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Ce programme d'une demi-heure d'animation est basé sur la série de livres préscolaire par l'auteur britannique Lucy Cousins​​. Maisy est une jeune souris qui explore son monde et apprend à grandir. Elle est sympathique, débonnaire et indépendante, mais aussi un peu naïve. Avec ses amis animaux, Maisy bénéficie d'aventures simples comme aller à une ferme ou à la voile d'un bateau ou faire de la musique. Chaque jour, les amis essaient de nouvelles choses et font de nouvelles découvertes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mimi la souris

S01E01 La ferme 11/02/1999 Maisy enjoys a fun packed day on the farm, helped by her friend the little black cat. She collects eggs from the chickens, rides a horse and feeds the geese and then she takes her tractor to muck out the pigs and the lambs before tucking everyone up in bed for the night.
S01E02 Le pique-nique 11/02/1999 Maisy finds that she makes some new friends when she goes for a picnic in the woods.
S01E03 Pool 11/02/1999 It's a very hot day and Maisy and Tallulah decide to get out the paddling pool. Once it's finally full of water, Eddie arrives and joins in the fun.
S01E04 Camping 11/02/1999 Maisy and Tallulah pitch their tent in the garden - Charley decides to take a nap and Cyril brings the refreshments. They settle down for a peaceful night's sleep, but a nearby owl decides that it's time to wake up now.
S01E05 Le lapin 12/02/1999 Maisy is picking flowers in her garden when she meets Rabbit who seems to enjoy eating the flowers too! Maisy takes him home for lunch.
S01E06 Le bateau 12/02/1999 Maisy sails her boat on a breezy day, and meets an octopus and a shoal of fish and plays ball with a dolphin. When the wind drops a seagull and a whale come to her rescue.
S01E07 Cache cache 12/02/1999 Maisy, Charley and Tallulah are playing hide and seek. Charley is a little slow to catch on but soon realizes that he has the best disguise of all.
S01E08 Le terrain de jeux 12/02/1999 Maisy's at the playground and discovers that her friends Tallulah, Charley and Cyril are there too. Together they play on the slide, the swings and the seesaw and after an ice-cream, they feed the ducks and head for home.
S01E09 Pois et taches 18/02/1999 Maisy is spotting spotty things - a leopard, a snake, a ladybird, a frog and a giraffe. When she meets a zebra, she decides she wants to be spotty and stripy at the same time.
S01E10 L'oiseau 18/02/1999 It's a freezing cold winters day and Maisy sees that the birds are pecking the frozen ground in search of food. Maisy knows just what they need - a bird table.
S01E11 Washing 18/02/1999 It's wash day and Maisy is putting her washing out to dry, but her dress blows away just as she is hanging it out on the line. With Charley's help, she eventually manages to retrieve the dress from the top of a tree.
S01E12 Le château de sable 18/02/1999 Maisy goes to the beach and with the help of a friendly crab builds a fabulous sandcastle and is crowned Queen of the Castle!
S01E13 La chauve-souris 19/02/1999 Maisy can't sleep, and when she looks out of the window she sees a dark shape flitting around the garden. She goes out to investigate and meets a very friendly bat - together they explore the garden in the moonlight, until Maisy starts to feel sleepy and goes back to bed.
S01E14 Le ballon 19/02/1999 Maisy and Tallulah want to play ball but it's hard to find somewhere completely ball proof.
S01E15 Le pain d'épice 19/02/1999 Maisy is baking today - she decides to make some gingerbread shapes and when Charley and Tallulah arrive, Maisy greets them with a surprise.
S01E16 Miou ! 19/02/1999 The little ginger cat comes to spend the night, and when Maisy wakes up in the morning, she finds that she has some unexpected visitors.
S01E17 Le train 25/02/1999 Maisy is driving the train, picking up animals on the way - two giraffes, three peacocks, four snakes, five ducks, six rabbits, seven birds, eight frogs and nine penguins. At the last stop she finds ten piglets, but how will they all fit in to the carriage?
S01E18 La bicyclette 25/02/1999 Charley borrows Maisy's bike, but when it goes missing, Charley is distraught. Maisy solves the mystery of the disappearing bike with the help of her ball.
S01E19 La fête 25/02/1999 Maisy is going to Tallulah's fancy dress party but she just can't find a thing to wear! Every time she settles on something, she finds that someone else has got there first. Finally she decides to create something herself.
S01E20 Bedtime 25/02/1999 It's time for bed. Maisy draws the curtains and says goodnight to the owl. She washes her face and hands, changes into her pajamas, goes to the toilet and finally gets to sleep ... once she's found Panda.
S01E21 Le bus 26/02/1999 Maisy is driving the bus today and she finds that she has all sorts of passengers to pick up on the way.
S01E22 La balançoire 26/02/1999 Maisy decides to make a swing for her garden, and whilst Charley and Cyril play games with the rope, she disappears into her garden shed. Charley is the first to have a go on the new swing and Maisy and Cyril try out the new swing together.
S01E23 Le chien 26/02/1999 Maisy is sailing her toy boat and meets a friendly dog on the way. When her boat gets stuck in the reeds Maisy's new friend comes to the rescue, with rather damp results.
S01E24 L'anniversaire 26/02/1999 Today is Maisy's birthday. Charley, Cyril and Tallulah come to help her celebrate ... Happy Birthday Maisy!
S01E25 Rain 04/03/1999 It's raining and Charley has forgotten his umbrella, something which Maisy finds is easily done.
S01E26 Le nid 04/03/1999 Maisy helps a little bird to build her nest in a tree in Maisy's garden. She lays three eggs which hatch into three little chicks. When the mother bird flies off to find some food for her babies, Maisy tries to keep them amused, but Maisy is very relieved when the mother bird returns!
S01E27 Plane 04/03/1999 Maisy and Cyril are making paper airplanes. Maisy's airplane can't fly very well, and lands in the kitchen sink. Cyril's airplane is magnificent - it flies beautifully through the house, out of the window and all round the garden.
S01E28 La parade 04/03/1999 Maisy decides to make some music and on the way all her friends join in the parade.
S01E29 Le parc d'attractions 05/03/1999 Maisy and Tallulah go to the fair, but Tallulah is impatient and wants to go on every ride immediately. Tallulah has to learn to be patient and not to run ahead.
S01E30 Le trésor 05/03/1999 Maisy and Charley are pretending to be pirates, digging for buried treasure. They find all sorts of things, including a very special hidden treasure, Tallulah.
S01E31 Le mouton 05/03/1999 Maisy and Tallulah are going for a walk and when Tallulah loses her ribbon she forgets to close the gate to the field and the sheep escape. How can Maisy and Tallulah get the sheep back into the field?
S01E32 Les nuages 05/03/1999 Come for a ride high up in the sky, in Maisy's hot air balloon.
S01E33 Les puces 25/03/1999 Eddie the elephant decides he needs a bath so Maisy helps him with a ladder, a brush and bar of soap. One by one ten fleas hop off Eddie, protesting all the way.
S01E34 Boo 25/03/1999 Maisy and Cyril are playing peepo, but Cyril manages to give himself a fright too!
S01E35 Le bâton 25/03/1999 Maisy's got a special stick, and she finds all sorts of uses for it.
S01E36 Mess 25/03/1999 It's such fun making a mess, but as Maisy and her friends find out, mess has to be tidied up too!
S01E37 La récolte 26/03/1999 Maisy's in her vegetable garden, counting out her vegetables - Rabbit decides to come along, just in case there's something there for him too!
S01E38 La cabane 26/03/1999 Maisy decides that her shed needs a new coat of paint, and Eddie decides to help, with very colorful results.
S01E39 La tente 26/03/1999 Maisy is entertaining her toys to tea when Charley drops in to the Playhouse. Even though it's only make believe Charley finds out that there's nothing like the real thing.
S01E40 Le cirque 26/03/1999 It's circus time and Maisy is the ringmaster - everyone has something to do, and the grand finale is colorful and fun.
S01E41 Dancing 06/05/1999 Maisy and Tallulah are having great fun showing each other how to dance to different styles of music. Charley arrives at Maisy's house, and shows them that he is rather a good dancer too.
S01E42 Ouch! 06/05/1999 Eddie, Cyril and Maisy are playing in the garden, when Eddie takes a tumble. Maisy and Cyril try to make him feel better.
S01E43 Les oeufs 06/05/1999 Maisy is getting ready for an Easter egg hunt in her garden. Charley arrives early and decides to help.
S01E44 Bath 06/05/1999 Maisy's having a bath, or at least she's trying to! But Tallulah won't take no for an answer, she's determined that Maisy is going to play with her.
S01E45 Les ballons 20/05/1999 Cyril and Maisy buy some balloons, but they find that it's not so easy to stop them flying away!
S01E46 La limonade 20/05/1999 It's a hot day - what better reason for making home made lemonade?
S01E47 Mal au ventre 20/05/1999 Oh dear! Charley's eyes are bigger than his tummy, and Maisy has to find a way to make him feel better.
S01E48 La guitare 20/05/1999 Maisy's making music, with a little help from her friends.
S01E49 Toc toc ! 06/12/1999 Maisy wants to play today, and so she goes to all her friends' houses to see if they want to play but no-one is in - what Maisy doesn't know is that everyone is waiting for her at her house!
S01E50 Panda 06/12/1999 Maisy and Panda are off to the park, but Panda decides that he wants to do a little exploring of his own!
S01E51 Follow the Leader 06/12/1999 Maisy and Tallulah are playing follow the leader - when Eddie joins in they find out that there are some things which everyone can do, and some things which only an elephant can do.
S01E52 La plage 06/12/1999 Maisy and Cyril go to the beach, but Cyril is bit wary of going into the sea. He soon forgets his worries though, and finds that splashing about in the water can be as much fun as anything else.
S01E53 Le parapluie 07/12/1999 It's Charley birthday, and he gets lots of interesting presents, but the one he's most interested in is the umbrella which Maisy gives him. The only problem is that it doesn't look as though it's going rain! Eddie saves the day though, and makes Charley's birthday complete.
S01E54 Les patins à roulettes 07/12/1999 Maisy's going out on her roller skates today, and she finds that with a little practice she is really good at roller skating. Tallulah thinks so too!
S01E55 La plume 07/12/1999 There are so many things you can do with a feather, as Maisy and her friends find out today.
S01E56 Le ménage 07/12/1999 Maisy's spring cleaning her house, and by giving her a helping hand Charley finds a good way to earn some of Maisy's delicious cakes.
S01E57 La bibliothèque 09/12/1999 It's time for Maisy and Charley to take those books back to the library, and to choose some new ones.
S01E58 Squeak 09/12/1999 Cyril comes to the playground to show everyone his new car, but it's so new it still squeaks when he's pedalling! Maisy knows what to do though.
S01E59 Les marionnettes 09/12/1999 Maisy and her friends decide to put on a show for Panda - a very special show, with puppets.
S01E60 La lance à incendie 09/12/1999 Maisy and Cyril are fire chiefs today, but little black cat doesn't seem too keen to join in - maybe it's their hose which is worrying him.
S01E61 Les poissons rouge 10/12/1999 It's time for spring cleaning for Maisy's fish, and Tallulah comes along to give her a helping hand.
S01E62 Le gobelet 10/12/1999 What do you do when you've got hiccups? Maisy and Cyril find out when Cyril drinks his lemonade just a bit too quickly!
S01E63 La stalactite 10/12/1999 It's a very cold day and Maisy finds a beautiful sparkling icicle on her walk. As the icicle begins to melt, she decides to find a way of keeping it.
S01E64 Puzzle 10/12/1999 Charley, Tallulah and Cyril go to see Maisy, and they decide to do a jigsaw puzzle together, but one of the pieces is missing. Eventually they find it, in a most unexpected hiding place.
S01E65 La neige 24/12/1999 It's snowing! Maisy makes a snowmouse and runs off to play in the snow with her friends Tallulah, Charley and Cyril. When Maisy gets covered in snow her friends don't know which is the real Maisy!
S01E66 Les cartes 24/12/1999 Maisy decides to make some cards, and Cyril joins in too - but who are they all for?
S01E67 Le sapin de noël 24/12/1999 Maisy and Tallulah set off to choose a Christmas tree, but they find that decorating it is not as easy as they think!
S01E68 Noël 24/12/1999 It's Christmas Eve and all round Maisy's house, nothing is stirring, except a very excited little mouse!
S01E69 Le petit déjeuner 13/03/2000 It's breakfast time at the farm and Maisy is here to give all the animals their breakfast.
S01E70 Le docteur 13/03/2000 Maisy's the doctor today, and Tallulah decides that she wants to be the nurse.
S01E71 Les cannetons 13/03/2000 Maisy and Charley meet the duck family on their way to the playground, but the littlest duckling decides that he'd much rather play with Charley than go home to the pond.
S01E72 La piscine 13/03/2000 It's swimming time today, and Maisy, Charley and Tallulah are off to the swimming pool. Tallulah wants to be the first in, but she doesn't like cold water!
S01E73 Hou là ! 20/03/2000 It's a hot day and Maisy and Cyril are playing in the sandpit. Cyril gets caught short, but Maisy saves the day.
S01E74 Igloo! 20/03/2000 On a snowy day, Charley comes over to play at Maisy's. Together, the two construct an igloo. They are soon joined by a little bird.
S01E75 Sardines 20/03/2000 Everyone's round at Maisy's house, playing a game of sardines. The only problem is that Eddie's much too big to squeeze in with everyone else, so he finds his own way of playing.
S01E76 Le dauphin 20/03/2000 Maisy's going deep sea diving today, and Dolphin is there to guide her through the underwater world.
S01E77 Footprints 27/03/2000 It's a rainy day and Maisy decides to go for a walk in the garden. It's so muddy that she sees lots of different footprints and decides to follow them, meeting lots of different friends on the way.
S01E78 Le ciel 27/03/2000 Maisy sees all sorts of animals and sights as she flies along in her airplane.
S01E79 La roulette 27/03/2000 It's Push Horse's turn to play with Maisy, Tallulah and Panda today, but when he loses a wheel, it takes a clever Maisy to figure out what to do about it!
S01E80 Go 27/03/2000 Maisy's going for a ride on her bike, and as all her friends join in too before they know it they've got a great big convoy, riding along the road.
S01E81 La montagne 10/10/2000 Everyone's going mountain climbing today, and Maisy leads the way to the top.
S01E82 Les bulles 10/10/2000 Charley's blowing lots of bubbles, until Eddie accidentally knocks over his bubble liquid - Maisy knows how to make some more though.
S01E83 Le kangourou 10/10/2000 Maisy meets a kangaroo and her baby, who decides that he wants to come out and play.
S01E84 Bonne nuit ! 10/10/2000 Tallulah's come to stay the night with Maisy - will they ever get to sleep?!
S01E85 Bonjour 12/10/2000 There are so many different ways of saying hello, as Maisy finds out when she goes for a walk and meets some new friends, including a lion, and some old friends too, a very fierce sounding Tallulah!
S01E86 Le gâteau au chocolat 12/10/2000 It's someone's birthday today, because Maisy is making a very special chocolate birthday cake, but who is it for?
S01E87 Toot toot 12/10/2000 Maisy and her friends are going on a very special train journey, all around the world!
S01E88 Piggy Back 12/10/2000 Maisy,Tallulah and Cyril are giving each other piggy back rides, and when Charley comes along he wants to join in too. But he's too big, and it's only Eddie who can save the day!
S01E89 Les penguins 17/10/2000 Maisy's having a great time on her sledge when she's joined by some very special friends - nine penguins who show her how it's really done!
S01E90 Atchoum ! 17/10/2000 Oh dear, Cyril has got a cold today, although he won't admit it, and it's only when Maisy takes him home and tucks him up in bed that he starts to feel a bit better.
S01E91 Hop 17/10/2000 Hopping is fun, as Maisy finds out when she plays hopscotch with Charley and her friends in the playground.
S01E92 Tennis 17/10/2000 Maisy and Tallulah are playing tennis, but they need a bit of help with the really high shots, so Eddie and Charley join in too.
S01E93 Ferry 19/10/2000 Maisy's operating the ferry today, and she finds that it's going to be a very busy day, with lots of demanding passengers!
S01E94 L'escargot 19/10/2000 Charley's helping Maisy in her garden and meets a little snail who he really wants to make friends with.
S01E95 Bounce 19/10/2000 Cyril's got a brand new toy car, and Maisy and Tallulah are having great fun playing with it until the batteries run out.
S01E96 Batteries 19/10/2000 Cyril's got a very bouncy new ball, which Maisy and Tallulah decide is great fun to play with.
S01E97 Les courses 31/10/2000 Oh dear, it's nearly lunchtime and Charley's got nothing to eat. Never mind, he's going to go shopping with Maisy!
S01E98 Insectes 31/10/2000 Even on a quiet day you can hear all sorts of noises if you listen very carefully, as Maisy finds out.
S01E99 Les chapeaux 31/10/2000 Get ahead, get a hat - that's Maisy and Cyril's motto today as they discover just how many different types of hat there are.
S01E100 Telescope 31/10/2000 Maisy and her friends learn all about how to make things look bigger, with the help of Eddie's magnifying glass and Charley's telescope.
S01E101 La barque 02/11/2000 Maisy, Charley and Tallulah decide to take their boats out on the lake, but Tallulah doesn't realise that it's very easy for a boat to drift away without you noticing it!
S01E102 La brouette 02/11/2000 Maisy's planting a new tree in the garden and Rabbit comes along to give her a helping hand.
S01E103 La lampe de poche 02/11/2000 Tallulah brings her new torch round to show Maisy which comes in very handy when Cyril manages to lose his bouncy ball somewhere in Maisy's bedroom.
S01E104 Band 02/11/2000 It's time to make music - Maisy and her friends set up all their instruments, and once Eddie has decided which instrument he wants, the band begins to play!
S00E01 Le printemps 22/11/2001 Maisy sows seeds, cares for the newborn animals and builds a scarecrow.
S00E02 L'été 22/11/2001 Maisy and her friends pick strawberries.
S00E03 L'automne 22/11/2001 There's potatoes to be dug up, corn to be harvested and hay to be bailed.
S00E04 L'hivers 22/11/2001 There's animals to be rounded up and put in the barn.
S00E05 Songs 22/11/2001 A collection of sing-a-long songs with Maisy and friends
S00E06 Maisy's ABCs 00/00/0000 Maisy and her friends try to find things that begin with each letter of the alphabet, with lots of help from the narrator.
S00E07 Panda 00/00/0000
S00E08 Animals 00/00/0000
S00E09 Bedtime 00/00/0000
S00E10 Birthday 00/00/0000
S00E11 Christmas 00/00/0000
S00E12 Colours 00/00/0000
S00E13 Farm 00/00/0000
S00E14 Playtime 00/00/0000
S00E15 Splash 00/00/0000
S00E16 Maisy Helps 00/00/0000
S00E17 Maisy on the Go 00/00/0000
S00E18 Maisy Discovers 00/00/0000 Discover & explore with Maisy Episodes: Ball, Bike, Panda, Treasure, Stick, Telescope, Hiccups, Feather, Hats, Puzzle, Lemonade
S00E19 Fun in the Sun 00/00/0000

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