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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Modern Shooter

S01E01 Colt: Legend and Legacy 00/00/0000 Watch the making of the AR-15.
S01E02 The Art of Power 00/00/0000 How art and precision make a gun the best it can be.
S01E03 Silent Tactics 00/00/0000 Tips and tricks from the one and only, Massad Ayoob.
S01E04 Friends of a Feather 00/00/0000 Hunting pheasant, chucker, and quail in Colorado; John Augustine's award winning dogs.
S01E05 A Polite Society 00/00/0000 A week long training regiment with master instructor Rich Wyatt.
S01E06 The Sounds of Silence 00/00/0000 Hunting deer, hogs, and more at the AOA Ranch.
S01E07 The Every Man's Gun: Ruger 00/00/0000 Visiting the Ruger factory to learn how this rifle is made.
S01E08 Inside the Industry: Shot Show 2015 00/00/0000 Inside the biggest gun show in the world, Shot Show.
S01E09 Tactical & Practical Gun Site Part I 00/00/0000 Inexperienced shooters get some serious training at the Gun Site.
S01E10 Tactical & Practical: Gun Site Part II 00/00/0000 Two beginners go through a series of tests.
S01E11 A Rock Solid Side Arm 00/00/0000 Explore the world of Glock. It's off to La La land to meet up with the man himself, the Gunny, R. Lee Ermey. Then meet with Glock Pro Tori Nonaka and see what's coming next as we take a look at the only gun range in the Atlanta city limits.
S01E12 Rocky Mountain Blue Bloods 00/00/0000 Glendale, Colorado, a one of a kind town with a one of a kind police force. We'll take a tour of the facility and head out on a ride along with the cities finest. Plus we get an inside look at how these men & women in blue train with a trip to their shoot house. It's all about protecting and serving.
S01E13 WEAPON OF CHOICE: BEST OF SEASON 1 00/00/0000 Take a look back at our explosive first season with some of the best of the best of this season. From visiting the Colt and Ruger factories to meeting up with Glock pros and Hollywood icons, joins us on a trip through the best of Modern Shooter.