Affiche Monsen pa Villspor
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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Monsen pa Villspor

S01E01 Monsen på villspor 1:5 22/03/2014 Lars Monsen is challenged at what he does best: to survive in the wild. All he knows is the mission: Survive, find the target within five days, otherwise you will be extracted. Lars gets a surprise when the helicopter leaves and he takes off his blindfold. He is in fact on an island in freezing mountain water.
S01E02 Monsen på villspor 2:5 29/03/2014 Lars Monsen is challenged on what he does best: to survive in the wild. Lars has three crispbread in the bag when the helicopter leaves him a place in the wilderness. It is the record amount of new rain, he does not know where he is and how far it is to the finish. Anyway, he starts expedition with a smile. Presenter Anne Rimmen.
S01E03 Monsen på villspor 3:5 05/04/2014 Lars Monsen has been over mountain and plain. But what happens when we put him right in the spruce forest without a compass and a map where the essential information is not displayed? We know that there are bears in the area. Presenter Anne Rimmen.
S01E04 Monsen på villspor 4:5 12/04/2014 Lars Monsen rarely seek out high mountains, but this time he is challenged on just that, climbing the spectacular rock formations overlooking all directions. But he struggles to figure out where he is. Presenter Anne Rimmen.
S01E05 Monsen på villspor 5:5 21/04/2014 Navigation, food and weather have so far been challenges for Lars Monsen. This time he feels truly at home, but he has a distance of over 110 km as the crow flies and only five days to reach the destination. But at the starting point a companion is waiting for him. Presenter Anne Rimmen.

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