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Science and stories about our awesome planet! Created by Henry Reich, with Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Rose Eveleth, Emily Elert, and John Guittar. Music by Nathaniel Schroeder. "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." ― John Muir


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S255E01 A Disease's Guide to World Domination 09/01/2018 There's something surprising that helps determine how damaging a disease is: distance.
S255E02 Why Our Favorite Crops Live Fast and Die Young 24/01/2018 We mostly grow annual plants because they reliably produce energy-rich seeds, which we like to eat.
S255E03 Why Electroshock Therapy Is Back 07/02/2018 Shocking the brain has come and gone as a medical treatment, but it’s currently resurging, as it often provides the best form of relief for severe depression and advanced Parkinson’s disease.
S255E04 We Asked Bill Gates: Do You Need To Be Rich To Be Healthy? 14/02/2018 No matter how wealthy a country is, there's a lot it can do to improve the health of its citizens.
S255E05 Why do Some Species Thrive in Cities? 27/03/2015 Urban development can be tough on wildlife. But some plants and animals are adapting to our cities in surprising ways.
S255E06 Why Perfume Makers Love Constipated Whales 07/03/2017 How whale poop becomes perfume. Thanks to Crunchyroll for sponsoring this video!
S255E07 Why Is A Group Of Crows Called A “Murder”? 15/03/2017 Collective nouns are a great way to have fun with language and nature.
S255E08 What Makes A Dinosaur? 28/03/2017 Due to a revolution in our understanding of the tree of life, birds are dinosaurs, while dimetrodons are not.
S255E09 How Cats Became our Feline Overlords 12/04/2017 Check out how cats became our favorite little murder machines.
S255E10 Why Some Molecules Have Evil Twins 19/04/2017 A tiny change in a molecule’s geometry completely changes its effects on the human body.
S255E11 Why Don’t Sheep Shrink In The Rain? 26/04/2017 Getting wet isn’t REALLY what makes wool shrink; it merely exacerbates the friction between the wool fibers, which is stronger in one direction than another, so when agitated in the washer or dryer, they migrate in relation to each other in a process called “felting.”
S255E12 Why Don't Sled Dogs Ever Get Tired? 03/05/2017 Sled dogs are the best endurance athletes in the world thanks to a weird quirk in their metabolism.
S255E13 Why Most Rain Never Reaches The Ground 10/05/2017 Less than half of the rain that falls from a cloud makes it all the way to the ground – because a lot evaporates while falling or after landing in treetops.
S255E14 Why Apple Pie Isn't American 24/05/2017 Our diets are more global than we realize, because our common food crops and animals were domesticated far away in diverse locations.
S255E15 This Is Not A Bee 31/05/2017 It can be hard to distinguish bees from all the other insects out there that look like bees.
S255E16 Why Does Wine Make Your Mouth Feel Dry? 15/06/2017
S255E17 What Nuclear Bombs Taught Us About Whales 21/06/2017 A monitoring system developed to listen for secret nuclear tests mostly hears other events happening all around Earth.
S255E18 Why So Many Meteorites Come From The Same Place 06/07/2017 Because of space physics, one faraway asteroid is likely the progenitor of almost a third of all the meteorites on Earth.
S255E19 Invasion Of The Earthworms! 12/07/2017 Worms cause major changes to ecosystems, but those changes aren’t always new.
S255E20 Why It Sucks to Be a Male Hyena 19/07/2017 Thanks to spotted hyenas’ unusual social structure, males experience a tough life of solitude, harassment, and deprivation.
S255E21 TRANSPARENT Solar Panels?! 27/07/2017 Infinitesimally small quantum dots can turn a window into a see-through solar panel!
S255E22 UPSIDE-DOWN Rivers On Mars?! 02/08/2017 The "Mountain or Valley?" illusion makes our brains turn valleys inside out. But inside-out valleys are a real thing, both on Earth and on Mars.
S255E23 Our Definition For “Moon” Is Broken 15/08/2017 It’s becoming harder and harder to categorize moons as moons.
S255E24 Why Is Syrup Sticky? 24/08/2017 What exactly makes sugary syrups so sticky, when neither water nor sugar is very sticky on its own?
S255E25 Why Do India And China Have So Many People? 31/08/2017 India and China have so many people today because they’re good for farming and big, but they’ve always been that way, so they’ve actually had a huge proportion of Earth’s people for thousands of years.
S255E26 Why Is Your Grandma So Short? 22/09/2017 Nutrition during the first few years of life has a huge impact on adult height, and since nutrition has been getting better over time, humanity - including your family - is getting taller.
S255E27 Why Farming Is Broken (And Always Has Been) 27/09/2017 To feed everyone in the future, we may need to disrupt 10,000 years of farming practices and turn agriculture into a closed system.
S255E28 Why Do Female Hyenas Have Pseudo-Penises?! 04/10/2017 Female hyenas don't have penises, but it sure looks like they do - and we still aren't quite sure why.
S255E29 Where Do Our Drugs Come From? 13/10/2017 The incredible chemical weapon-making abilities of fungi, bacteria, and plants have created a diverse array of compounds that are useful to humans.
S255E30 Why Bird Penises Are So Weird 25/10/2017 Male birds have the largest genital diversity of any class of animals because their sex chromosomes make it easy to pass male-helping mutations down the line.
S255E31 What Are Brain Waves? 07/11/2017 Even the parts of our brains that don't control physical movement show a lot of rhythm, and that might be integral to how our brains work.
S255E32 Why Do Some Animals Get Gigantic? 24/11/2017 Occasionally, internal or external factors change, allowing certain animals to become giant versions of themselves.
S255E33 Why Pets Have Surprisingly Small Brains 06/12/2017 When we domesticate an animal species, their brains shrink and they freak out less.
S255E34 Are 'Acts of God' Disappearing? 13/12/2017 Considering humans' increased impact on the environment, we may want to reconsider whether there is still a place in our legal system for the Act of God defense.
S255E35 Why Do Birds Migrate Like This? 20/12/2017 Migrating birds care more about the ease of their trip than the distance they travel, and that leads to some truly roundabout routes.