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Midnight Caller is the moody drama starring Gary Cole as Jack Killian, a San Francisco cop who accidentally killed his partner. After leaving the police force, he ended up the host of a late-night radio talk show--with a penchant for getting involved with the problems of his listeners.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Midnight Caller

S01E01 Conversations with an Assassin 25/10/1988 Jack Killian retires from the San Francisco Police Department after accidentally shooting his partner, Rusty, in a crossfire situation. He's drawn back to the world of the living by an offer to be a late night talk radio host. A serial killer begins calling Jack, explaining the assassinations and Jack's inadvertently pulled back into the crime fighting world.
S01E02 Twelve Gauge 06/12/1988 Jack spends most of his radio show talking with a homicidal/suicidal 'spurned lover' - the man is waiting to kill his girlfriend and then himself. It's a race against time for the police to track down the location of the woman's home.
S01E03 After It Happened 13/12/1988 Jack's old girlfriend, Tina, arrives in town. She informs him she has contracted AIDS and will die. Unable to handle the hopelessness of the situation, Jack sets out to find the man responsible. Jack is shocked to see that the message of safe sex is still being ignored, despite the obvious consequences. He uses his show as a forum on AIDS awareness as well as a means of tracking down the man who infected Tina.
S01E04 Payback 20/12/1988 A female friend of Jack's from the police force is wounded in the line of duty and her partner killed. They seek comfort in each other's arms to grieve the deaths of their partners. Jack finds himself in the crossfire of the mob hit man trying to silence the only witness to the crime.
S01E05 Bank Job 03/01/1989 As Jack's luck would have it, he goes into a bank to cash a cheque and finds himself a hostage in a bank robbery. The media and the police wait out the negotiations, all with a personal interest in Jack's well-being.
S01E06 The Execution of John Saringo 10/01/1989 Jack, Devon and Billy are forced to examine their belief in capital punishment when they are invited to broadcast the final hours of a death row inmate's life.
S01E07 But Not for Me 17/01/1989 Jack receives a phone call from a kidnapper who informs Jack that he has taken a suspected murderer into his personal custody so he won't hurt any more women. He continues to use Jack's show as a forum for his demands. A supposed suicide is revealed to be an elaborate murder cover up.
S01E08 Trash Radio 24/01/1989 Jack finds himself being raked over the coals by a jealous competitor who has insider information on an Internal Affairs investigation, which found Jack not guilty of the charges.
S01E09 No Exit 07/02/1989 A young runaway, forced into prostitution, turns to Jack via his radio show for assistance in breaking away from her pimp who is involved in the white slavery market.
S01E10 Fathers and Sins 14/02/1989 Jack and Devon are both struggling to come to terms with their fathers. Jack's father returns after an absence of 25 years; Devon's father suffers a heart attack and the two must mend their fences in the face of the illness.
S01E11 The Fall 21/02/1989 Jack is drawn back to the neighborhood he worked in as a patrolman in response to a mother's plea to help her drug-addicted son.
S01E12 Promise to a Dead Man 07/03/1989 On the fortieth anniversary of one of San Francisco's most celebrated unsolved murders, Jack is drawn into a case that hits closer to home than anyone could imagine.
S01E13 Blame It on Midnight 28/03/1989 An abused wife calls Jack's show fearing for her life. Their paths cross and they become romantically involved. The reappearance of the abusive husband throws Jack into the middle of a murder investigation - as the prime suspect.
S01E14 Ethan's Call 04/04/1989 Jack continues to be haunted by the night of Rusty's death. This time he has to help out Rusty's son, Ethan, who has run away from home and calls Jack to tell him so.
S01E15 Baby Chase 11/04/1989 Assisting an injured woman on the street, a young doctor is faced with every mother's nightmare when her infant daughter is abducted by a young woman whose grasp on reality is failing. Jack uses the show as a forum to track down the kidnapped child, who, on top of everything, is desperately ill and will die without her medication.
S01E16 Wait Until Midnight 02/05/1989 One of Jack's regular callers 'witnesses' a murder in her apartment building while talking to Jack on the phone. She isn't believed by the authorities because she is blind and there is no evidence that a crime has been committed.
S01E17 Blues for Mr. Charlie 09/05/1989 The season finale deals with the issue of gun control, and a citizen's right to bear arms. A neighborhood convenience store owner misinterprets Jack's caution to protect himself, ends up killing a man and places partial blame on Jack for the idea.
S02E00 With Malice Towards One 14/12/1990 Jack tells Nikki about a situation he and Devon were trapped in a year ago, in which a vengeful ex-con and his gang kidnapped Devon in order to lure Jack to a payback situation.
S02E01 Tarnished Shield 19/09/1989 Jack's mentor on the police force is reunited with him under horrific circumstances. His policeman son-in-law commits suicide after calling Jack's show. Jack finds himself involved in a convoluted plot of understanding why, which has him questioning the ethics of some fellow officers.
S02E02 Evil is Live Spelled Backward (1) 26/09/1989 Jack's show is plagued by a series of on-air murders and locations of dead bodies. Jack's intuition tells him it's a serial killer but he has a hard time convincing Lieutenant Zymak.
S02E03 Evil is Live Spelled Backward (2) 03/10/1989 When Devon becomes a kidnap victim of the call-in killer, Zymak and Jack work together to discover that the crimes are a twisted vendetta against Jack and KJCM.
S02E04 Mercy Me 24/10/1989 In an effort to help his friend whose son is being kept alive by life support, Jack showcases the issue of euthanasia on his show.
S02E05 Watching Me, Watching You 31/10/1989 Devon is stalked by a man who targets her during a traffic jam. She and Jack are forced into a situation that causes them to contemplate moving their relationship from platonic to something more.
S02E06 Take Back the Streets 07/11/1989 The drug trade hits too close to home for a San Francisco neighborhood. Their personal war on crime becomes the focus of Jack's show.
S02E07 Someone to Love 14/11/1989 Jack receives a call from a hospice. Tina Cassidy's battle with AIDS is near the end. As Jack goes to her, he reflects on their time together.
S02E08 End of Innocence 28/11/1989 A woman chooses imprisonment versus revealing the location of her daughter to her ex-husband. The young child is supposedly a victim of sexual abuse while her legal eagle parents sort through their own personality flaws. Jack becomes a link in the chain of lies and law-bending for the sake of the child.
S02E09 Blood Red 05/12/1989 Deacon's girlfriend, Susan, seeks Jack's assistance in dealing with her gambling debts. As Jack investigates outside of the official channels, he uncovers an art forgery ring that has Susan in the middle of it.
S02E10 Do You Believe in Miracles? 19/12/1989 A blessed statue of the baby Jesus is stolen from St. Michael's Cathedral. Jack uses his show to find out clues to its whereabouts and to prevent the mob family who donated the statue from exacting their own form of penance on the perpetrator.
S02E11 Based on a True Story 16/01/1990 The devastating San Francisco earthquake is re-enacted as Jack and Billy help citizens connect with loved ones via the radio waves, Devon has a close encounter, and Zymak and his family re-unite under tense circumstances.
S02E12 Planes 30/01/1990 An abandoned young boy seeks refuge within a modern day band of street thieves with similarities to the Charles Dickens classic, Oliver Twist.
S02E13 Kid Salinas 06/02/1990 The exploitation of illegal immigrants in the work force and the sporting world is the premise for this episode. Jack introduces Devon to the world of boxing. Unfortunately, this leads to the more unpleasant side of things...
S02E14 A Snitch in Time (1) 20/02/1990 Jack borrows Devon's car, unfortunately a young woman is killed by a hit and run driver matching Devon's car and Jack's description. The victim turns out to be the daughter of an influential retired lawyer, who wants retribution. Jack is hauled in for questioning, and becomes the pawn in a jewelry thief's deal for release.
S02E15 A Snitch in Time (2) 27/02/1990 Things are looking tense for Jack, when he and Deacon sit down to figure out the tangled web of lies and deceit to which he has fallen victim.
S02E16 The Reverend Soundbite 06/03/1990 Gang violence and police retaliation are the focal point for this episode. Zymak, accused of police brutality, is unable to come clean with his whereabouts as his marriage is disintegrating.
S02E17 Wrong Side of the Wall 27/03/1990 A long time prisoner of the correctional system is paroled, and he finds the real world too difficult to manage. Jack tries to dissuade him from breaking his parole just to get back into the system he knows so well.
S02E18 Three for the Money 03/04/1990 We don't see much of Jack in the episode, as his brother and his father hook up for the first time in years to help a damsel in distress retrieve a valuable artifact. (This was the premise for a spinoff show that didn't make it off the ground.)
S02E19 Protection 01/05/1990 One of Jack's informants from his police force days seeks his assistance when his witness protection status is jeopardized. Jack is drawn into a government conspiracy that reaches to high office and global proportion.
S02E20 The Hostage Game 08/05/1990 Jack's friend from childhood is too close to the hostage situations around the world; his brother is one of many on a hijacked plane. In retaliation, he kidnaps an official from the country claiming responsibility. He keeps regular contact with Jack via the radio show, alluding to his location.
S02E21 Nighthawk's Got the Blues 22/05/1990 Jack is haunted by the memory of Tina as her birthday approaches. His friends try to offer their help and comfort, but Jack seems to have lost his way, especially the reasons he helps others.
S02E22 Nighthawk's Got the Blues 22/05/1990 Jack is haunted by the memory of Tina as her birthday approaches. His friends try to offer their help and comfort, but Jack seems to have lost his way, especially the reasons he helps others.
S03E00 Free Fall 22/05/1990 As the second season ends, Killian's behavior is definitely out of the ordinary... he can't seem to care about anything. A heart-to-heart intervention with Deacon and Zymak reveals that Jack is mourning Tina as her birthday approaches, but Devon needs him back to normal, for other reasons.
S03E01 The Class of 1980 28/09/1990 A very pregnant Devon hosts a fundraiser with Jack as the object of the bachelor auction. Her college classmates attend; however, one by one, they fall victim to a murderer. Jack, Zymak and Deacon all work the angles of this case, with the evidence pointing firmly at Jack's new girlfriend.
S03E02 The Language Barrier 05/10/1990 Our man Billy Po is featured in this episode of racial tensions that are spawned in Little Italy. Billy is attacked after a date with his girlfriend, which leads Jack into an investigation of the death of a young Chinese immigrant.
S03E03 Old Friends 12/10/1990 The sudden death of Jack's surrogate father leads Jack and Deacon to investigate the policies of the nursing home in which he was residing. It turns out that once people move in, their stay is usually quite short.
S03E04 Ain't Too Proud to Beg (1) 19/10/1990 Jack is offered a new job, which he considers as Devon prepares to sell KJCM and move to Tahiti with the father of her child. We are introduced to Nikki Malloy in this episode and the prospective new owners of KJCM. Jack and Devon deal with their imminent separation by arguing with each other every chance they can get.
S03E05 Sale Away (2) 26/10/1990 Devon struggles with the sale of KJCM, wanting to ensure that her employees are well taken care of. She and Jack continue to lock horns, until push comes to shove in the delivery room! Jack has to decide whether to stay on at KJCM or move on to greener pastures.
S03E06 Life Without Possibility (1) 02/11/1990 Nikki shows who's the new boss by insisting Jack cover a prison riot near San Francisco. Jack arrives at the prison and becomes part of a chosen delegation to go inside and witness the atrocities the convicts are rebelling against. Unknowingly, Jack becomes the target of one of the inmates, who has a personal score to settle.
S03E07 Life Without Possibility (2) 09/11/1990 The convicts demand Jack broadcast their side of the story via KJCM, Deacon gets an interview with the prisoner on the outside, and Jack meets up with the prisoner with a bone to pick.
S03E08 Ryder on the Storm 16/11/1990 Jack tries to help out his radio hero from his youth by trying to convince Nikki to give him a job. Jack seems blind to the man's obvious faults and self-destructive actions.
S03E09 Home to Roost 07/12/1990 A child of the Vietnam war, whose father was a U.S. serviceman, instigates a hostage situation into which Jack is drawn.
S03E10 With Malice Towards One 14/12/1990 Jack tells Nikki about a situation he and Devon were trapped in a year ago, in which a vengeful ex-con and his gang kidnapped Devon in order to lure Jack to a payback situation.
S03E11 That's Amore 04/01/1991 Jack's associate in the underworld seeks his assistance in locating his restaurant's kidnapped chef. The story turns out to be of a personal nature between the kidnapper and his hostage.
S03E12 Her Dirty Little Secret 25/01/1991 Jack recognizes a woman who has been missing for years and in his pursuit of her he uncovers that she intentionally disappeared to avoid beatings from cop husband.
S03E13 Uninvited Guests 01/02/1991 When Zymak's relationship with an immigration officer seems to be clouding his judgment in a murder investigation, Jack becomes involved at the request of one of the deceased person's relatives.
S03E14 Play Blotto... and Die 08/02/1991 A former snitch seeks Jack's help in collecting his lotto winnings. He's in the witness protection program, and he's not a very popular citizen in San Francisco! When Jack isn't successful, the would-be millionaire approaches various familiar faces to attempt to retrieve the prize.
S03E15 Can't Say N-N-No 15/02/1991 Jack and Nikki's tenuous friendship is tested when he questions her involvement with an ex-boyfriend, who has a substance abuse problem.
S03E16 Blood Ties 01/03/1991 Jack struggles with his opinion of deadbeat dads and with giving his ""Little Brother"" a positive start with his father who is making an effort to reform himself.
S03E17 The Added Starter 05/04/1991 A frequent caller to the show witnesses a murder; however no one believes her because the crime scene is cleaned up before the cops get there. She turns to Jack for help, protection, and comfort.
S03E18 The Loneliest Number 12/04/1991 Jack's troubled young sister shows up on his doorstep. She and Deacon become emotionally involved and Jack struggles with the relationship.
S03E19 A Cry in the Night 19/04/1991 KJCM's security guard is charged with murdering his son. Jack gets involved because the guard is suing KJCM for the advice he claims he received from Jack in how to deal with the drug problem in his family.
S03E20 The Leopard 26/04/1991 Jack and Nikki find themselves as proxies in a poker game; Jack's father's life is at stake.
S03E21 City of Lost Souls (1) 03/05/1991 The Castlemans are pressuring KJCM to take a stand in the upcoming election, Jack is greeted by his supposed daughter, and his high school friend is murdered.
S03E22 City of Lost Souls (2) 10/05/1991 Jack pursues the death of his friend, who had been homeless for many years. In his search for answers to Sonny's death he goes undercover on the streets and meets up with the hierarchy of the street dwellers. Jack's pursuits may cost him his job, as a young upstart in the Castleman dynasty covers his show without a problem.
S03E23 City of Lost Souls (3) 17/05/1991 Closing in on the answers to Sonny's death leads to connections to the candidates and the issue of the homeless, which in turn causes Jack to become the target of an assassin.