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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mikie Saves the Date

S01E01 Glitzy Glamour 13/01/2015 As the stresses of Danielle and Eric's wedding drama mount, Mikie is forced to help Danielle deal with some unresolved personal issues and get to the root of the problem. Will Danielle take Mikie's advice to ensure that this wedding represents what her and Eric want?
S01E02 Modern Tradition 00/00/0000 Mike needs to try and find a balance between a traditional and a casual celebration.
S01E03 Rustic Sophistication 00/00/0000 When Brittany and Ryan's extreme differences in taste are brought to the forefront, Mikie has to find a way to satisfy the bride and groom, as well as their parents. Will Mikie succeed in allowing the couple to see that their styles can indeed compliment one another?
S01E04 Conservative Opulance 03/02/2015 When Stavroula and Rob decide to finally tie the knot after a four-year engagement, they call upon Mikie to help them figure out how to "marry" their two completely different cultures and backgrounds. Mikie definitely has his work cut out for him with this wedding, which leaves him wondering if he'll be able to satisfy all parties involved, including both of the couples very particular families.
S01E05 Creepy Sophistication 00/00/0000 Ryan and his bride-to-be, Regina, have very peculiar tastes and Mikie's mission is to make sure that their wedding doesn't scare off the guests with a creepy Halloween-vibe. Faced with a nearly impossible deadline, will Mikie be able to pull off the impossible for this macabre couple?
S01E06 Vintage Comfort 00/00/0000 Man's man Jose swept indecisive Melanie off her feet when he asked her to marry him, but planning their big day has been complicated by a limited budget that has forced them to tighten their guest list and wedding party. With Mikie to the rescue, will he be able to combine their styles and heal bruised egos in order to restore family bonds in time for their big day?
S01E07 Kid-Friendly Elegance 00/00/0000 With eight kids combined, Sean and Shanti haven't had any time to plan their dream wedding. Between upsets like a meddling mom and a singing lesson gone wrong, will Mikie succeed in transforming this busy "Mom and Dad" into the happy "Bride and Groom?"
S01E08 Meeting of the Minds 00/00/0000 After 10 years of planning weddings for other couples, Mikie finally gets the opportunity to plan one for himself and his partner Richie. With the wedding world watching his every move, which direction will his wedding take? And, will Mikie be able to let go and enjoy his own big day, or will he let his particular wedding-planning pressures get the best of him?