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Mona the Vampire is a Canadian/French animated television series based on the series Robyn le Vampire, directed by Louis Piché and Jean Caillon, originally based on the short stories created and written Sonia Holleyman and later written by Hiawyn Oram. The series follows the extraordinary adventures of 10-year-old Mona Parker (a.k.a. Mona the Vampire) and her friends as they battle a new foe of the supernatural in every episode.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mona the Vampire

S01E01 The Night of the Living Scarecrow / The Robot Baby-sitter 13/09/1999 A) A scarecrow is alive and is looking for his favorite food, human brains, he ate a few and turned those people into zombies. Someone has to stop him before he eats everyones brain, but who will stop him? B) Mona got a new babysitter, who happens to be also Angela's babysitter. Mona knows that no human can stand Angela and suspects that her new babysitter might be a monster or an alien. Later she discovers that Belinda is a robot under Angela's control.
S01E02 Von Kreepsula Runs Amok / The Nefarious Computer Virus 18/09/1999 A) Charley accidently sets Von Kreepsula, Mona's #1 archenemy, free from his comic book. Mona and Charley will have to stop him before it's too late. B) Charley got a new computer game, ""Starclangers IV"", ever since he's been acting weird, gets late to school and doesn't gets much sleep. After a while the game becomes everyone's favorite, even Mona's parents' and Mr. Shawbly's. Mona and Lily discover that the game has a virus that infects people's brains, they have to go inside the game and destroy the virus to save their friend and the whole city.
S01E03 The Miserable Phantom Dog / Jurassic Parking 20/09/1999 A) Mrs. Bryerson poodle disappeared, Mona and Lily think that he became a ghost and that the Phantom Dog Catcher caught him. They have to look for him and bring him back home safe. B) Mona made a Frankensteinorsaurus, following the instructions on a comic book, for her science project. She added everything that it needed to become real. Angela and George try to destroy Mona's dinosaur, but their plan backfires when the dinosaur comes alive and eats them (Luckily it didn't had a digestive system).
S01E04 The Whirling Void / There's No Place Like Gnome 25/09/1999 A) A whirling void is steeling things from people, even Mona's favorite towel. The gang has to stop him and get back everyone's stuff. B) Small and cute little garden gnomes, huh? This ones just came alive! Hundreds of years ago the Druids put a spell on the gnomes, now the spell is broken and the gnomes are planing to move to Alaska.
S01E05 The Dreaded Human Spider / Night of the Living Mannequin 27/09/1999 A) Miss Gotto falls in love with a Herb Crofton, a visiting entomologist that unfortunately is a human insect! She doesn't knows it, only Mona, Charley and Lily know his secret. B) The mannequins of St. Faith's fashion store, come alive and walk around the city pretending to be normal people. They just want to be free, can someone understand them? Meanwhile, Angela makes fun of Mona's clothes but at the end Mona's clothes wins a fashion contest.
S01E06 The X-Change Student / The Red Moon Monsters 02/10/1999 A) A mysterious exchange student, Cedric, comes to Mona's school. Where is he from? What does he want? Is he friendly? B) Lily loves The Red Moon Monsters movies and her knowledge about them will be very useful in this new adventure.
S01E07 The Skeleton Cowboy / Men in Dark Suits 25/10/1999 A) A skeleton cowboy runs amok stealing stuff, what exactly does he wants? There's only one answer: Revenge! B) Men in Dark Suits? What are they doing here? They are aliens trying to wash everyone's brain and decide to begin at Mona's school.
S01E08 The Vampire Hunter / The Sounds of Sirens 01/11/1999 A) There's a new girl at Mona's school, she is a vampire hunter and befriends Angela. Angela tells her that Mona is an evil vampire and she decides to hunt her and make her loose her powers. B) Charley falls in love with a Lucy Lanning. Lily and Mona suspect that she's a siren and that Charley is under her spell.
S01E09 The Book of the Slimy / The Sam and Ella Infiltration 08/11/1999 A) Mona took her journal to school for a 'Show and Tell', unfortunately Angela takes it from her and sets many of Mona's old enemies free. They have to get all those gnasty little monsters back into the book. B) Sam and Ella come to Mona's school as the new cookers, but their real purpouse is to contaminate the food with salmonella. Yuck! Shawbly eats some contaminated food and the gang has to save him.
S01E10 Curse of the Mummy's Tomb / Freaky the Snowman 15/11/1999 A) The kids visit the Museum and see an Egyptian Mummy, somehow it comes to live and walks around freely. The gang has to stop it before it is too late! B) Everyone makes fun of Mona's snowman, Freaky. Now Freaky, tired of it, is ready to take revenge.
S01E11 The Dastardly Dr. Voodoo / The Dancing Underpants Ghoulie 22/11/1999 A) Miss. Gotto fell in love with a doctor and begans to act very weird, she has a new 'look' and a new attitude. Mona discovers that Miss. Gotto's new boyfriend is actually the dastardly Dr. Voodoo, he stole Miss. Gotto's heart and now she is under his evil spell. B) At the Laundry, Mrs. Bryerson saw a dancing underpant and everyone thinks that she is crazy, everyone but Mona, Fangs, Charley and Lily, now, they have to stop the Dancing Underpants Ghoulie and prove that Mrs. Bryerson isn't crazy. Mona determines that the Dancing Underpants Ghoulie is none other than the old owner of the laundromat, Mr. Clarkson, some fifty years after his demise.
S01E12 Cry of the Swamp Thing / The Haunted House of the Washburns 29/11/1999 A) Charley, Lily and Mona heard a strange cry near the swamp, the Reverend also heard it and is trying to take a picture of whatever makes that sound. B) Miss. Gotto bought a house, but there's something she doesn't knows... the house is haunted!
S01E13 L'esprit de la forêt / Le croquemitaine 06/12/1999 A) La classe de Mona fait du camping pour se familiariser avec la nature et la forêt. Quelque chose de bizarre se produit, les élèves finissent par apprendre plus au sujet d'un esprit légendaire qui hante les bois et aucun des enfants ne dort profondément. B) Mona le Vampire essaie d'aider Zappeur pour trouver une solution à son ennemi d'enfance, car le croque-mitaine est de retour.
S01E14 The Man with Nine Lives/Yak of the Yammering Yam 13/12/1999 A) Charley's idol, the Man With Nine Lives, is in town, unfortunately a very small demon, the Mechanical Mayhem Gremlin, is causing mechanical accidents and Charley's super hero is in danger. Mona tries to find a way to destroy the Gremlin on the internet, but when she's about to find it the demon damages her computer. B) We know that vegetables are evil but now they are twice evil because they are MUTANTS! How will the gang stop them? Should they eat them? Yuck!
S01E15 Small Town/The Devious Doppleganger 20/12/1999 A) The town is completely empty, only Mona, Charley and Lily are left, but where is everyone else? Peering through a basement window one night, Mona spies Mr. Williams bent over a miniature replica of the town complete with little lights, little cars... and little people! B) Mona accidentally enters into a mirror and discovers a new world, very similar to ours, but with the difference that good guys are bad and bad guys are good.
S01E16 Creatures from the Depths/Mona and the Werewolf 27/12/1999 A) When Mona was a little girl she used to have a cute little frog, one day it got lost and so did her vampire towel. Years later, Mona and her parents have problems with their bathroom and they might have to move unless they find what's causing the problem. B) Mr. Shawbly has been acting very weird lately, Mona, Lily and Charley believe that he is a werewolf.
S01E17 Garage Sale Genie/Ghouls and Doles 03/01/2000 A) Angela says that she has a genie in a shampoo bottle. Accidently Angela's mom gives Angela's bottle for a garage sale organized by Miss. Gotto. Mona, Charley and Lily buy the bottle and discover that it really has a genie inside, but an evil one. B) Angela's dolls come alive! They are playing tricks on everyone and distroying everything. Someone has to stop them!
S01E18 Flea Circus of Horrors/Shadow of a Doubt 10/01/2000 A) Fang got fleas! But the worst is that the fleas made a circus at Mona's house! B) Mr. Shawbly is running faster than before, he can run freely and... he doesn't has a shadow. How will Mona and the gang reunite Mr. Shawbly with his shadow?
S01E19 The Fortune Cookie/Pixies 17/01/2000 A) Everything that the Fortune Cookies say is coming true! Mona has to find a way to stop it. B) Lily is working for Angela?? What's going on here? I smell something fishy... and it isn't Fang's breath.
S01E20 The Billabong Bunyip/The Subhuman Substitutes 24/01/2000 A) A new gym opened in Mona's city and the manager is Bruce, a guy from Australia. Everyone, but Mona, Charley and Lily, begins to do exercise at the gym. Mona notest that everyone is very tired, then realizes that the Billabong Bunyip, a creature from Australia, is sucking everyones energy. B) Miss. Gotto is sick and the kids get a substitute teacher. Soon all their teachers are sick too and the kids keep on getting new substitute teachers, but are they twins or what? Every substitute teacher is just like the other. Mona, Charley and Lily discover that the teachers are aliens and now they have to stop them.
S01E21 Cupid's Mark/The Lost Pirates 31/01/2000 A) Somehow Cupid and his girlfriend got mad at each other, Cupid is very disappointed and Cupid's cousin, Stu, has to take his place in Valentine's Day, he is a mess and isn't the man for the job. Mona, Charley and Lily have to help him or Valentine's Day will be a complete disaster. B) Mona finds a pirate mini-boat. The little pirates, owners of the boat, have to go back to their dimension, first they must find their captain, but where is he? There's only one person that can solve that mystery, Mona.
S01E22 Hex of a Dancer/The Two Magicians 07/02/2000 A) Mona's cousin, Dottie, is taking dance classes. Even though she's a very good dancer, lately, she's been doing terrible, what going on with her? It turns out Dottie has been hexed by none other than her own dance teacher, Madame Sosa. B) Angela got a new parrot, a very talkative one. Mona, Charley and Lily discover that he is not a real parrot, he is a magician's apprentice that years ago had a fight against another magician, he got turned into a parrot and kept in this form until nowdays. Mona has to find a magic wand to transform him into a real kid again.
S01E23 Time Shift/Timeout 14/02/2000 A) It's 12:00m, what? It was 12:00m but now it is 1:00pm! Someone is playing with time. But who and how? Mona, Lily and Charley will have to solve this mistery. B) There will be an ice skating presentation with Einstein, Picasso, Julius Caesar, Marie Antoinette and a neanderthal , the problem is that they aren't actors or anything, they are the real ones and belong to the past, a man brought them to our time with a special Time Machine, now Mona and her friends have to take them back to their time.
S01E24 Bird Boy/Flower Power 21/02/2000 A) There's a new boy at Mona's school, Robin, he knows a lot about birds, understands them, actually... he looks like a bird himself and, misteriously, everytime that someone botters him the birds attack that person. B) Lily got a new plant, she takes good care of it, water it everyday and is investigating what kind of things it likes and dislikes. Mona wants to get one too, but when they go to the store there were none left, the park caretaker bougth all of them. Charley saw on Tv a new protein beverage, he wants to buy it, but when he goes to the store there are none left, the park caretaker bought them all. What is the park caretaker planning to do with plants and protein beverages?
S01E25 Spitting Image/Fourth Dementia Funhouse 28/02/2000 A) While playing on the attic Mona, Lily and Charley find an old picture of a man. Next day Mona's uncle, Morbus, drops for a visit, he looks just like the man in the picture, but that picture has about 100 years. Finally they discover that Mona's uncle is the man in the picture, he escaped from inside of it, but now, someone must take his place in the picture and he thinks that Mona is the one. B) Fang got lost in the Fourth Dementia Funhouse, Mona, Lily and Charley decide to rescue him, but that funhouse is a very confusing labyrinth, it will close in a few minutes and if it closes before they go out they will have to stay there forever! How will they escape from it?
S01E26 Brainwash Boogie/Von Kreepsula's Revenge 06/03/2000 A) Angela gave away all her toys? George is nice to people? Lily and Charley don't want to be heroes anymore?! What's going on? The latest pre-teen pop music sensation, the ""Brainwaves"", are washing everyone's brain with their music, even Mona's brain. Now it is up to Fang to save the day. B) Thanks to Mona's little 2-year-old cousin, Melvin, a.k.a Melvin the Monster, Von Kreepsula escaped from his comic book, AGAIN! He is more powerful now and an unexpected hero will defeat him.
S02E01 Dr. Java et monsieur Hyde / Mille Classetout 13/11/2000 A) Dr. Java's coffee is causing strange reactions on people and even animals. Meanwhile Mr. Hyde remembers his brother and wish they could work together again. B) The new librarian, Mrs. Dewey, is a real ogre, literally, and is giving Mona a really hard time.
S02E02 L'abominable costume en polyester / Drôle de troll 20/11/2000 A) Ever since Mona's dad got a part-time job and bought that horrible polyester suit he's been acting strange. Mona has to stop whatever is causing her dad to act that way. But what can she do if her opponent is invincible? B) A creature is hiding and breaking objects at Mona's house. But what kind of creature? A racoon? Nah! That would be too obvious and so not Mona... Perhaps a troll...
S02E03 Qui est la marionnette ? / Monstro-mobile 27/11/2000 A) A mysterious dummy is looking for his next victim, who will it be? B) A vengeful limo is making everyone in town feel like a loser. But, why? Who drives it?
S02E04 Le triangle de Christophe Colomb / Le yéti des terrains de foot 04/12/2000 A) Objects disappear and strange things happen in Mona's town, why? Because it is part of the Columbus Triangle! B) The new soccer coach, has big feets and is really furry... no wonder why, he's a Sasquatch!
S02E05 Le Ciborg Fantask / Un chat à la mer 11/12/2000 A) Mona, Charley and Lily go to the movies to see a new Cyborg movie, unfortunately the Cyborg escapes from the film and causes havoc. B) Mona explains the story of how she almost lost Fangs.
S02E06 Les adorateurs du soleil / Vague de chaleur 18/12/2000 A) A cauldron, a potion, two witches, three kids and lots of trouble. B) Agatha Misty, a famous horror writer, needs the gang's help to escape from a Hexed Mansion.
S02E07 La vengeance des sorcières / Le manoir maudit d'Agatha Misty 08/01/2001 A) Heavy and horrid rains fall on town and everybody wants to get a suntan at the new center. The owner of the center is the Sun goddess and she wants everyone to workship her. Luckily the Moon goddess and her friends are always ready to save the day. B) In a very hot day the kids investigate a mysterious disappearence, someone or something is drinking all the water.
S02E08 La malédiction du ninja / Hal T. Neander 15/01/2001 A) Charley got a cool new weapon from his aunt, unfortunately it is cursed and a ninja's ghost bothers whoever uses the weapon. B) There's a new kid at school, Hal T. Neander, and Angela likes him very much. But what she doesn't know is that he is a real prehistoric kid!
S02E09 Un charmant Chaman / Louveteaux programmés 22/01/2001 A) Mona's uncle sends her a Shaman statue. She decides to put it in the Botanical Gardens, mysteriously the plants around it grow really fast. The gang discovers that the Shaman plans to turn the garden into a wild jungle! B) Charley joined the Boy Scouts, but the leader will do anything to win this year's cup, even take control over the kids minds! How will Mona and Lily be able to help Charley?
S02E10 Gripland / Chaînes brisées 29/01/2001 A) Miss. Gotto, Angela and Lawrence got the flu and eventually almost everyone gets it too. Mona suspects that a monstrous action figure is causing all this havok. B) On a rainy and dark day Mona got a mysterious chain letter. She has to find where it came from before something terrible happens to her.
S02E11 Le bébé charmeur / Le monstre des sacs poubelles 05/02/2001 A) Mrs. Bryerson's daughter, Bernice, visits her and brings her baby with her. Mona and the gang notices that around the baby everybody acts like babies. B) The trash collectors are on strike and they haven't collected people's trash for weeks. Funny and mysterios things happen as the gang tries to save the town.
S02E12 Le Goliath de granit / Campeurs intergalactiques 12/02/2001 A) A granite giant wants revenge! People steal rocks from his quarry and he is tired of it! Now is up to the gang to give turn this guy into dust. B) Charley and Mona go to a Space Camp, Lily doesn't because his dad wants to take fishing. Charley and Mona get in serious trouble when they discover a big secret.
S02E13 Pommes de méduses / Mais qui est ma grand-tante ? 19/02/2001 A) The gang discovers a bunch of weird and mysterious potatoes. B) Mona's mom's aunt drops for a visit and Mona discovers that she is a monstrous Black Widow.
S03E01 Le trou noir / Monstres de cire 19/11/2001
S03E02 Le p'tit Gaston givré / Le gang des loubards vampires 26/11/2001
S03E03 Frank Stein / Du gâteau ! 03/12/2001
S03E04 Terreur au royaume des cartoons / Une ombre dans la nuit 10/12/2001
S03E05 Une rude journée de travail / L'affaire de l'échangeur 17/12/2001
S03E06 Le diable à ressort / Le mystère du maïs 07/01/2002
S03E07 Méfiez-vous des jouets qui dorment ! / Il s'en fallait d'un cheveu 14/01/2002
S03E08 Mona contre Miss Merveille / Le concours d'orthographe 21/01/2002
S03E09 Le monstre à cornes / Le fameux hold-up du train postal 28/01/2002
S03E10 Le cri de la Dame Chat / Le clown garou 04/02/2002
S03E11 Le bal des vampires / Amourette gothique 11/02/2002
S03E12 Cuisson fatale / Maudit parcours ! 18/02/2002
S03E13 L'affaire de la princesse Troll / Le magicien extraterrestre 25/02/2002
S04E01 Gargouilles à gogo / Sinistres singeries 18/11/2002
S04E02 La colère de Thor / Fanfare en folie 25/11/2002
S04E03 Les signes du zodiaque / Le sauvetage de la reine Mab 02/12/2002
S04E04 L'homme-requin / La recette secrète du docteur Purrman 09/12/2002
S04E05 L'Atlantide, le retour / L'invasion des éphémères 16/12/2002
S04E06 Robotto Suffy / Le magicien laser 23/12/2002
S04E07 Lutins au bowling / Le fantôme du trapèze volant 30/12/2002
S04E08 Extraterrestres, 1, 2, 3 / Zapeur pique sa crise ! 06/01/2003
S04E09 Encore un peu de sauce ? / Les délires de l'autobus scolaire 13/01/2003
S04E10 Le cauchemar du Nickelodeon / Yéti y'es-tu 20/01/2003
S04E11 Le marchand de sable / Jour de congé pour Von Chokott 27/01/2003
S04E12 Les Reptiles Rockers / Aspiro 5000 03/02/2003
S04E13 La revanche de la méduse / Terribles prévisions 10/02/2003
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