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This show reconstructs extinct dinosaurs to expose what they would have looked like in prehistoric times.


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S01E01 Terror Bird 03/12/2009 The biggest, baddest bird to ever stalk the planet. With a massive 18-inch beak, Terror Bird bashed its victims' brains in and swallowed giant rodents in one gulp. Four million years ago it dominated a continent, battling wolves and saber tooth cats.
S01E02 T-Rex Of The Deep 10/12/2009 With six-foot jaws and a nasty disposition, the Mosasaur dined on giant sharks and Plesiosaurs. An extra set of teeth on the roof of its mouth guaranteed that when it sunk its teeth into something, the only way for it to go was down its gullet.
S01E03 Biggest Killer Dino 17/12/2009 Spinosaurus was the largest dinosaur carnivore in history but was long known only from the photographs of a single partial skeleton lost to the world in a World War Two air raid. That, of course, makes paleontologists all the more curious and determined and additional fossil fragments have gradually been found. This program reviews what they have uncovered and what they suspect.
S01E04 Dinosaur King 24/12/2009 Paleontologists ponder how a carnosaur a bit smaller than Tyrannosaurus Rex could hunt a sauropod several times its size when T-Rex hunted smaller prey. The answer lies in a detailed look at the predator's anatomy, their prey and and a fossil track of an attack on a sauropod.
S01E05 Giant Lizard 31/12/2009 After the age of dinosaurs Australia was dominated by reptiles rather than the marsupials it is known for. The biggest of them all was a monitor lizard larger than a crocodile called Magalania. This program reviews the anatomical features that make Megalania and its chief competitor, the marsupial lion, apex predators.
S01E06 Bear Dog 07/01/2010 For 10 million years amphicyon ruled north america as top predator. With the strenght of a bear, conbined witht the speed, tenacity, and brain power of a dog, The bear-dog crushes all miocene mammal competetors.
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