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S01E01 Paul Gauguin 09/11/2014 m/s Paul Gauguin is the ship for visiting the coral reefs, mountainous islands and tropical playgrounds of French Polynesia. She offers five-star luxury in a casual, tropical setting. Her flat hull and shallow draft enable her to glide over sensitive reefs to access hidden coves. Novices can walk along the sea floor wearing ship-supported dive helmets or zoom about in sealed ‘aqua-bikes’ while a daring few embark on scenic SCUBA dives. On this voyage, m/s Paul Gauguin sets sail for her longest trek of the year: 4100 kilometers of delicate navigation, on the way to scenery that almost defies description.
S01E02 Le Soléal 16/11/2014 Le Soléal is the newest luxury expedition ship in the world – a small but mighty vessel with a mandate to take her guests to remote, exotic locations in style. On this voyage, she sets sail for the undiscovered gems of Indonesia. It’s a voyage that promises scenic beaches, active volcanoes and Komodo Dragons. But to get there, Le Soléal’s captain will have to navigate through uncharted waters and avoid unseen hazards. Once anchored, there’s an even bigger challenge for the crew: bringing the ship’s moneyed clientele ashore safely, in ports where the piers are either falling apart, or don’t exist at all.
S01E03 Azamara Journey 23/11/2014 When it comes to visiting major cities, Azamara Journey is in a class of her own. She sails up narrow, winding rivers that mega-cruisers can’t navigate, taking her 694 passengers right into downtown.
S01E04 Celebrity Solstice 30/11/2014 A journey around Australia on the Celebrity Solstice.
S01E05 Stella Australis 07/12/2014 A voyage on the Stella Australis around Patagonia.
S01E06 Marco Polo 14/12/2014 A voyage around northern Europe on the Marco Polo.

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