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Mon Colle Knights features Mondo, a guy wearing a goofy costume. Together with his friend Rockna and her scientist dad, Professor Hiragi, they jump into the Utopian Eagle and zoom off to an outrageous monster-filled place called Mon World. And while they're there, Mondo & Rockna merge with monsters, deal with tin chickens, and fight the evil Prince Eccentro! Their mission: collect all six Monster Items that will bring together their world and Mon World into universal peace. Eccentro's plan: zap monsters and make them evil, steal the six Monster Items, and rule over BOTH worlds. Additional Info ¢This show was created by Studio Deen, with the English adaptation done by Saban Entertainment.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mon Colle Knights

S01E01 Just Another Mon-Day 21/07/2001 PART 1: Mondo and Rockna had their first adventure in Mon World, along with Professor Hiragi. Mondo and Rockna were titled Mon Colle Knights. Meanwhile, Prince Eccentro plotted his Mon World trip with Gluko and Batch. In Mon World, the Knights learnt to merge with monsters with the phrase 'with us you can do it'. Eccentro controlled Chimera with Teddyurnaut, but the Knights defeated them with Squirt Fish. The Knights found their first monster item, the Ruby Ring. PART 2: Utopia Eagle entered Water realm. Mondo found Lei Lei, and helped find Lei Lei's to look for Seechee(?). Gluko found Seechee(?), and Eccentro wanted it. Seechee(?) escaped, and Rockna found it. Eccentro found Bisonator, and the Knights found Fog Dragon. Fog Dragon used fog to lure Bisonator to fall off from cliff. Rockna said goodbye to Seechee(?), but it insisted to follow Rockna. Many Seechee(?) poped out of Lei Lei's clothes. The rescued Seechee(?), now named Lovestar, followed the Knights.
S01E02 Send In the Frogs 21/07/2001 The Mon Colle Knights head for the Water Realm to find a monster item that may be in the possession of some Fish Men. Eccentro attacks the Fish Men with a group of Gill Men. The knights need a monster to help them battle, and the only monster to battle with is a Toad Warrior. Unfortunately, Rockna has a fear of frogs...
S01E03 Ms. Loon's Big Adventure 24/11/2001 Mondo and Rockna's teacher, Ms. Loon, accidentally goes to Mon World with the knights. Teddyurnaut is on the fritz and mistakes Ms. Loon for a monster and Eccentro thinks she has a monster item. Mondo and Rockna find a castle full of talking cats and Eccentro attacks the castle and Ms. Loon with the Sonic Condor. The Mon Colle Knights merge with a Flying Stego to fight the Condor, but they will need the help of the cats and Ms. Loon to defeat it.
S01E04 These Boots Were Made for Flyin' (1) 01/12/2001 On the advice of the Storm Dragon, the knights go to the earth realm to find the Earth Dragon, who has the wind realm Monster Item. The knights and Eccentro fight each other to get the item, but Earth Dragon doesn't want to give up the item, a pair of winged boots. Beginner says that they should have a monster battle, and the winner gets to keep the boots. Beginner summons a stadium and the battle begins.
S01E05 The Dream Team (2) 08/12/2001 As the monster battle continues, the Mon Colle Knights are doing well until Tanaka brings out his secreat weapon: the Earth Dragon himself! The knights have already used up most of their good monsters already, so can they win this fight?
S01E06 Friend or Phobia? 17/11/2001
S01E07 Under the Temple and Into Hot Water 03/11/2001
S01E08 The Giant and the Steed 20/10/2001 A. The Mon Colle Knights believe that Forester the Forest Giant has a monster item. So Professor Hiragi finds out. Can the Mon Colle Knights help Forester fight Prince Eccentro and his Behemoth? B. Mondo enter in a race at Sky City on a young Pegasus against Prince Eccentro and his Griffen. But what happens when the Pegasus matures into an adult?
S01E09 Lovestar Can Help Too 13/07/2002 Professor Hiragi thinks that Lovestar is useless, so he throws her into the woods of the wind realm. Lovestar meets a cute monster called Airiphant. Meanwhile, Eccentro takes control of a male Night Hawk and has it try to steal the eggs of its mate. The knights combine with the female Night Hawk, but they can't defeat the male. Lovestar and Airiphant show up and Lovestar uses its special ability to infatuate the Night Hawk. Airiphant then blows Eccentro away and Hiragi realizes that Lovestar can help them.
S01E10 Pork Bellies and New Beginnings 10/11/2001 The knights meet the Tree Elves in the wind realm and find that the Elves have had problems with the Pork Warriors. Eccentro has gained a lot of weight, so the Pork Warrior think that he is the great King Porky. Eccentro has the Pork Warrior attack the Tree Elves, but the knights combine with the Elves' king and defeat Eccentro. The knights then go to the fire realm and meet a monster summoner named Beginner. Beginner decides to help them out by summoning the Fire Giant, but she accidentally summons a Rex. The now-slim Eccentro takes control of Rex and attacks the knights, so they try to get to the Ogre Village. Beginner tries to summon a meteor to crush the Rex, but it accidentally hits the Ogre Village. Luckily, the Ogres attack the Rex, thinking that it summoned the meteor.
S01E11 To See Your Smile Again 31/10/2001 The Knights tried to restore a girl's magical power by finding a thunder bug. Eccentro's scent attracted the bugs, and demanded an monster item from the girl. The Knights used bright light to attract thunder bug, and restored the girl's power. The girl joined forces with the Knight to fight against Eccentro.
S01E12 Beginner and the Snow Ram 24/11/2001 Despite it being spring in the wind realm, a Snow Ram with insomnia covers the realm in snow. The knights re-unit with Beginner and, because Snow Ram is related to dragons, she decides to summon a dragon to fight the ram. Unfortunately, she summons a baby dragon that is no bigger than Lovestar. Eccentro takes control of the Snow Ram and attacks the knights. The dragon's father, the Storm Dragon, arrives to retreave his baby, but decides to help out the knights. With Beginner's help, the Storm Dragon defeats the Snow Ram. The knights ask Storm Dragon if he has a Monster Item, but Storm Dragon reveals that Earth Dragon may have one. It's off to the earth realm!
S01E13 Knockout Punch-Punch 22/12/2001 The Mon Colle Knights re-unite with Leena, the girl who gave Rockna Lovestar, in the earth realm. Leena was travelling with her monkey monster, Punch-Punch, when she was kidnapped by the Slobilonians, but they let Leena go after they kidnapped Eccentro. The Slobilonians force Eccentro, Glukko, Batch, and Punch-Punch to clean their house, so Eccentro has Teddyurnaut use the Scitzo Beam to make the Slobilonians clean the house. The knights come to take back Punch-Punch, so Eccentro has the Slobilonians find him a monster to fight the knights. They come up with nothing but useless monsters, but a monster called Troll attacks the house. Eccentro takes it over, but Punch-Punch and Leena's dozens of other monkey pets are able to bring down the Troll. As the knights leave, Punch-Punch sneaks onto their ship and the Slobilonians force Hiragi to rebuild their house.
S01E14 Oh Brother 29/12/2001 Rockna has always wanted a little brother and she gets her wish when the knights find a little centaur in the earth realm. Eccentro hears that a centaur king called the King Of 100 Battles has lost a great treasure, so he thinks its a monster item. Mondo becomes ticked off because Rockna is treating the centaur as a little brother. Eccentro attacks the knight with the Nine-Headed Swamp Dragon, but the knights are able to merge with the King Of 100 Battles to defeat the dragon. When the knights ask the king about his lost treasure, he reveals that the treasure was his son, the centaur Mondo and Rockna found.
S01E15 Fangs for the Knight-Mare 05/01/2002 In the earth realm, the nights find Dopplefanger, a two-headed dog monster, guarding a grave. The grave was put up for Gabriolos, an angel that was banned from the upper kingdom and became a dark angel. Gabriolos attacks the knights, but Dopplefanger protects the knights. Gabriolos leaves and Eccentro attacks the knights with Rhino Rex. Dopplefanger is too injured to fight, but luckily, Rhino Rex is too stupid to attack and runs off. Gabriolos sees this and attacks again, but the knights combine with Dopplefanger and fight back, causing Gabriolos to leave again.
S01E16 A Giant Pain in the Mondo 12/01/2002
S01E17 Eccentro in the Temple of Dumb 19/01/2002 A Grimbat (a creature that causes bad luck) is the reason why Prince Eccentro hasn't been winning against the Mon Colle Knights, so he decides to drop it into the volcano in the Fire Realm despite Tanaka's warning that the Fire Realm is where the Grimbat's originate. After doing that, Prince Eccentro, Gluko, and Batch notice a temple and thinks that there's a Monster Item in it. The Mon Colle Knights find out about where Prince Eccentro is and head to the Fire Realm. The Grimbat that was thought to be disposed causes bad luck for Eccentro and co. causing them to end up in the temple's traps. The Mon Colle Knights enter the temple and notices the footsteps where Eccentro went, so they went the other way and discover a room with a box being guarded by a rock monster with lava flowing through it's body. When the rock monster attacks the Knights, Prince Eccentro makes off with the box. The Mon Colle Knights get help from the Water Sprite and defeat the monster (NOTE: The rock monster reani
S01E18 Ring-A-Ding Ding 26/01/2002
S01E19 The Eel Thing 09/02/2002 Rockna competes against a woman named Esmeralda and other chefs of Mon World in a cooking contest in the Water Realm. When Eccentro is unable to catch a fish for the meals, he drops out and attacks the stadium with an electric eel monster with Zap. The Mon Colle Knights fight the monster with a fire monster named Scorch and defeats Eccentro. Esmeralda turns the remains of Zap into an eel dish winning her the contest.
S01E20 Mirror Mirror, Off the Wall 16/02/2002 The Mon Colle Knights rescue Kahimi from a group of Dobe Rats. Prince Eccentro finds a mirror thinking that it's a Monster Item and it transforms him into some character from a TV Show that Ms. Loon watches. He also uses it to keep Kahimi laughing, make Professor Hiragi a cleaning person, and something else to Rockna. When Eccentro sics a Sand Worm on the Knights, the mirror breaks and the Mon Colle Knights merge with Kahimi and and return the Sand Worm into the Dobe Rats that were turned into it via the mirror. The mirror was later revealed not to be a Monster Item. Meanwhile, Gabriolis defeats a giant and steals an orb which'll become a part of his plan to destroy the Mon Colle Knights.
S01E21 Secret Orbs and Spices 23/02/2002 Gabriolos and Luka find a monster item, the magical orb, and give a challenge to the Mon Colle Knights for them to get it. The challenge is that they must battle Forester, Flying Stego and Scorch who are under a spell to make them evil. The knights and Water Sprite to to stop them, but the knights don't want to hurt their friends. When all seems lost, Spectra Angel, an angel from the upper kingdom and Gabriolos' little sister, comes and breaks the spell. The knights celebrate the fact that they saved their friends, but Eccentro gets the last laugh because he gets the monster item.
S01E22 Something Snaky This Way Comes 02/03/2002 Gluko discover a Forest Imp named Impy and decides to keep him. Also, the Mon Colle Knights and Prince Eccentro accedently free a giant winged snake monster named Viperess from his imprisonment and Prince Eccentro uses him to attack the Mon Colle Knights. Can the Mon Colle Knights defeat Prince Eccentro and Viperess with a nearby Emu?
S01E23 Try, Triathlon Again 09/03/2002 Mondo and Eccentro compete in a triathlon contest for Sea Seed, a possible monster item.
S01E24 Expert's Beginning Knights 16/03/2002 Beginner brings the Mon Colle Knights to a monster summoning school where they could learn to summon monsters to help them out. They find Lele delivering a bunch of Lemmings somewhere and also encounter Luke, a boy who's secretly in love with Beginner, and his sheep Lambda. Meanwhile, with Tanaka on vacation, Prince Eccentro takes control of a Horned Beetle to destroy the school and the cage where the Lemmings are held is in danger. The Mon Colle Knights merge with a Lemming to help the other Lemmings escape and defeat Prince Eccentro with the Horned Beetle (NOTE: Lemmings may be small, but they're very strong).
S01E25 Practice Makes Messes 23/03/2002 The Mon Colle Knights are still learning how to summon monsters. Meanwhile, Tanaka gets back from his vacation early which is a surprise to Prince Eccentro. Luke still believes that Mondo is trying to love Beginner more than him. Prince Eccentro lies to Luke saying that Mondo's the bad guy and Luke decides to attack Mondo with a Dimetrodon monster called Basailosaurus. When Luke learns the truth, Prince Eccentro takes control of Basailosaurus and Mondo finally summon a monster to defeat it and that monster is the Storm Dragon.
S01E26 Ogopogo Gone Loco 30/03/2002
S01E27 The Good, the Bad, and the Mondo 06/04/2002
S01E28 The Vampire Strikes Back 27/10/2001
S01E29 Attack of the Fifty-foot Lovestar 13/04/2002
S01E30 One Step Ogre the Line 20/04/2002
S01E31 The Mon World Series 27/04/2002 Luka, Gabriolis' sidekick, has the Baseball Giant compete against the Mon Colle Knights and Prince Eccentro in a game of baseball. The prize...a chest that might have a monster item in it.
S01E32 Fowl Play 04/05/2002 Mondo accidentally summons the Sparrow Squad when Prince Eccentro attacks. The Sparrow Squad tries to help the Mon Colle Knights find a monster item despite run-in with a Hurricane Eagle, a Komodo Dragon-like monster, and finally a Brontosaurus monster called Lotocus who get taken over by Prince Eccentro. How can the Sparrow Squad help the Mon Colle Knights defeat Prince Eccentro?
S01E33 Fairy, Fairy, Quite Contrary 15/06/2002 Prince Eccentro steal a lock and key (knowing that it might be a monster item) that kept Zazeus the Thunder Titan and Dragowing the Titan dragon imprisoned. Legend has it that when those two monsters clash, they create strong thunderstorms that would destroy the Earth Realm. The Mon Colle Knights must get the lock and key back and return it to the fairies that guard it before it's too late.
S01E34 Touched By a Mondo (1) 11/05/2002 Mon Colle Knights fight for the fourth Monster Item against Eccentro in a monster battle. Meanwhile, Redda plotted to obtain the item by destroying both sides.
S01E35 Touched By a Mondo (2) 18/05/2002 After Redda takes control of Viperess and attacks Gabriolis, Mondo, and the Water Dragon, we get shown what happened after Gabriolis was banned from the upper kingdom and how Redda transformed him into a Dark Angel. Meanwhile, Rockna and Aquagon and Professor Hiragi and Emerald Dragon continue their battle with Prince Eccentro, Gluko, Batch, Impy, Crikey the Crocodile monster and Basailosaurus while Redda tries to claim the monster item from Tiamet the Dragon Empress. Gabriolis, Mondo, and Water Dragon recover in time to help out. Just then, the woman who the Mon Colle Knights encountered earlier appeared and revealed herself to be the Water Angel and she transforms the Water Dragon into the Spectra Dragon (or something like that) and the Mon Colle Knights defeat Redda, Viperess, and Eccentro, claim a monster item and Gabriolis and Luka switch to the good guys side.
S01E36 Sheep Trick 25/05/2002 The mon colle knights run into Beginner again who leads them to her school. There they meet a young summoner named Luke who Mondo becomes rivals with (over Beginner). Prince Eccentro decides to get up to his old tricks again and tells Luke that Mondo uses girls to do his bidding all the time. Luke beleives Eccentro and decides to battle Mondo. Will the mon colle knights be able to convince Luke that Eccentro was lying?
S01E37 All You Need is Lava 01/06/2002 Professor Hiragi and Prince Eccentro don't feel like they're wanted. When in the Fire Realm, Hiragi and Eccentro are chased by a Lava Lizard. Prince Eccentro uses Teddyurnaut to take over the Lava Lizard and attack the Mon Colle Knights. Mondo and Rockna summon the Emerald Dragon and defeat the Lava Lizard with an earthshake battle-spell and the Lava Lizard falls into the crack filled with water (since it was near a lake).
S01E38 Cleanliness is Next to Mondoness 08/06/2002 Stench from Mondo after his soccer game and Professor Hiragi's bad breath from a sandwich he ate makes Kiki the Cleaner uncomfortable when Prince Eccentro stole her broom thinking it's a Monster Item. When they encounter Prince Eccentro near a river, he takes control of a Bone Dragon, a monster that can only be defeated by a magical creature. Mondo and Rockna go into the mind of a hippopotamus creature and with the magic cleaning broom back in Kiki's possession, Bone Dragon and Prince Eccentro is defeated.
S01E40 Loon Struck 22/06/2002 Ms. Loon falls in love with Eccentro.
S01E41 That Worm Feeling (1) 29/06/2002 Prince Eccentro's plan to take over the Fire Dragon backfires while the Mon Colle Knights try to communicate with it. Mondo summons Storm Dragon who gets the Fire Dragon to stop. The Fire Dragon has heard of how they helped the Water Angel evolve the Water Dragon and reform Gabriolis. After the Fire Dragon left, Prince Eccentro attacked with a real Sandworm from the Earth Realm (where the Fire Dragon sent him flying). Storm Dragon is unable to stop it and Fire Dragon returns to help the Mon Colle Knights stop it with a fire cyclone battle-spell. When asked about a Monster Item as part of the Mon Colle Knights' goal to unite two worlds, he takes them to the Fire Angel.
S01E42 Redda Returns (2) 06/07/2002 Redda's back and chases Spectra in a forest near the Fire Angel's castle to find out where the Monster Items are. However, he does collide with Prince Eccentro and co. in his Flying Lion vehicle and sends them flying before catching up with Spectra. Unfortunately, the Mon Colle Knights were in the area and the Fire Dragon wanted to fight, but Spectra has him stop his attack and Redda disappears. Spectra says that Fire Dragon's attack would burn the forest and it's inhabitants. She goes with them to the Fire Angel's Castle. There, the Fire Angel gives them the Monster Item and says that if the two worlds were to unite, creatures from the Realm of Evil will invade Earth. Just then, Redda appears with a Realm of Evil creature named Daemond (or something like that). The Mon Colle Knights merge with Fire Dragon, but it wasn't enough. The Fire Angel uses her magic to evolve the Fire Dragon into the Extreme Fire Dragon and it destroys Daemond. Redda snatches Rockna within the Extreme Fire Dra
S01E43 Calling All Monsters (3) 20/07/2002 Mondo has all the Monster Items with him and he and Prince Eccentro head to the gates of the Realm of Evil. They are then accompanied by Beginner, Kahimi, Luke, and Pegasus. As they enter, Spectra, Extreme Fire Dragon, Fire Angel, Water Angel, Cloud Angel, and Earth Angel watch. Redda senses they're coming and sends an army of Gargoyles to attack them. Beginner, Kahimi, and Luke try to fight them, but they aren't strong enough. In the nick of time, the Monster Cards fly out and Phoenix, Dopplefanger, Airiphant, Scorch, Nighthawk Female, Flying Stego, Giant Sunbird, Forester the Forest Giant, Flying Yeti and others appear and fight the Gargoyles. Prince Eccentro and Co. wer also in the portal-like pathway and the Gargoyle come their way and Prince Eccentro accidentally summons Ms. Loon who defeats the Gargoyles. Redda then plans for Mondo's arrival.
S01E44 The Last Monster Item (4) 27/07/2002 As Mondo arrives outside Redda's castle, he gives him the Rockna Impostor and Kahimi reveals it to be a hay model with a rat in it. Redda reveals that Rockna is in the neck of the Dread Dragon which attacks. No monster attacks were affective and when an ""attack at the same time plan is made,"" Redda has Dread Dragon activate a black hole battle spell which sucks up every monster including Kahimi, Pegasus, and Punch-Punch. Only Mondo, Professor Hiragi, Beginner, Luke, and Lovestar remain and Redda makes back to his castle. Just when Mondo was about to lose faith, who to appear to help Mondo but Gabriolis the Dark Angel. He attacks the neck while Mondo rescues Rockna. They merge with Gabriolis and destroy Dread Dragon. Inside Prince Eccentro's castle, Prince Eccentro and Co. are confronted by Redda when they try to take the Monster Item in his castle. Redda denies his partnership and begins his plans to take over both worlds.
S01E45 The End of Mon World as We Know It (5) 03/08/2002 Redda's plan begins as the Mon Colle Knights, Beginner, Luke, and Gabriolis make it out of the Realm of Evil. Redda then begins to bring forth the time-master Oroboros and it needs a body so Redda revives Dread Dragon and changes it into the Doomsday Dragon. Mondo and Rockna merge with Extreme Fire Dragon and fights Doomsday Dragon while Gabriolis fights Redda. Oroboros/Doomsday Dragon's wrath spreads to places in Mon World. Just then, Spectra joins the battle as Water Angel arrives with the Spectra Dragon. Cloud Angel evolves Storm Dragon into the Cyclone Storm Dragon while Earth Angel evolves Earth Dragon into the Emperor Earth Dragon. Ms. Loon forces Prince Eccentro and Co. to help the Mon Colle Knights. Who will win?
S01E46 The Prophecy of the Golden Dragon (6) 10/08/2002 Recap showed last episode's events. The dragons of Fire, Earth, Wind, Water Realms attacked Doomsday Dragon, even Professor Hiragi and Eccentro helped out too. Redda cast black fire thunderbolt and gained upper hand. Luke and Beginner saved the monsters in the dark void. Six angels summoned Golden Dragon, and the monsters of six realms joined their powers. Redda tried to stop Golden Dragon, but was destroyed by Gabriolis. After Golden Dragon had destroyed Doomsday Dragon, monster items shattered. However, after Golden Dragon had disappeared, six new monster items were created, and the adventure started all over again.
S01E47 Mondo's Pegasus 00/00/0000
S01E48 The Movie in Mon World 12/02/2005
S02E01 The Beginner Dream (1) 01/09/2003
S02E03 The Beginner Dream (2) 08/01/2005
S02E04 Redda's Rampage and the Rebirth of Darkness Dragon (1) 15/01/2005
S02E05 Redda's Rampage and the Rebirth of Darkness Dragon (2) 15/01/2005
S02E06 The Experiment in Worlds (1) 22/01/2005
S02E07 Munso World- The World of Fire (2) 22/01/2005
S02E08 Rumble in The Earth World 29/01/2005
S02E09 Losers of the Water World 29/01/2005
S02E10 New and Improved Mon Colle Knights 05/02/2005
S02E11 Returning to Basics 05/02/2005
S02E12 When Mermaids Attack! 02/09/2003
S02E13 Life in Mon World 03/09/2003
S02E14 Several Times Over 01/01/2004
S02E15 When Unicons Attack... 01/01/2004
S02E16 The Unicon's Promise (1) 01/01/2005
S02E17 The Unicon's Promise (2) 01/01/2005
S02E18 The Light, The Dark, and the Stupids 07/03/2005
S02E19 Lovestar No More 12/03/2005
S02E20 Mon World No More! The Cosmic Battle 00/00/0000
S02E21 Battle in the Real World 00/00/0000
S02E22 Eccentro Vs. Hiragi 00/00/0000
S02E23 ...And So It Ends 00/00/0000
S03E01 Mon Academy (1) 19/03/2005
S03E02 Mon Academy (2) 26/03/2005
S03E03 The Cosmic Battle (1) 02/04/2005
S03E04 The Cosmic Battle (2) 09/04/2005
S03E05 The Cosmic Battle (3) 16/04/2005
S03E06 The Cosmic Battle (4) 07/05/2005
S03E07 The Cosmic Battle (4) 00/00/0000
S03E08 The Justice Games 14/05/2005
S03E09 Monster Item of Mirage 21/05/2005
S03E10 Manga Volume 1 13/02/2006
S03E11 Mon Colle Knights... In Hot Water(1) 00/00/0000
S03E12 Meet and Greet(2) 00/00/0000
S03E13 The Savage Dragon 00/00/0000