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Wakamatsu Masato lives with his step-sister, Miyuki, whom he does not have blood relationship with. Their father is always working oversea and left the two of them living by themselves in Tokyo. Miyuki is cute, nice, sensitive and very popular among guys around Masato. Masato has a girlfriend at school whose name is Kajima Miyuki, who is pretty and gentle, the ideal dream of every highschool boy. Source: Manga


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Miyuki

S01E01 Me, the Beach, and the Black Bikini! 31/03/1983
S01E02 A Slap is a Lesson of Love 07/04/1983
S01E03 Ryuichi`s Scrambled Birthday 21/04/1983
S01E04 Nee-San is the Best! Nii-San is the Worst!? 05/05/1983
S01E05 An Intense Beginning on the Occasion of a Date 12/05/1983
S01E06 The Lolita Complex Case, Happiness Between the Sheets! 19/05/1983
S01E07 Deep-Blue Masato! Where Did the Bikini Go ? 26/05/1983
S01E08 Way to go Nakata! Engaged to Miyuki!? 02/06/1983
S01E09 A Concert on a Rainy Day 16/06/1983
S01E10 Love-Love Hiking in Yasujiro`s Case...!? 30/06/1983
S01E11 Naughty and Perverted 07/07/1983
S01E12 Summer's Annual Custom, a Part-time Job at a Seaside Resort 14/07/1983
S01E13 What Happened on the Night of the Storm!? 21/07/1983
S01E14 Miyuki`s Heart from Cloudy to Sunny 04/08/1983
S01E15 Living Youthful Days, Making Memories 11/08/1983
S01E16 The Wish Fireflies of a Midsummer Night 18/08/1983
S01E17 With or Without Siblings 01/09/1983
S01E18 Miracle Man, Masaki Ryuuichi! 08/09/1983
S01E19 Love Fortune Teller Rhapsody 15/09/1983
S01E20 Melancholy Field Trip 29/09/1983
S01E21 Passing the Baton at Dusk! 06/10/1983
S01E22 What? Proposing at Five!? 27/10/1983
S01E23 Two Miyukis under One Roof 10/11/1983
S01E24 Rehearsal for Love 24/11/1983
S01E25 Uninvited Mother Rhapsody 08/12/1983
S01E26 M. W. Are the Initials of Love?! 22/12/1983
S01E27 Love Letter Proxy War! 03/02/1984
S01E28 Lonely Birthday 10/02/1984
S01E29 Stray Wolves and Golden Rabbit!? 17/02/1984
S01E30 The Stranger in the Heavy Snowfall 24/02/1984
S01E31 Naughty Photo Contest 02/03/1984
S01E32 Scoring the Boys 09/03/1984
S01E33 Buttinsky Muraki-kun! 16/03/1984
S01E34 Near-Miss Third Mama 23/03/1984
S01E35 Lost Copy of the Census 30/03/1984
S01E36 Suffocating for Love 06/04/1984
S01E37 Love , Grief... A Blue Airmail 13/04/1984

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