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Host Howie Mandel puts a hidden-camera spin on the "flash mob" concept. Mandel and hundreds of strangers will help special guests plan extraordinary surprises for friends, family members, loved ones or co-workers. These unknowing participants will be shocked and stunned by surprise performances that lead up to fantastic reveals that include a husband learning that his wife is pregnant, an applicant finding out that she got the job and a marriage proposal, among others. Throughout the hour, the guests will be shown prepping for the event - rehearsing their routines and refining their speeches - all while receiving guidance from host Mandel. Then, on the day of the big event - with the hidden cameras rolling - the detailed plan comes to fruition.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mobbed

S01E01 Mobbed 31/03/2011
S01E02 A Father's Apology 23/11/2011 A father plans a big surprise for someone in his family.
S01E03 I Love You and We've Never Met 04/01/2012 Steve Soboslai of Pittsburgh-based pop-punk band Punchline gets help to reveal his true feelings to his long-distance best friend of five years whom he's never met.
S01E04 My Secret Child 11/01/2012 A woman reveals a shocking family secret.
S01E05 Brawling Brothers 01/02/2012 Can a flash mob mend a broken bond between two brothers?
S01E06 A Father Lost for 37 Years 08/02/2012
S01E07 You Saved My Life 02/01/2013
S01E08 Hot for Teacher 02/01/2013
S01E09 Marry Me Now or It's Over 03/01/2013
S01E10 We're Having a Baby 03/01/2013
S01E11 You're Fired 10/01/2013 A boss plans a surprise for an employee for his hard work and strong character with the help of thousands