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S01E01 Paul Gauguin 09/11/2014 m/s Paul Gauguin is the ship for visiting the coral reefs, mountainous islands and tropical playgrounds of French Polynesia. She offers five-star luxury in a casual, tropical setting. Her flat hull and shallow draft enable her to glide over sensitive reefs to access hidden coves. Novices can walk along the sea floor wearing ship-supported dive helmets or zoom about in sealed ‘aqua-bikes’ while a daring few embark on scenic SCUBA dives. On this voyage, m/s Paul Gauguin sets sail for her longest trek of the year: 4100 kilometers of delicate navigation, on the way to scenery that almost defies description.
S01E02 Le Soléal 16/11/2014 Le Soléal is the newest luxury expedition ship in the world – a small but mighty vessel with a mandate to take her guests to remote, exotic locations in style. On this voyage, she sets sail for the undiscovered gems of Indonesia. It’s a voyage that promises scenic beaches, active volcanoes and Komodo Dragons. But to get there, Le Soléal’s captain will have to navigate through uncharted waters and avoid unseen hazards. Once anchored, there’s an even bigger challenge for the crew: bringing the ship’s moneyed clientele ashore safely, in ports where the piers are either falling apart, or don’t exist at all.
S01E03 Azamara Journey 23/11/2014 When it comes to exploring the heart of Asia's most exotic locales, Azamara Journey is in a class of her own. She reaches destinations big cruise ships cannot, navigating through narrow, winding rivers to deliver her passengers to breathtaking worlds. Set sail on a 15-day cruise, highlighted by elephant-guided tours through tropical jungles and overnight stays in Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and Hanoi. Then meet the dedicated crew as they handle shallow waters, fierce weather, and stubborn local pilots en route to an unforgettable journey.
S01E04 Celebrity Solstice 30/11/2014 At 122,000 gross tons, Celebrity Solstice puts the "mighty" in Mighty Cruise Ships. She carries 1,255 crewmembers and close to 3,000 passengers during her summer journeys along Australia's northern coast, offering ten restaurants, over a dozen bars, a casino, and even a manicured grass lawn. Hop aboard on a luxurious 17-day journey Down Under and explore the country's marvels from Solstice's comfortable decks. Then see how her crew handles the tough challenges of these untamed shores and stays cool in hot waters.
S01E05 Stella Australis 07/12/2014 Stella Australis is part luxury liner and part expedition ship, whisking passengers to the most remote areas of South America for one-of-a-kind encounters. Join the adventure as she visits sub-polar forests, vast glaciers, and areas so remote you wouldn't believe they actually exist. Providing matchless experiences means overcoming challenges, from handling Cape Horn's notorious Drake Passage to changing the itinerary at nature's command. The captain and crew will need a steady hand, and a good dose of creativity, to ensure a successful voyage.
S01E06 Marco Polo 14/12/2014 As other cruise ships head for the Caribbean in late autumn, Marco Polo, the Grande Dame of the Baltic, keeps her cool up north, and that's just how her passengers like it. They've paid to see Old World cities such as Copenhagen, St. Petersburg and Helsinki without crowds of tourists, but traveling this time of year is a risky venture. And while this 50-year-old liner is built to plow through broken ice on arctic routes, a new captain, some unpredictable seas, and a brooding hurricane will make this a historic ride in more ways than one.