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This inventive, offbeat Canadian comedy/drama stars Rosemary Dunsmore as a single mother and waitress who works part-time for a crusty private eye (Stuart Margolin). A feisty mother meets a stubborn detective and together they make the sparks fly. The exciting series will keep everyone glued to the TV set. Mom PI stars Rosemay Dunsmore as Sally Sullivan, a modern mother and working waitress. Sally teams up with Bernie Fox, a grizzled private detective, played by Stuart Margolin, who is part-Mickey Spillane, part-Duke Ellington. His experience and her mother's intuition get them into and out of arson, fraud, theft, and maybe even murder in the working-class areas of a big city.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mom, P.I.

S01E01 Pilot 12/10/1990
S01E02 Career Moves 15/10/1990
S01E03 Duck Flambé 22/10/1990
S01E04 Murder Maybe 29/10/1990
S01E05 Gumshoe 05/11/1990
S01E06 Undue Influence 12/11/1990
S01E07 Brendan B. Gone 19/11/1990
S01E08 Return to Sender 26/11/1990
S01E09 Looking for a Living 03/12/1990
S01E10 Blue Christmas 10/12/1990
S01E11 Beneath the Pacific 07/01/1991
S01E12 Over the Edge 14/01/1991
S01E13 Spinal Trap 21/01/1991
S02E01 Safe at Home 30/09/1991
S02E02 Fists of Fate 28/10/1991
S02E03 Bad to be Born 04/11/1991
S02E04 Repo Ride 11/11/1991
S02E05 Time Wounds All Heels 18/11/1991
S02E06 Cash and Money 25/11/1991
S02E07 A Fugue for Mr. X 09/12/1991
S02E08 Through a Door Quickly 16/03/1992
S02E09 Night Train 23/03/1992
S02E10 1 For You, 19 For Me 30/03/1992