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Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid is a Parody Web Series of 5 episodes about the adventures of Snake (Metal Gear Solid) and Ghost (Modern Warfare 2) fighting against the Modern Gear menace. It has been produced by beatdownboogie and directed by Micah Moore (Dogs of Chinatown) and is one of the best independant parody produced on the Web. Originally aired on Youtube as a 5 acts series.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid

S00E01 Deleted Scenes 04/08/2010 This is a special thanks to the audience for watching and commenting on Parts 1 and 2 of Modern War Gear Solid.
S00E02 Modern Warfare Kid 23/08/2010 Snake and Ghost infiltrate the internet. In this clip, Ghost fires a burst at the Star Wars Kid.
S00E03 Keyboard Snake 23/08/2010 Snake and Ghost infiltrate the internet. In this clip, Snake disarms Keyboard Cat using Close Quarters Keyboard. (Keyboard song cover by Rick Burnett).
S00E04 Afro Ghost Ninja 30/08/2010 While waiting for Modern War Gear Solid - Part 3, Snake and Ghost infiltrate the internet.
S00E05 Snake and Ghost After Dentist 01/09/2010 Snake and Ghost are infiltrating the internet. They were captured by a infamous war criminal known only as "The Dentist."
S00E06 DRAGONCON 2010 12/09/2010 Beat Down Boogie swings by the worlds' friendliest sci-fi convention, DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. This is only a tiny bit of what was going on.
S00E07 Snake and Ghost Do DragonCon 2010 13/09/2010 Snake, Ghost, Naomi, and Liquid drop in on the world's biggest sci-fi convention.
S00E08 Snake and Ghost see a Double Rainbow 28/09/2010 Snake and Ghost infiltrate the internet. In this clip they face a different army of two.
S00E09 Modern Gear COSTUME CONTEST! 12/10/2010 We're having a costume contest for our subscribers! You can win a signed Modern War Gear Solid poster and exclusive DVD (Parts 1 and 2)! We want to see you dressed up as Snake, Ghost, or Naomi. We will pick our favorite costume for each character.
S00E10 Costume Contest Winners 17/11/2010 Thanks to everyone that sent us pics! We hope you enjoy the sneak peek of Part 3 and 4! We're really excited about it. Won't be too long now!
S00E11 Snake Goes to an Airsoft Gun Show! 13/03/2011 Snake, Micah, and Blake make a surprise visit at the North Atlantic Airsoft Expo! It was a blast! We're looking forward to next year!
S00E12 The Making of Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid 22/05/2011 Thanks for watching and commenting on the Modern War Gear Solid series. We wanted to give you a peek of how we run things on the set. It's hard work, but we keep it fun. We'll have some new outtakes and bloopers up soon!
S00E13 Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid - Bloopers & Outtakes 30/05/2011 We are currently working on some new video game and comic-related ideas. We're also working on a DVD version of the whole Modern War Gear saga. Find out more at
S00E14 MUSTACHE PARTY! 05/07/2011 We showed the DVD cut of Modern War Gear Solid! We're almost done with the DVD. But in the meantime, you can join in the celebration of the Modern War Gear Solid MUSTACHE PARTY by watching this video!
S00E15 Self Defense with Solid Snake 03/03/2015 Learn how to defend yourself from attackers before they even see you! Starring: Matthew Sumner as Solid Snake. Brian Lee and Ken Krulik as Snake's assistants. Featuring Alena Koch, Griff Mac Griffin, Olive Martini, Kat Paggles, Sharece Vakarian, Ted Nguyen, Pierce Barber. Written, directed, shot and edited by Micah Moore. Crewed by Christopher G Moore and Kevin Spruill.
S00E16 Modern Warfare 3 Starring Ghost 02/12/2011 Ghost fixes Modern Warfare 3 by adding himself. Starring Brian Lee and Andrew Comstock.
S00E17 Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid: The Official Trailer 25/07/2011
S00E18 Solid Snake VS Leeroy Jenkins 11/05/2012 This is old, but we decided to share it anyway!
S00E19 SHOT SHOW with Snake, Ghost, Gunny & Scaar 01/02/2012
S00E20 Modern Warfare 3 Starring Ghost - Outtakes 01/01/2012
S00E21 SNAKE and GHOST do COLOSSALCON 2014 - the SEXIEST Cosplay Video Ever! 17/06/2014 A con at a waterpark! With arcades! A bouncy house! baby animals! And a nightclub!
S00E22 KANTAICON 2014 - Cosplay on an Aircraft Carrier 09/09/2014 KantaiCon takes place on the USS Yorktown Aircraft Carrier, as well as a neighboring destroyer and submarine. The ships are located at Patriot's Point in South Carolina.