Affiche Missing (2009)
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Pauline Quirke stars in Missing, a drama for BBC Daytime, set in a busy Missing Persons Unit. Pauline plays DS Mary Jane Croft, a charismatic detective who runs the under-resourced unit.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Missing (2009)

S01E01 Episode 1 16/03/2009 When an autistic teenager is discovered wandering lost at the side of the road, DS MJ Croft assumes he is a missing person. However, she soon realises that it is the boy's mother who has disappeared, and becomes increasingly worried for her safety. DC Jason Doyle and Amy Garnett deal with Jan, a young woman whose fiance has disappeared in what seem like suspiciously fraudulent circumstances. And MJ is shocked when her friend, radio DJ Danny, asks her on air about her sister, Ellen, who went missing over ten years ago.
S01E02 Episode 2 17/03/2009 When a sixteen-year-old girl goes missing, her parents claim it is completely out of character, and are distraught when DS MJ Croft, head of the Dover Missing Persons Unit, finds vodka in the teenager's bedroom. DC Jason Doyle, however, is suspicious that the father is abusing his daughter. Meanwhile, Amy helps 65-year-old Stan Marsh search for his long-lost twin brother.
S01E03 Episode 3 18/03/2009 The team investigates when Tom Laird's wife Irene vanishes suddenly, and DS MJ Croft comes to blows with her superior, DCI Ford, when she suspects Tom of murder. MJ is not convinced when new evidence reveals another side to Irene. Meanwhile, Amy is keen to find Martin Cadzo, who disappeared after testifying against his father in a fraud trial, and whose uncle has left him a large inheritance.
S01E04 Episode 4 19/03/2009 The father of a little girl goes missing, and DS Croft suspects that the younger brother is involved. As they dig deeper, they discover that a shocking secret has caused Paul Garrison to flee his family. Meanwhile, Amy struggles to connect with a woman claiming to be searching for her missing father, and her investigation reveals that the woman has been lying and is in fact missing herself. MJ gets disturbing news about her missing sister, Ellen.
S01E05 Episode 5 20/03/2009 In the concluding part of the drama, DS MJ Croft and DC Jason Doyle suspect money problems when a pregnant woman reports her boyfriend missing, and Amy's investigations into the case put her in real danger when a witness turns nasty. Meanwhile MJ is getting closer to her missing sister Ellen, but she may not get the happy ending she was hoping for.
S02E01 Series 2, Episode 1 15/03/2010 Mary Jane and the team investigate after a 6 year old girl goes missing. Suspicion soon ends up falling on the girl's dad.
S02E02 Series 2, Episode 2 16/03/2010 Mary Jane and the team investigate after a teenager disappears from a local hostel. They are soon concerned that something sinister might have happened.
S02E03 Series 2, Episode 3 17/03/2010 The team investigate after Karen Clitheroe's husband suddenly disappears. Mary Jane also founds her relationship with her own father becoming strained.
S02E04 Series 2, Episode 4 18/03/2010 After Jerry and Emma report the disappearance of friend Darren, Mary Jane is worried for the well-being of the popular missing soldier.
S02E05 Series 2, Episode 5 19/03/2010 Jason Doyle tries to help his old friend Lee after he reports that his girlfriend has gone missing. The investigation leads to tragic consequences though.
S02E06 Series 2, Episode 6 22/03/2010 After Judy reports her fiance Nev missing, the team investigate. They become concerned when they find out some sleeping pills have gone missing.
S02E07 Series 2, Episode 7 23/03/2010 An au pair working for a wealthy couple goes missing and Mary Jane thinks she that she may be pregnant. The team work to discover what has happened to her. Mary Jane learns that her department is being joined by DC Josh Kemplin.
S02E08 Series 2, Episode 8 24/03/2010 DC Josh Kemplin is eager to get stuck in after joining the team. He works with Jason on the case of a missing 14-year-old musician.
S02E09 Series 2, Episode 9 25/03/2010 After a teacher at an expensive public school goes missing Jason gets the chance to head the investigation. The team soon discover that he could of been having an affair with one of his pupils.
S02E10 Series 2, Episode 10 26/03/2010 Mary Jane and the team are called to investigate an old case when a couple whose daughter went missing eight years ago are convinced they've seen her on a beach in Dover.