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Mission Africa (BBC One, January 2007) is a 12 part series which follows 15 trainees from the building trade, selected from hundreds of applicants across the UK, embarking on a difficult mission in the African Bush. Travelling deep into the hostile frontier lands of Northern Kenya, with their expedition leader Ken Hames (Beyond Boundaries) and new foreman Nick Knowles (DIY SOS) the team find themselves in the primitive Sera Conservancy, marooned by a dry river bed with no water, and to make matters worse a bull elephant to keep them company. Working side by side with local people the trainees have just six weeks to build an eco lodge, dig boreholes for water and help the local wildlife experts repopulate the area with animals. The team of rooky builders, electricians, plumbers and architects has no experience of surviving and working in the African bush. They have to get the build completed while satisfying the needs of the local Samburu tribal leaders who need water for their domestic stock, as well as the wildlife they have been pledged to protect. Nick Knowles and former Special Forces Major Ken Hames put together the team, and are in charge of turning the volunteers into a united workforce. Ken, an expert on the African Frontier will also train the team as wildlife rangers. Nick, Ken and the trainees live in tents in the bush along side the African team mates who are working with them on the site. They are protected at night by rangers protect the camp which is visited at night by elephants and lions. As the series progresses the ranger trainees capture six giraffe to relocate to the new reserve, track rhino and tag elephant. Their training takes place at Lewa, a conservancy further south and the template for the initiative at Sera, a new community conservation area in the far north of Kenya towards the Ethiopian and Somali borders. Sera is an area that for many years has been ravaged by tribal conflict, bandits and poaching and where conservancy experts ar


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S01E01 Episode 1 03/01/2007
S01E02 Episode 2 10/01/2007
S01E03 Episode 3 24/01/2007 In one of the hottest places on earth Nick’s attempts to get water for concrete have ended in disaster and now the team is running out of drinking water. Attempts by expedition leader Ken Hames and his team to capture a herd of Giraffe start well and end in tragedy.
S01E04 Episode 4 31/01/2007
S01E05 Episode 5 19/02/2007 The heat continues to get turned up on Mission Africa. This week, things turn nasty. They are confronted by scorpions and snakes on the build site and tension grows between them. For Ken Hames, who is training some of the volunteers to be Rangers, things look up when they save an endangered Grevy's Zebra.
S01E06 Episode 6 26/02/2007 Nick Knowles and former SAS Major Ken Hames attempt to drill some military discipline into the team. The volunteers succeed in working together to raise a massive roof at the eco-lodge, but it's the ranger training they find a real challenge. Plus, there's a nice surprise from Elvis the baby rhino but more bad news about the new giraffe herd.
S01E07 Episode 7 05/03/2007 It's half way through the mission and Nick is satisfied with the progress on the eco lodges until ex SAS major Ken starts making demands. First, Ken needs to build an enclosure twice the size of Wembley football stadium and tall enough to hold a herd of Giraffe. Next, Ken takes five of the volunteers on an emergency mission to dart and collar five tonnes of rampaging Kenyan bull elephant.
S01E08 Episode 8 12/03/2007 Things become decidedly dangerous for some of the volunteers on Mission Africa this week.They come face to face with a very angry lion that refuses to go to sleep and on the build-site, our volunteers get a lesson from their African workmates.
S01E09 Episode 9 19/03/2007 Work on the game reserve continues, but danger strikes for the trainee rangers when an angry lion that refuses to go to sleep closes in for the kill with its aggressive mates. Back on the build-site, the volunteers get advice from their African colleagues, while Kerri constructs a water hole for the wildlife.
S01E10 Episode 10 29/03/2007 The volunteers face the arduous task of transporting five fragile giraffes 100km across some of the worst roads in the world under the searing heat. In addition to this challenge, the air ambulance makes an emergency landing when Nick Knowles crashes head-first from the roof of a Land Rover, seriously injuring himself.
S01E11 Episode 11 09/04/2007 Ken Hames attempts to keep the team together as they prepare for the grand opening, and goes on a camel safari to drum up support for the ceremony. Nick Knowles returns to Kenya - despite having undergone shoulder surgery in London only four days earlier - and takes the girls on a shopping dash with a difference.
S01E12 Episode 12 16/04/2007 The pressure begins to take its toll on the volunteers, with the deadline for the game reserve in northern Kenya just three days away, and the water project looking set to fail. Meanwhile, Ken and his trainee struggle to collar the park's first elephant.
S01E13 Episode 13 23/04/2007 After weeks of toiling, the team have just hours left to complete the game reserve. Hundreds of Samburu tribespeople gather for a ceremonial march and the volunteers appear on course to complete their task, but progress is hampered when Nick Knowles collapses just 10 days after major surgery.

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