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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Minions

S01E01 Corner Brook Idol 30/06/2009 After the events of Christmas Minions, for B.O.B's birthday the Minions make a new show called Corner Brook Idol, due to the fact that the girls will be taken back to Miss Hattie's, with Simon Cowell as the judge of the show.
S01E02 Home Makeover 14/12/2010 After the events of Despicable Me, two Minions help Margo, Edith and Agnes renovate Gru's house, so the inspector does not take the girls back to Miss Hattie's Home for Girls.
S01E03 Orientation Day 14/12/2010 Three new Minions go for bomb-carrying duty, which was harder than they thought when they suddenly have an argument with two others carrying a giant bomb.
S01E04 Banana 14/12/2010 Three minions fight over a banana. In the process, they wreak havoc in the Minions' workplace.
S01E05 Puppy 10/12/2013 Dave the Minion watches neighbors walking their dogs on the street, which leads him to search for a pet puppy of his own. Despite several attempts failing, he comes across a stray UFO that takes the role of a puppy for him.
S01E06 Panic in the Mailroom 10/12/2013 Two Minions (Ken and Mike) are working in a package room to send parcels through different parts of the lab, while Ken is busy playing a handheld video game. When a package containing expired PX-41 (the serum that El Macho used to transform the Minions and himself in Despicable Me 2) gets jammed in the pneumatic delivery system, it transforms Mike into an evil Minion- but he keeps shifting back and forth, much to Ken's amusement. At the end, Mike spits out the PX-41 and it lands on some cats, turning them evil.
S01E07 Training Wheels 10/12/2013 Agnes is unsatisfied with her toy bike after collapsing off it while attempting to catch up to an ice cream truck with Margo, Edith and their friends. Three Minions then volunteer to modify the bike and help Agnes improve her skills.
S01E08 Binky Nelson Unpacified 10/12/2015 After a successful robbery at a museum, the Nelsons tell their youngest son Binky (who lost his pacifier in the theft) that now he is a big boy and has to leave his pacifier. Binky at night sneaks into the museum and finds his pacifier. Just as he takes it the guard comes and finds all the museum artifacts missing and finds Binky and tells him to return all the property but instead he causes a statue to fall over the guard and takes his pacifier. In the end the Nelson parents return to see Binky at night in his room and find him sleeping calmly. As they leave the room Binky takes out the pacifier and the guard's hat and wears it.
S01E09 Competition 10/12/2015 Under the same street the Minions hitchhiked in Minions, two Minions challenge themselves to numerous attacks, ending up on the lab's conveyor belt in the process..
S01E10 Cro Minion 10/12/2015 Two Minions look after a cave baby while a caveman goes to find a bull to eat for lunch. But it's harder than the Minions think.
S01E11 Mower Minions 08/07/2016 Five Minions mow a lawn at the local old people's home to try and earn allowances to buy a blender they have seen on a TV commercial. However, all their work results were chaotic, and four of them were in terrible states after the chaos, such as one Minion having their head stuck in a bee hive, another Minion blackened and naked after an explosion, another being shaped like a balloon in the hazmat, and another Minion ends up nauseous with their face turning green. But as it turns out, the old people were very entertained. For this the Minions get 2000 pennies and are able to purchase the blender. However they then see a commercial of an improved version of the blender and then go to earn more money to buy that one.
S01E12 Minions Holiday Greeting 02/12/2016 Happy Holidays from the Minions!
S01E13 The Secret Life of Kyle 05/12/2017 After the events of Despicable Me 3, we follow Kyle and his secret life when Gru and his family are gone.
S01E14 Mower Minions 08/07/2016 The Minions see a blender which costs $19.95 from infomercial on television, and they want to buy one to blend bananas.
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S00E04 Go to Sleep 01/01/2012 A pair of Gru's minions appear to have been abducted after tucking the little ones into bed
S00E05 Despicable Me presents: Minion Madness 00/00/0000