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Thomas and Susan are in love. But since he is white and she is black, their marriage raises tensions among their respective families.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mixed Blessings

S01E01 Welcome To The Family 03/03/1978
S01E02 Your Place Or Mine? 10/03/1978
S01E03 You Haven't Got Much, Have You? 17/03/1978
S01E04 Jobs For The Boys 24/03/1978
S01E05 Happy Birthday, Dear Fathers 31/03/1978
S01E06 We're Only Trying To Help 07/04/1978
S01E07 The House Warming 14/04/1978
S02E01 A Leg From The Past 06/10/1978
S02E02 The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Unemployed 13/10/1978
S02E03 My Chap's Got Work 20/10/1978
S02E04 Thou Shalt Deny Me 27/10/1978
S02E05 Your Money Or Your Life 03/11/1978
S02E06 You're Going To Have A What 10/11/1978
S03E01 Raising The Roof 05/04/1980
S03E02 Away From It All 12/04/1980
S03E03 Up In The World 19/04/1980
S03E04 The Anniversary 26/04/1980
S03E05 The Law And Mr Lambert 03/05/1980
S03E06 Goodbye Charlie 10/05/1980
S03E07 Your Turn For Grandad 17/05/1980
S03E08 Practice Makes Perfect 24/05/1980
S03E09 Survival 31/05/1980
S03E10 Onto Us A Child 07/06/1980

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