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Monica's Gang is a show from Brazil. The show is about a gang of friends who are very unusual: Monica, the leader, is very strong and has a spicy mood so don't say anything that could make her mad, or you're gonna feel the wight of her bunny toy; Jimmy Five, he has almost no hair at all and loves to make Monica angry, but deep inside, he and Monica love each other; Smudge, he is very smelly and is very afraid of water; Maggy, she is hungry all the time and also the most responsible one of the group. There are other characteres in the show too, but this ones are the most important and appear pretty much in all the episodes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Monica's Gang

S01E01 The Gang 12/09/1998 In this episode, Monica is going to meet up with Magie when Smudge and Jimmy Five make some trouble for her. Monica tries to get rid of them using her stuffed bunny (I don't know his english name) to beat the crap out of the 2 trouble makers. Well, the bunny slips out of Monica's hands and gets lost. Smudge and Jimmy Five actually feel guilty and help her and Maggie find him. While searching, the 'Gang' meet up with 4 other kids that are simmilar looking to them. Those 4 kids call temselves 'The Gang'. They found the bunny but refuse to give it up. Then, someone suggested that they have an obsticle run (a series of events that are usually sport related). Monica and her pals compleate and win the events but 'The Gang' refuses to give up the rabbit so Monica beats them up too. Then she gets her rabit back but still beats up Jimmy Five and Smudge.
S01E02 Play Date/ Slip Up 19/09/1998 A.) Monica and Maggie are forced to 'play and interact' with Smudge and Jimmy Five. B.) Monica and Jimmy Five get detention in school and they BOTH have to work together to do chores in school. Let's see how far they get.
S01E03 An Angel named Angel/ Blu's Adventure 19/09/1998 A.) The Gang meets Angel, an angel, that looks out for them when they get into trouble. B.) Blu, Franklin's Dog, goes on a adventure to find the best bone in the playground.
S01E04 Playground Battle Zone/ Monica's Adiction 26/09/1998 A.) The Gang and friends battle the older kids for plaground rights. B.) Monica gets adicted to Jimmy Five's videogame. Her friends try to get her back but it isn't going to be easy.
S01E05 Food Craving/ Lonely 26/09/1998 A.) There is a new food product in town and Maggie loves it. But unfortunatly, this 'food product' runs out fast and she needs to figur out where to get some.
S01E06 Specs's F/ Jimmy's Turndown 03/10/1998 A.) Specs, a local brainiac, gets an F on his test. Monica and her Gang try to make him feel better. B.) Jimmy Five gets turned down by girls again, and again , and , and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.
S01E07 Chuck Billy's Visit 10/10/1998 Chuck Billy, who gets his own cartoon series in 1999, comes to visit Monica and her pals. Their day is filled with fun, laughter, jokes, and someone tring to harm all the animal's on Noisey Forest (which by the way is really really quiet). With Monica and her Gang's help, Chuck Billy and Rosie Lee (Chuck's girlfriend) rescue the animals from the poachers.
S01E08 Hummer's Problem/ Smudge's VS. Water 03/10/1998 A.) Hummer wants to know how to talk to impress a girl he likes. He ends up not talking but impressing the girl anyway. B.) Smudge frequently runs into water but he is able to escape evry encounter.
S01E09 Toddy's Closedown/ Blu's Mishap 10/10/1998 A.) Toddy's dad's bake shop is closing down. He and his dad are going to move abck to Portugal. Maggie (who has a crush on him) funds a support system and raises money so they would stay. B.) Blu gets into a lot of trouble but he has Manfred to get him out of it.
S01E10 Super Spastic/ Monica's Fear 17/10/1998 A.) Maggie has a bad dream and extreamly shaky the nect morning. B.) Monica's fear of rats has to be confronted but she has a hard time doing that.
S01E11 Special Delivery/The Election 24/10/1998 A.) Smudge and Jimmy Five start an a delivering business. It's going good at first but then it takea spill for the bad side. B.) Monica is up against the most popular girl in the 1st grade for class president.
S01E12 Dish It Out/ Bruised 31/10/1998 A.) Jimmy Five and Smudge steal Samson and when Monica gets him back... she's furious. B.) Everyone that comes out of Nice Forest is al briused and hurt. Could it be a monster?
S01E13 Jimmy=Wierd/ Egg-sactly 07/11/1998 A.) Jimmy Five starts to act wierd. Very wierd. So wierd that he starts being nice to Monica. I wonder if that is really him. B.) Maggie starts to be alergic to eggs. Does that mean that she will never eat eggs again. Oh Noo. Relax Magggie. There are plenty of other food's you can eat.
S01E14 The Gang Meets Nutty Ed 13/02/1999 The Gang meets the new guy in town, Nutty Ed, and they all ahve a good ol' time.
S01E15 Fluff's Moment 13/02/1999 Jimmy Five's dog, Fluff, is presured to do well in a dog talent show.
S01E16 Monica's Gang Goes To The Carnaval 20/02/2002 The Carnaval (witch in Brazil, is a HUGE festival) is coming soon and Monica and her friends decide to go. But they realize that not everyone in the world is so friendly.
S01E17 The Pressure/ Little White Lie 20/02/2002 A.) Bucky's girlfriend's birthday is coming up soon and Isabel's (Bucky's Girl) friends give bucky a scare when he is pressured to get Isabel a really good gift. B.) Monica lies to her parents so she woulden't have to help with chores. And if you know a lie, one thing leads to another and then Monica is rapped around in lies.
S01E18 Sand, Sea, and Surprises/ Hungry Maggie and the 7 Dwarrfs 27/02/1999 A.) When Monica and Jimmy Five go to the beach, they find something unexpected. B.) A recrestion of Snow White with Monica charecters.
S01E19 Gotcha/ The Bake Off 13/03/1999 A.) The Gang are all playin Tag peacefully. But what happens when they take the game a little two seriously. B.) When Maggie eats her aunt's entry to a cake contest, Maggie has to bake something and win so her anut will have a trophy for the 35th year.
S01E20 Day Off Disaster/ Sweet Like Vanilla 27/02/1999 A.) Angel gets a day off from rescuing people but on his day off, the gang gets into trouble that only Angel can get them out of. B.) When Maggie has nothing to do on a rainy day, and her house has nothing left to eat, she starts thinking about eating her cat Vanilla. Nice huh?
S01E21 The Rampage/ Girls VS Boys 03/04/1999 A.) Monica goes around beating up people for no reason. I wonder if she has a bad day... B.) In gym class, the boys and the girls are having a dodge ball match. Make that to a dodge ball war.
S01E22 Brotherly Love/ The Mimic 06/03/1999 A.) Nimbus and Nick Nope (brothers) can't get along on any thing. The Gang tries to help but makes things worse. Won't they ever get along. B.) Someone is going around making fun of Monica. She thinks it's Smudge and Jimmmy Five but when it turns out NOT to be them, who is it?
S01E23 Lonesome/ The Day Smudge Encounted Water(aka Close Encounter of the Water Kind) 27/03/1999 A.) When her friends ignore her, Monica decides to live all by herself in the Spooky Woods. B.) Smudge encouter water for the first time in a really long time. Is ture? Or could he be just dreaming...
S01E24 The Empire Get's Wrapped 20/03/1999 After seeing a Star Wars movie, Monica and Jimmy Five use their immagination to pretend that they are Space explores.
S01E25 The Detective/ No Girls Aloud 10/04/1999 A.) Jimmy Five takes on his first case as a Jr Maury Detective. He has to reveal who kidnapped Monica's plush toy Samson. B.) When the boys of the neighbor hood don't allow girls on their new club house, the girls come up with a scheme to get their revenge.
S01E27 Monica's Move 17/04/1999 What will Monica and her friends do when Monica finds out that she is moving.
S02E01 Magic Little Star 04/09/1999 When a shooting star falls from the sky, Monica and Co. has to help her get back to her home in the sky.
S02E02 Monica's Gang Takes on Captan Fray 11/09/1999 Monica and all her nieghborhood freinds and family take on Captan fray, the sewer king, and hsi army of rats.
S02E03 Franklin's Freak/ Glu-ed To Blu 09/10/1999 A.) Franklin makes a real live... um.. thing! He is so exited but not evryone else is when his blob thing goes around steeling stuff. B.) Glu, Blu's friend, is always around, bothering Blu. How can Blu get rid of him?
S02E04 Worried Manfred/ Cartoon Duel 11/09/1999 A.) Manfred, Blu's worry wart firend, goes around worriing too much on other people's problems. B.) Jimmy Five and Smudge compete to see who can make the better comic book superhero.
S02E05 Let Me In!/ Who's Afraid of the Boogeyman? 18/09/1999 A.) When Jimmy Five's dad locks himself out of the house, the Gang tries to help but, tehy end up making things worse. B.) Jimmy Five and Smudge try to capture a strange creature but they have no idea what thye are getting themselves into.
S02E06 Bugg-A-Boo, the Friendly Ghost/ Vic's Visit 30/10/1999 A.) Bugg-A-Boo, a friendly little ghost, visits Monica nad her pals and they all are scared of him at first, but then they befriend him.
S02E07 The World of Ice Cream/ Tales from a Pig 18/09/1999 A.) Maggie goes on a exploration adventure to find Ice Cream world. B.) Smudge's pet pig tells it all. He tells 4 scary (well not really) stories.
S02E08 Nuthouse/ Monica's Gang at the Zoo/ The Bill's and the Buzzes 02/10/1999 A.) Jimmy Five kicks a soccer ball into Nutty Ed's yard. When he goes there to get it, what crazy thing will Nutty Ed do or say or eat. B.) Monica and her dearest friends go to the zoo. C.) Jimmy Five finds out his birth story and how he came to be.
S02E09 Admiration/ Bloated 25/09/1999 A.) Is Angel in love? How can he find out? Why are there so many so unanswered questions?! I'll tell you something though, lovin' from affar hurts. B.) Maggie can't finish her dessert. Oh no! Is there something wrong with her? Maybe, she just ate too much.
S02E10 DODGEBALL/ Second Chanse 16/10/1999 A.) The Gang's worst nightmare comes true. They have too play dodgeball with the 3rd graders. Oh no! Hope noone dies!
S02E11 The Day Jimmy Five Disapperared 23/10/1999 Jimmy Five has disappeared during a hide and seek game. Where ever could he be? Will he be lost forever?
S02E12 Momacecao/ Superzero 25/09/1999 A.) Monica and her friends try to form a band. B.) While paying Superhero's, Jimmy Five pulls a prank that makes him anything but.
S02E13 The Return of Chuck Billy 27/11/1999 Chuck Billy returns to visit his city friends.
S02E14 Christmas for All 25/12/1999 Episode that show's evry charecter's view of Christmas.
S02E15 The 2nd Fray Event 29/01/2000 The Gang has to take Captin Fray on AGAIN but this time, they might not make it.
S02E16 Samson's World Tour/ Blu's Birthday 05/02/2000 A.) Samson gets lost while Monica was chasing Jimmy Five and Smudge. Somehow, he manages to get all the way across the world. How will Monica get him back this way? B.) It's Blu's birthday and nobody remebers. He now wants to move to Anatopia to get some friends that actually remeber his B-Day, but all his friends was doing is planning his birthday party.
S02E17 King Lionel/ Smelly Situation 19/02/2000 A.) The Gang goes to the zoo and meets and very un-happy lion, King Lionel. He is sad cause he is in captivity and missed his kingdom. Monica and the Gang deside to help him. B.) Smudge is giving everyone he comes across a bad odor. Now the whole town smells really bad. Smnude is enjoying it but everyone else isn't.
S02E18 Jealousy Strikes/ A Little Angel Named Devil 26/02/2000 A.) Bucky's girlfriend gets jealous when his cousin spends way to much time with him. Now she has a plan to take her out. B.) Angel's brother, Devil, is coming to visit and he starts to make havic all over town.
S02E19 Wholewide Race/ Competition 04/03/2000 A.) The Anual Wholewide Race is coming to the town and all the kids are partering up to win. B.) Through out the day, Monica gets a lot of competition.
S02E20 The Highlite Zone Part 1: Meak Monica 13/03/2000 The first of a 5 part adventure. Monica and her 3 friends go the Highlite Area to get info for a school report. The Highlite Area, is a chemical lab where strange things have been reported. After Monica drinks what she thought to be Lemonade, she starts to lose her ""skillful fighting grace."" Now she may never beat up Jimmy Five again. But luckly, she regains her ""Grace"" at the end.
S02E21 The Highlite Zone Part 2: JimmyFive's Love 14/03/2000 After Jimmy Five drinks the ""Lemonade"" he stars to feel something really really wierd. He falls in love with Monica. Yes, you read right. He falls in love with her. They go out but when he snaps back to reality, the go back to normal.
S02E22 The Highlite Zone Part 3: Singing In The Rain 15/03/2000 After Smudge drinks the ""lemonade"" he statrs to like water. He even sings in the middle of a rain storm.
S02E23 The Highlite Zone Part 4: Un-Hungry 16/03/2000 Maggie isn't hungry all the time.
S02E24 The Highlite Zone Part 5: Gang Break Up 17/03/2000 The Gang start to fight and stop being friends. They gegain their friends ship when thye realize how immiture they were acting.
S02E25 Report Report 18/03/2000 The Gang tells their report about the Highlite Zone.
S02E26 Park Policy/ Jimmomica 25/03/2000 A.) When Maggie gets a job in a park, will she let her friends take advatage of her? Or will she be tough as nails? B.) When Jimmy Five becomes a Monica clone, what will go wrong? There should be a bound of things that go wrong.
S02E27 The River Mermaid/ Devil's Cave 25/03/2000 A.) Monica and her friends meet a river Mermaid. B.) Smudge is dared to go into the scariest cave in town. Will he go through it or will he be a chicken?
S02E28 Little Lizzard/ Lil Tot Rock 01/04/2000 A.) Jimmy Five's new pet lizzard is causing a whole mess of trouble. B.) Mary Angela is performing with her little friends in a baby talent show. She gets to play pots and pans.
S02E29 Music's Angel/ Spish Splash No No 01/04/2000 A.) Hummer hums songs and gets lots of attention. B.) Smudge is left out because he wasn't invited to THE biggest pool part of the century.
S02E30 Duke's Abusement 15/04/2000 A secial episode on child/animal abuse.
S02E31 Monica's Birthday Part 1 08/04/2000 Monica's friends are deciding what to give to her. Monica is the only one of the Gang and most of her freinds taht doesn't have a pet. Meanwhile, Jimmy Five finds a stray dog that has buck teeth just like Monica.
S02E33 Monica's Birthday Part 2 08/04/2000 They give the buck teeth dog to Monica as a present as a gag but she loves him and names him Ditto.
S03E01 The Tales of 3rd Grade 16/09/2000 Terrible romours are going aroud about the 3rd grade, witch is scaring the Gang and all their friends.
S03E02 Last Nite Free 16/09/2000 The Gang is reliving some mommentson the last day before school.
S03E03 Finaly in 3rd Grade Part 1 23/09/2000 The first day of 3rd grade is finnaly here! How will it go for the 4 buddies? Monica is being pushed around, Maggie is being deprived of food, Smudge is being matched up against water, and Jimmy Five turned into a babe magnet. Well, I guess someone had to get lucky but I'd bet it wasn't Jimmy Five.
S03E04 Finaly In 3rd Grade Part 2 23/09/2000 They day progresses and things DO get better for everyone. As things get better for Maggie, Monica, and Smudge, things get worse for Jimmy Five.
S03E05 Maly Mania/ Hero Havic 30/09/2000
S03E06 Legend of Hookamaka/ Wild Toddy 30/09/2000 A.) The Gang goes on a camping trip and on an expidition to find the ghost of Hookamaka. B.) Toddy isn't himself. Maggie gets worried. She wonders why he's so sad all the time.
S03E07 Hooky/ Cookie Battle 07/10/2000 A.) Jimmy Five and Smudge decide to play Hooky and end up having a terrible time. B.) Everyone, and I mean everyone is wild about the cookie Aunt Nina's cookies. Fights start to break out.
S03E08 Jerimah's Misfourtine/ Space Raider 14/10/2000 A.) Jerimah has a bad day. He's getting blamed for everything from the terrible school lunch and the hole in the ozzone layer. B.) Bubbly, a firmiliar face in Monica comics, drops by for a visit.
S03E09 It Came From Outsidespace/ It Came From In Between My Toes 11/11/2000 A.) A alien from space comes to take over the world and he takes on the immages of various charecters of Monica's Gang. B.) Blu's toe scum comes alive and starts terrorising all the other animals in the Dog Hood.
S03E10 Freak or Fraud/ The Cheating Comspircies 18/11/2000 A.) Jimmy Five claimes to have a real ""freak"" in captivity but is it a real freak... or is it just Fraud?
S03E11 The Z Files Part 1: The Resurection 03/02/2001 Monica's Gang role play as alien investigators. They see these strange seeds fall from the sky and implant themselves on the ground, but what are they.
S03E12 The Z Files Part 2: Reconstruction 03/02/2001 They turn out to be aliens to take over the world. They suposidly we're here on planet earth millions of years ago and now they are back. They recontruct their home base in the middle of a park. The Gang contacts the good aliens that beat them a long time ago.
S03E13 The Z Files Part 3: The Help 03/02/2001 Horacio and his friends come to kick alien but, and with the Gang's help, they DO.
S03E14 Gossip Land/ The Fads 03/03/2001 A.) Maggie starts this gossip network and what will she do when it gets out of control? B.) Fads are really getting to Jimmy Five but now he is WAY over his head.
S03E15 The New Gang (1)/ The New Gang (2) 03/03/2001 A new gang comes into town and they want to run Monica and her friends out of school.
S03E16 A Dog's Day/ Pitheco Venture 10/03/2000 A.) Jimmy Five and Smudge are turned into dogs by a fairy Godmother. B.) Pitherco, a cave man, goes on an adventure. Why? Noone knows.
S03E17 Trash Tunnel/ Harsh Music 17/03/2000 A.) Jimmy Five finds a tunnel that goes all the way to Japan. B.) Jimmy Five and Smudge go into Music bussness together. Jim plays and Smudge sells earplugs.
S03E18 Final Exam Part 1 24/03/2001 The school year is almost up and their talk of a really hard test coming up.
S03E19 Final Exam Part 2 24/03/2001 The Gang studies and does great. They have a big party afterward.
S03E21 The News Of An Arival 31/03/2001 A new kid is coming to the nieghboorhood.What will she be like? Will she be big and nasty or sweet and gentle. You'll have to wait til next season to find out.
S04E01 HI! I'm Marina 01/09/2001 The new girl is Marinna. She is nice and polite, most of the time. She's like that until she dosen't get her way.
S04E02 Hair Everywhere 01/09/2001 Franklin is in love with Marinna so he makes her a special shampoo but when she uses it, it gets alive and grows rapiddly. In hte end, Franlkin makes an antidote and she sells all her hair to a teddy bear company.
S04E03 Pet Park 08/09/2001 Monica and her friends go to a pet show and then they dispute withch pet is the best so they have a show to find out witch pet is the best.
S04E04 Gee, What A Day 08/09/2001 Monica goes around helping alot of poeple including the lost tribe of Mokomuthas, Bubbly, Blu, Bugg-A-Boo and Chuck Billy.
S04E05 The Fountain of Youth 15/09/2001 Smudge and Jimmy Five go on a quest to find the a fountain witch will keep you young forever.
S04E06 Monica Spooks The Vampire 15/09/2001 This vampire is in town and he's scared of nothing... exept Monica.
S04E07 The Big Show/ Smudge in Faucetland 22/09/2001 A.) ? B.) Smudge is in Faucetland. How can he avoid water in a place that cleanliness is more important than everything?
S04E08 Mouse Hunter 22/09/2001 Marrina, despises mouses and she decides to team up with Maggie to KILL EM ALL.
S04E09 Popularity Outburst 29/09/2001 Maggie is sudendly cool and popular and she forgets all about her other friends. Can the gang get her back or is she is too deep already?
S04E10 Transfer Problem 06/10/2001 Sunny is to be transfered to another school. Can his friends so something about it?
S04E11 Mush For Brains 13/10/2001 Marrina is labeled as a ""stupid girl with mush for brains"". She wants to prove everyone wrong so she gets Franklin to tutor her.
S04E12 Attack of the Psychos 29/09/2001 Jimmy Five joined a movie club and one of his assignments is to make a movie. He wants to make a horrormovie, ""Attack of the Phychos"".
S04E13 Vanilla Capers/ Junior Frenzy 20/10/2001 A.) Vanilla, Maggie's cat, goes on many adventures. B.) Junior finally wants to eat food. This is bad for Maggie. Now he won't give her anymore food.
S04E14 Fishy Whale Tale/ Blu & Glu's Tallent Show/ Spritzville 27/10/2001 A.) When Monica and Maggie eat fish food and turn into whales, what will happen next? Things can't get too much worse right... wrong! B.) Blu and Glu put a tallent show for all the dogs in their nieghborhood. C.) A Monica short.
S04E15 A Whole Episode About Dogs 19/11/2001 A episode that revolves around a whole day as Blu.
S04E16 Humble Christmas 22/12/2001 Everyone wants to have a humble christmas without any chaos. Will everyone get their wish or will it be a disaster like most years.
S04E17 Biggest News Ever Part 1 03/11/2001 Monica's mom has BIG news but she won't tell Monica. Monica bugs her all day but she still won't tell her. What news could possibly be so big.
S04E18 Biggest News Ever Part 2 09/02/2002 Monica's mom shares the news and admits that she is pregnant. Monica gets exited and tells all her friends.
S04E19 The Baby Story 09/02/2002 While whaching a TV show, Monica thinks about life with a new baby. But then she thinks that the new baby will hog all the spotlight from her and she would be neglected by her parents. She tells her parents to not have they baby and she tells then mhy and they say that they would still love her no matter what.
S04E20 Another Nutty Caper 16/02/2002 The Gang has to stop nutty ed from doing thts dangerous dare taht they told him to do in the first place, but they know how presistant he is.
S04E21 Old River Man 23/02/2002 Everyone is scared of the River Man but all he wants are friends and noone realizes that.
S04E22 The BIG 100 02/03/2002 The oldest woman in the city is turning 100 and there is a big party for her. Umm... uh.. that is all pretty much.
S04E23 The Zombie Next Door 09/03/2002 Marinna thinks taht her new nieghbor is a zombie.
S04E24 Summer Vacation Part 1: The Escape 06/04/2002 It's finnaly summer vaction. The 5 kids all go to the nearest beach and have a blast!
S04E25 Summer Vacation Part 2: Surf Your Problems Away 13/04/2002 Jimmy Five wants to try this surfing pthing that will get rid of all his problems but it turns him into a compleate wierdo.
S04E26 Summer Vacation Part 3: Vacation Cancelation 20/04/2002 Monica's mom is in the hospital (I know that the news of the birth episode was recent but she was already 7 months pregnent). Monica bolts to the hospital with her friends to find out that her baby sister didn't make it.
S05E01 The Big Explanation 21/11/2004
S05E02 Big Bug Tug 14/09/2002
S05E03 Smudge Gone Famous 00/00/0000
S05E04 The Little Boy Who Couldn't 00/00/0000
S05E05 Scary Farie 00/00/0000
S05E06 Big Bad Jimmy Five 00/00/0000
S05E07 Moniclone 00/00/0000
S05E08 Mr. Handsome 00/00/0000
S05E09 The Party (1) 00/00/0000
S05E10 The Party (2) 00/00/0000
S05E11 Big Brother, Big Bother 00/00/0000
S06E02 Reencarnation 07/11/2004 In old Spain, two young people make promises of eternal love. Unhappily, the young man dies and the promises become just words. In every incarnation both of them meet but missed each other. What happens when Maggy is the reincarnation of he girl and meets a boy that is the reincarnation of the boy.
S06E03 The 'Blargh' Witch Project 08/01/2005 After watching to the movie 'The Blair Witch Project', Monica and her friends get really scared when they realize that everything that happens in the movie seems to be happening with them, after Monica found a really weird map that seems to indicate the Blair witch's house.
S06E04 The ZombiGame Case 15/01/2005 Smudge calls his friends to play soccer but all of them don't stop playing a new videogame. Accidentally he finds out that this videogame hipnotizes who plays it and that it all was a plan from the videogame creator, Joestick, for win money.
S06E05 I Don't Get Ir 06/02/2005 Jimmy Five explains to Smudge the rule that everything lost is found in the last place it's looked. The only problem is that Smudge doesn't get anything o Jimmy Five's clear explanation.
S06E06 Time Machine? Again? 13/02/2005 Smudge travels in time in a time machine created by the gang's cientist.
S06E07 Scary Doll 20/03/2005 Maggy's father buys her a doll from the movie that she has just saw called 'Scary Doll'. Now him and Maggy will spend the whole night running away from the doll a finding somehow to destroy her.
S06E08 Paper Dreams(I) 27/03/2005 Jimmy Five and smudge discovers a paper that can give life to everything drawn on it. The paper belongs to one of the writers of the show. But things get a little out of control when Jimmy Five makes his own kibnd of superheroe.
S06E09 Greed Will Be Your Ruin!(II) 27/03/2005
S06E10 Let Me Make My Plans! 00/00/0000
S06E11 The Infallible Food Plan 24/04/2005 Maggy tries to steal a cake from one of her friend's house, according to a plan made by Jimmy Five. So he can try this plan with Monica.
S06E12 Take Care That This Is Your Son 14/05/2005
S06E13 The Infallible Food Plan 11/06/2005 Maggy tries to steal a cake from Jimmy Five's house, following a plan made by his own, so later, he can try it with Monica and try to steal Samsam from her.

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