushes afterward ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E13 Le secret du vol du Kodou 00/00/0000 At a rally in Australia, the Leader team is fighting as usual with unfair means and allows a herd of cattle going to stop the Vaillant. Quincy uses two boomerangs to redirect the cattle, and to save a village from the devastation. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E14 Meeting G 00/00/0000 USA: Team Valiant offers its special skills and vehicles to help build the largest bridge in South America. But an earthquake and two convicts with a truck full of TNT make the job riskier than anticipated! DE: The Vaillant help in California during the construction work on a new viaduct. They are hampered not only by the threat of earthquakes, but also two explosive furious felons. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E15 Anna et le gang 00/00/0000 USA: Team Valiant journeys to Oro Del Rio to try out its new prototype car. There, they hire a new driver, Brett, unaware that he's secretly working for the Leader and intends to sabotage their new invention! DE: The Vaillant team has developed a new racing car for the 3000 Formula. The Leader team is pushing a spy at his rivals to destroy the promising prototypes. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E16 Grand Nord 00/00/0000 The Vaillant assist the scientist Cathy Durant when performing a series of tests with a manned Mars rovers. At the wheel sits a trained chimpanzee named Arthur. As the mobile accident, Arthur turns the dust and is captured by poachers. Michel and his brother Steve set out to search for him ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E17 Les vacances d'Henri 00/00/0000 A new hovercraft of Vaillant is to be tested under extreme conditions. Quincy traveled with Michel Vaillant and pops in the Arctic, where they meet the scientist Helena and her son Mikadi. Quincy is instantly hooked on the beautiful Helen, but first he has to take care of more important things, because obviously someone has something against the use of Vaillant-hovercrafts ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E18 L'espion 00/00/0000 In Florida a boat races are held, the proceeds of which is intended for nature conservation. The Vaillant take part in the event and deliver the other participants with fuel. The head of the Leader-team plans a sneaky attack: He wants to torpedo the tanker the Vaillants what the contamination of the whole area to (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E19 Commandant Arthur 00/00/0000 Henri Vaillant wants to do with his friend George Thomas holiday. He finds the spot that George, who owns a sawmill, is compelled by a certain O Donnell # for sale. Pops can fly Michel to assist his old friend. Soon they come behind that O Donnell # acts on behalf of leader who wants to sit on the sawmill terrain a space surveillance satellites ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E20 L'homme bleu 00/00/0000 USA: Valiant Motors hires a bright young mechanic, unaware that he's secretly working as a spy for Team Leader. When he manages to break into the Valiant plant and steal valuable plans for a new kind of engine, Michael must pursue him across treacherous mountain roads! DE: Quincy has developed a new engine, beat by a mile with the Vaillant in a test race, the team leader. Shortly thereafter presents Pops a new driver named David Desmond. Stealing the secret plans of the engine and makes with them from the dust ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E21 Trafic 00/00/0000 Pops has calculated allocated to the movie star Lionel Moreau as a passenger for the Sahara Race Michel. The drives Michel with his smug way almost to madness. As Lionel offended at a waterhole the Tuareg Moktar, asks the actor to a duel. Michel must then make walking on the road through the desert ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E22 Flagrant délit 00/00/0000 The conservationists Finley, especially the elephants at heart, the ivory hunters Rick and Bob falls into the hands. Both want a boat race in which the Vaillant present their latest design, use to transport illegal goods. Michel gets wind of it and wants to stop the criminals ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E23 Une fugue 00/00/0000 USA: Arriving in Paris, Michael notices that his brother, Frank, is behaving strangely. Michael trails Frank and discovers that he's been brainwashed by a gang of thugs into helping them pull off a daring bank heist! DE: The Vaillant will stay in Paris, where they want to participate in a race. Hanna travels a few days later in the French capital and is met at the airport by Frank. A little later she is almost run over in the city. Frank is suddenly completely changed. Michel found this behavior strange and finally finds out that Frank is apparently involved in a bank robbery. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E24 Intelligence artificielle 00/00/0000 Pops and Quincy advised by plane in a storm and must make an emergency landing on Mount Everest. At the last moment they can even send a distress call. Pops has broken a leg on landing.The situation seems hopeless. Michel and Steve, who rallied through Tibet behind him, out of the accident and make yourself immediately on the way to Mount Everest. Although they are discouraged by a mountain guide from the daredevil business, Michel wants to climb the mountain. It finally comes Tenseng him, the son of a village elder to help. But Pops and Quincy had meanwhile not been idle ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E25 Tunnel 00/00/0000 Actually, Michel, Steve and Quincy have been looking forward to a golf vacation. But nothing will come: you must deliver two Vaillant trucks for the company. Since this is the 100th order, they are the customers burn in honor of a firework. On the way they heard that the little Freddy studied his sister Natalie. You ran away from home. Because the girl is diabetic and her spray hiding forgot it hovers in acute danger. Michel and his friends do not hesitate long and set out to search for Natalie ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E26 Collection Boscov, joyaux de la couronne 00/00/0000 Professor Nikito has developed a robot which however will only work with two different computer chips. Fox and Cramer stole the high-tech equipment and are now trying to get the two chips in the fingers. It comes to a wild chase, because not only the crooks are after Nikito, but also the police, who will warn him of the criminals. And in the middle are again the Vaillant ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E27 Cascades 00/00/0000 On the occasion of the Opera Festival in Venice the Vaillant in the rich family Verdi are invited.But before you meet at the Festspielhaus, the Verdi of two criminals are attacked, they facilitate the precious family jewels. When experiencing Vaillants of forging Pops immediately a plan for replacement of the jewels. The last of the Verdi-jewels is in fact in favor of a charity exhibition at the Louvre in Paris. Now we have added lure the two crooks there. In fact, the jewelry thieves seem to bite ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E28 Le virage de l'angoisse 00/00/0000 The Vaillant take in a car race across part of New York. Ironically, the last to be traversed tunnel that performs under the Hudson River, located Talbott and his cronies Muncy and Polk have chosen for their coup throughout the tunnel are explosives. In the moment when all the racers are in the tunnel, Talbott can blow up the input and output. It calls for ten million US dollars, otherwise he threatens the tunnel together with the enclosed therein racers to blow. Michel and Julie have just managed to leave the Holland Tunnel. You know as well as police inspector Murray and Quincy, the clock is ticking. Someone has to stop ... Talbott (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E29 Surexposé les otages 00/00/0000 The President travels for a Conference on Disarmament in a distant land. There, fortifies the FBI, to prevent an attack on their head of state. While the agents by playing the real thing, Quincy prepared the car in which Michel will be chauffeured to the President. However, the evil opponent to arrange for their terrible projects in every particular case. Schießlich the big day has arrived, and there we will see who is better prepared ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E30 Le record de vitesse 00/00/0000 USA: Team Valiant comes to aa remote island prison to do some stunts for an action movie. Little do they realize that the Leader is using the film production as a cover to break a notorious criminal out of his cell to join his gang! DE: The Hollywood director Chris wants Michel and Frank as stuntmen involved for his new movie. He wants to make a spectacular eruption scene on a convict island. For Chris needs but permission from Pops, he lures with a small movie role. And while Pops already reveling in stardom, concocts Leader again a plan to gain access to the new developments of Vaillant. But he wants to Ian, the connoisseurs as, The Eel 'is a concept, free from the island. However, the villain has made his statement without Michel and Frank! (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E31 Arrêtez le feu 00/00/0000 50 years ago, that at the Waldorf-route a serious accident occurred. Since then, the famous car is broke, what should change a marathon race to mark the sad anniversary. The Vaillant take as well as the Leader team participate. Leader is determined to win the race and tells Ruth to come up with something. But their devilish tricks do not go on, because a mysterious phantom that haunts on the racetrack for 50 years, puts the villains the craft ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E32 Max et sa bande 00/00/0000 Princess Jasmine, the daughter of Sheikh Ubuti, was kidnapped. Behind this is none other than the leader, which requires ten million US dollars ransom. Hanna dresses up as a chambermaid and sneaks into Ruth's Hotel Room. There she is overwhelmed by Fox and deported to the hiding place of the princess. He leaves behind a trail that almost without detours leads the Vaillants to her teammate. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E33 Menace dans les marais 00/00/0000 USA: Team Valiant visits the flats to make an attempt to break the land speed record, unaware that Team Leader has followed them and plans to sabotage their attempt to break the 1000 mile per hour barrier! DE: The news that Michel Vaillant wants to break the speed record of 1,000 kilometers per hour on the Sartoga Plateau, ensures the camp of the Leader Team for rebellion. The first attempt of the world's fastest man beats because even despite the new computer system of Quincy fail: Ruth, Fox and Cramer have done a great job of sabotage. But Michel does not give up. With newly flown turbine vehicles he goes back to the start. Ruth is in no way inferior to him in stubbornness: It has remote control, filled with dynamite mechanical hare stationed at strategic points of the race track ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E34 Team Avenger 00/00/0000 Leader has developed new machines that facilitate Roden spent woodlands. Without qualms, he sold this technology to environmental destroyers who want to cut down the rainforest to create on the cleared land pastures and to raise cattle for fast food chains. With her drive the greedy profiteers to destroy not only the green lungs of the earth, but expel the indigenous people from their ancestral habitat also. The situation changes abruptly when a charity rally takes place in favor of the rainforest. Also on board are the Vaillant. And who already have an idea how to save the trees ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E35 Double ennui machination 00/00/0000 Pops' grandson Rick visited his uncle Michel on the racetrack and dreams of a similar career. In the small nest, where he lives, the only change is not just nice motorcycle gang: Max, Judd and Bobby harass the whole place. Even Rick ventured no contradiction, as to persuade the three it a daredevil motorcycle stunt. At the last minute Michel can keep his nephew from the worst. But the group has been the next goal in mind: Together they chase a motorist and his daughter on the switchbacks. Such a dangerous maneuver has nothing to do with rascals brushing, place Michel - and intervenes. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E36 Tentation 00/00/0000 Michel has fallen in love with the beautiful Gaby that he accompanied on a ball after a race. There an assassination attempt is made on his life, but which fortunately fails. Pops has a hunch that with Michels new girlfriend something is wrong. He believes he has the woman ever seen anywhere, but do not know where. None of the Vaillant suspects that Gaby, wearing a black wig, the twin sister of Ruth's. Two days later, takes place an important race in Milwaukee. Shortly before the start of Gaby Michel gets paid a lucky charm, which is equipped with sensitive sensors.They should ensure that he in the race, losing control of his car. However, do now Pops' paid premonitions, because he and Quincy have prepared for an incident ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E37 Poupée de platine 00/00/0000 The Vaillant have signed up for a race in which the team of Lord and Lady Claridge mitfährt. The noble couple invites the Vaillants to refer to her country estate Quartier. As Michel himself while skiing the wrist sprained, Steve will go to the start time. During a tour with Clarisse, the alleged daughter of the house, Steve suddenly disappears without a trace. Only Julie guess what might be happening with her colleague and embarks on a feverish search for him ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E38 Menace à Tahoe 00/00/0000 Professor Blanchard has the Vaillant offered a new super fuel. Leader gets wind and instructed Ruth and Cramer to kidnap the scientist. Help yourself to a doll that looks like Hanna, and a voice modulator. Blanchard is considered very shy and has not only Hanna granted an interview. The coup is working, and the professor are the leader formula for the super fuel. Meanwhile leaves Quincy, the Blanchard actually can not stand, come up with something to save him. And the Leader team experienced a surprise when it tried the Formula ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E39 Le meilleur des deux 00/00/0000 For a car race in Washington also the President announced with his wife. A gang sees this as an opportunity to assassinate the head of state. Finally, the Aviation Museum offers over the VIP box for such an action to downright. When Steve finds a strange object and is attacked shortly afterwards, the Vaillant suspicious. Quincy soon finds out that the metal piece is part of a machine gun - and the president in grave danger of death! (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E40 A quel prix 00/00/0000 The Vaillant visit in Russia the friendly businessman Vladimir, from which they want to buy more high-quality tires. He invites the team one, something to stay, because the next day is a race instead. As price of directorships in Wladimir's company is advertised. Ivan and Boris, who is engaged to Vladimir's daughter Lara, are considered favorites. If Boris win, the wedding with Lara is no more obstacles. But things turned out differently: Iwan wins the race. Disappointed runs Lara thereof. Now it's up to her fiance and Michel rediscover the young woman in the frozen wastes of Russia. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E41 La course des îles 00/00/0000 The landowners Tex is an avid racer. It is a matter of honor for him to sponsor the Grand Prix of Texas. He himself wants, of course, take part in the competition to which the Vaillant announced.As Southwestern Julie sees it falls in love with her and invites the Vaillants you to a barbeque on his ranch. Everyone is happy - only Steve pouting out of jealousy and prefer tinkering with the cars. When his colleagues late return in the evening, they find though the sleeping Steve before, but not the engine of Michels car! A feverish search begins. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E42 Le rallye de Lakeside 00/00/0000 During Key West rally in Florida a museum is robbed, which is run by friends of Vaillant. At the time of the raid there just gold and silver bars were issued. For Michel Vaillant and his team, it is naturally a point of honor to take part in the search for the crooks. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E43 La rencontre des camions 00/00/0000 USA: The snow-covered roads around Lake Tahoe are the setting for a hair-raising race. A rock slide sends Team Valiant member Julie Woods careening down an icy cliff. While Michael and the crew strike out to search for her, the Leader plots to eliminate Team Valiant once and for all! DE: In the wintry rally around Lake Tahoe there is once again a fierce battle between Team Leader and the Vaillant. Bob Cramer tried to urge the Vaillant team by unfair maneuvers of the icy track.Through a clever overtaking succeeds Julie to take the lead and out down a lead. But then she comes through an avalanche skidding and sliding down a slope. Your teammates make desperately searching for her ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E44 La vallée de feu 00/00/0000 USA: A rally takes Team Valiant around the beautiful lakefront and down into the underground tunnels of a metropolis. Team Leader discovers more tunnels even deeper in the earth, booby-traps them, and lures Team Valiant down into certain destruction! DE: Michel and Steve test the new Shadow jets as part of the Lakeside rally. That leaves Leader course not rest - he wants to get the new Super cars in the fingers. So he heads to the track on underground paths. But even with these methods, he can not trick the Vaillant. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E45 Despérados du Far West 00/00/0000 At a rally in Cairo which Vaillants be in serious trouble. Michel and Steve witness a kidnapping: You see how the Interpol officials Haseem is kidnapped by gangsters. At the last moment manages the police to take a microfilm in the race car of Julie and Steve. Hardly has the rally began, the two are threatened by the gangsters who now pressed out Haseem the hiding of films.They have no idea that Michel and Frank them long on the trail are ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E46 Le Baja Bash 00/00/0000 The Vaillant talk because of a race car in Palm City. A certain Drago is including his sinister companions in the city, but pursues entirely different plans: he wants to crack the safe of the local bank and makes use of a glibbery mass with which it paralyzes the entire city. The Vaillant attach themselves with their stunt Cars on the heels of the bank robber ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E47 Le lièvre et le lion 00/00/0000 A large-scale monster truck event attracts the public's attention. The Vaillant are special trip for it.First they learn that Crusher McCoy is traded as overwhelming favorites. After all, he has already won the title last time. There is, however, three brothers who also want to win. For this they are willing to eliminate McCoy ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E48 Question d'honneur 00/00/0000 Frank has long been enthusiastic about Car Stunts. Now he wants to try himself in this dangerous profession. For Quincy constructed him a loop, in which Frank can not happen. Nevertheless, there is an accident. Behind this is Ruth, the Quincy sabotaged work. For them, but that was just the beginning, because the next day is Michel a race. Runs the competition by Ruth ideas, the fastest man in the world is not coming to the finish ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E49 Mission impossible 00/00/0000 While Vaillants do with the products developed by Quincy beach sailors testing in the desert, a benefit rodeo takes place in the artificial western town Tumbleweed to the Pops, Julie and Frank are invited as special guests. In the general commotion, the three cowboys do not fall on, the slow stroll to the ticket sales booth. The trio steals unnoticed the entire proceeds of the event and makes his escape. The Vaillant take with Sheriff O'Toole chase, where Steve and Michel to the beach sailors at an advantage are enormous ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E50 Les royales 00/00/0000 Leader forges again one of his evil plans to finally clear his main challenger out of the way: It provides the person who makes the Vaillants for him harmless, a million dollars. Already at the next race are riders from around the world on his payroll. But in addition to the Vaillant also the mysterious Avenger team has registered. Obviously, it has made this unknown trio aim to protect Michel, Pops and Steve. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E51 La meilleure amie de Michel 00/00/0000 USA: A road race involving only energy-efficient vehicles involves a masterly new Team Valiant invention, the Hovercar. But when Team Leader switches over to standard gasoline ito cheat in the race, Team Valiant gets the best of them. DE: The Vaillant are taking part in a race for cars with alternative power sources. Quincy has it specially developed a Magna-car. Start for the Leader team Cramer and Fox, their companions with a synthetic fuel from grain to reach their destination. But shortly after the launch proves Leader once again that he is unwilling to contest the race in a fair way ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E52 Vengeance 00/00/0000 The Vaillant are taking part in a race on the Baja Peninsula. Of course Leader tries this time to hold the Vaillants victory. He hires a couple of bandits, dig a pit in the desert, which is intended as a trap for Frank and Julie. The perpetrators demand a ransom for the successful capture. But thanks to the help of her boyfriend Joaquin manages to Vaillant, to ask the kidnappers and to checkmate ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E53 L'or des Yanomanis 00/00/0000 Pops Vaillant gets for his birthday a letter from Leader. He wants to override him his company, if Pops survived a anberaumtes Leader auto racing. But the matter has more than just one catch ...(information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E54 Urgence à San Fransisco 00/00/0000 Pops has the Government of Timzia given three turbo engines. When the agreement unconstitutional be installed in military aircraft, he calls the gifts back ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E55 Les hommes du feu 00/00/0000 Pops tells how his grandfather saved the survival of Vaillant-motor through a trick 60 years ago.Leader of the story gets wind, but has no idea that he falls into a trap. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E56 Poids lourds 00/00/0000 Pops has developed a new racing engine overheats quickly. So it is good that the space agency has just developed a cooling metal alloy. But that puts the formula does not get out ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E57 Episode inédit 00/00/0000 Myra was once an aspiring racer, but has never managed completely. The blame for this it gives Pops. Now her daughter Catherine to ensure satisfaction. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E58 Episode inédit 00/00/0000 In the jungle to the new Cherry Bombs are tested. Rachel and the Yanomami believe, however, that the forest should only be cleared in order to get to the gold treasure in the Yanomami. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E59 Episode inédit 00/00/0000 The Vaillant part of the Grand Prix of Valonia. When a fire breaks out on the nearby rig, Michel rushes to the rescue. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E60 Episode inédit 00/00/0000 Steve wants to set a high-speed record. Rocketman has something about it and stunned him with a nervous serum. Michel can barely prevent a catastrophe ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E61 Episode inédit 00/00/0000 Ned and Sophie forcing Gil, the Hot Bird steal. The three are caught - but Ned and Sophie can flee. Your plan but they have not given up ... (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E62 Episode inédit 00/00/0000 After winning the World Cup, there is pop a reward: a cruise on the Poseidon. The Leader can hijack the ship, but Frank and Michel quickly find a way out. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E63 Episode inédit 00/00/0000 Michel and Steve act in a movie with. The filming went well until the disappointed special effect director Bald jeopardized the whole project. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E64 Episode inédit 00/00/0000 In Cannes, the Vaillant present the racing cars, Hot Bird ', which the streets of Cairo in the movie,' plays a crucial role. The leader wants to sabotage the show. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")
S01E65 Episode inédit 00/00/0000 The self-thinking computer Ordin assumes incorrectly dominion over all technical equipment in the world. He promptly called on the Vaillants to race out. (information from the German series "Michel Vaillant")