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Momoko is a high school student, trying to live up to her older sister Sakura. Sakura works in an office along with many other co-workers. The two sisters, and their friends, experience the everyday hardships and situations of being a woman. (source: ANN)


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Momoiro Sisters

S01E01 Let's Begin 25/08/1998
S01E02 Exciting Summer Diet 26/08/1998
S01E03 Beautiful Girls Die Young, Unlucky Young Lady 27/08/1998
S01E04 Probably One Day... 31/08/1998
S01E05 Yukari-chan's Tough Times 01/09/1998
S01E06 Lunch is Love's Symplony 02/09/1998
S01E07 Happy Valentine 03/09/1998
S01E08 Midsummer Love Love Fire 07/09/1998
S01E09 I Have Made a Boyfriend! 08/09/1998
S01E10 Aa First Kiss! 09/09/1998
S01E11 The First Wet One 10/09/1998
S01E12 Docking of Love 15/09/1998
S01E13 Super Big-breast Hot-spring 16/09/1998
S01E14 I Think I've Done It... 17/09/1998
S01E15 The Dreamed Marriage Retirement 21/09/1998
S01E16 Now Let's Focus on Reality! 22/09/1998
S01E17 Let's go Hunting with Rin-chan! 23/09/1998
S01E18 When I turned to the Side, You were there 24/09/1998
S01E19 Washed Away... 28/09/1998
S01E20 The Jungle Queen 29/09/1998
S01E21 Blue Coral Reef 30/09/1998
S01E22 Its a School Festival! Everyone Help 01/10/1998
S01E23 Haunted House of Love 05/10/1998
S01E24 Legendary Idol Momoko! 00/00/0000

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