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Monkey Thieves is an action-packed series dramatising the ultimate urban monkeys. It tells the story of the Galta gang, a sixty-strong troop of rhesus macaques who live in a beautiful Hindu Temple on the outskirts of Jaipur, in northwestern India. They enjoy a highly privileged status – revered by the local people as descendents of Hanuman, the monkey God. The series joins this charismatic troop of monkeys, lead by alpha male Tarak and alpha female Rani as they find their peaceful temple lifestyle interrupted by an ever-worsening drought. Shortage of food forces the monkeys to venture deep into the Pink City where they are forced to steal to survive. They get up to plenty of mischief, encounter other hostile monkey troops and must try to steer clear of the dreaded ‘monkey-catcher’.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Monkey Thieves

S01E01 The Apartment Job 00/00/0000 In Jaipur, India, the Galta Gang, a troop of rhesus macaques, face food shortages. Venturing into the city, they must steal to survive and avoid the many dangers, including the dreaded monkey catcher.
S01E02 Fangs Market 00/00/0000 While little Kavi faces a life and death situation after being electrocuted, the rest of the Galta Gang pay the price for invading the territory of the toughest macaque in town: the formidable Fang.
S01E03 Monkey Catcher 00/00/0000 The water reserves at the Galta Gang's temple attract unwanted attention from other troops. In the city, the dreaded monkey catcher closes in on the troop's teenagers when they rob a cart owner.
S01E04 Taxi Raid 00/00/0000 The water reserves at the Galta Gang's temple attract unwanted attention from other troops. In the city, the dreaded monkey catcher closes in on the troop's teenagers when they rob a cart owner.
S01E05 Skid Row 00/00/0000 With his leadership hanging by a thread, Tarak faces a coup led by Zamir. An abduction by one of their own rocks the Galta Gang, and the exiled Yash and Tito must contend with the real jungle.
S01E06 Monsoon Showdown 00/00/0000 Zamir launches a fatal leadership bid as the monsoon arrives, ending the drought. As Kavi prepares to leave hospital and the teen exiles make their way home, will the Galta gang ever be the same?
S01E07 One Bad Apple 00/00/0000 The Galta Gang has lived peacefully for the last 6 months. But when exiled Zamir watches them raid an ice-cream cart, he steals a child's ice-cream and his actions hold repercussions for them all.
S01E08 Return of the Rebel 00/00/0000
S01E09 The Great Escape 00/00/0000 Kavi's freedom goes to his head when he is released and he ditches the Galta Gang to disappear into the streets. Meanwhile Zamir and his new gang raid an office but the monkey catcher isn't far away.
S01E10 Trading Places 00/00/0000
S01E11 Rising Forces 00/00/0000
S01E12 Heroes & Villains 00/00/0000
S01E13 A New Dawn 00/00/0000
S02E01 Divided We Stand 05/04/2010 For the past few months Jaipur's Galta Gang have managed to keep their lives pretty much in the balance. But as the world-wide economy plummets one troop of wild-living rhesus macaques are about to pay the price for their luxury lifestyle. The Galta Gang now face a big problem. Not only is there less food on offer at the temple, as the troop numbers expand there are also more mouths to feed. The little food that is offered by pilgrims is seized by Rani, Kamal and her immediate family, a sign that friction and a divide in the troop has already started. It's a time where friendships are challenged; lives placed on the line and family bonds tested to the limit.
S02E02 Hard Times 05/04/2010 Galta Temple can no longer support such a massive troop and so the Galta Gang undergo a process of fission. The mother group stays at the temple and the splinter group must find new digs. Monkeys can either play safe, keep their rank and stay at the temple, or take a risk and join the splinter group in search of a new and better home and possibly massively increase their rank. Previously middle rankers Bippin, Yash and Tito together form the core of the new group. They celebrate their new rank by launching a raid on a local school. The children chase the monkeys off losing their packed lunches in the process.
S02E03 Searching for Sanctuary 05/04/2010 Even Jaipur's monkeys are affected by the global credit crunch. As money becomes tight for the human residents of Jaipur, free handouts to the temple monkeys become even scarcer. When this happens, macaque troops undergo a process called fission: the group splits into two. This is because the territory can no longer support such a massive troop. Rani and the Galta Gang hierarchy continue to capitalize on temple handout but its back to school for Bipin and the splinter group exiles as they head for the safety of the suburbs. But just as their chances of finding a new base begin to fall apart, a ray of hope suddenly appears on the horizon.
S02E04 Urban Exile 05/04/2010 Evicted from the Langur suburbs, Bippin's splinter group is reduced to roaming Jaipur's streets in search of a new territory they can call home. At the moment they are reduced to stealing from other monkey's territories- be they macaque or langur. If they don't find an available place, they may have to fight to displace a weaker group.
S02E05 Street Life 07/04/2010 A sentry monkey from Bippin's new group has found what seems to be an available territory- a small hospital. A recce party is sent out to investigate. The monkeys quench their thirst by drinking from patient's saline drips before raiding the nurse's station. All looks good so the rest of the new troop move in…only to be discovered by returning members of the hospital's resident troop who have been out raiding a restaurant nearby. It's battle stations.
S02E06 Home Hunters 07/04/2010 It's not only Bippin's splinter group who are forced to live the streets. Small groups of bachelor males broken off from other larger groups in search of mates are also on the patrol. These are violent bruisers. Quick to resort to violence they give Bippin's group a serious lesson in battle-tactics. War-weary and demoralized, Bippin's group move ever onwards in search of a new home.
S02E07 Beggars Banquet 07/04/2010 Rani's Galta Gang pulls off a cool house burglary. Meanwhile, the streets of Jaipur get much more dangerous as monkey catchers multiply.
S02E08 Cops And Robbers 07/04/2010 A truck arrives in the city carrying a stowaway and Galta gang's renegade Zamir is back in Jaipur.
S02E09 Missing In Action 09/04/2010 The splinter group arrives at one of Jaipur's 5 star hotels. They play amongst the soft pool towels & the youngsters frolic in the trees. But the residents finally complain about them.
S02E10 Drug Raid 09/04/2010 The hotel calls a group of monkey catchers who manage to capture several members of the splinter group. The captured monkeys are moved to a reserve called Asola sanctuary 70 miles from the city.
S02E11 Colour And Calamity 00/00/0000 Kamal is captured by monkey catchers while Rani's son Teejay is still missing. Meanwhile, Zamir is busy trying to track down Rani and her gang.
S02E12 An Unlikely Hero 00/00/0000 Bipin and his troop are living a good life at their market home until a group of rivals darken their door.
S02E13 Deliverance 00/00/0000 Queen Rani learns that her old enemy Zamir could help her take back her former home at Galta Temple.

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