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In MONSTERS UNDERGROUND, Bill Brock and his team are hell-bent on proving the existence of monsters living beneath the earth's surface. During their underground investigations, one wrong move could turn the cave into their tomb. But the most dangerous threat of all is the pitch-black darkness and the risk of coming face to face with a cave creature - such as the shape-shifting Aswang or the bat-like Olitiau - and not seeing it until it's too late.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Monsters Underground

S01E01 Volcano Cavern Olitiau 22/08/2014 In the maze that is Flagstaff, Arizona’s Volcano Caverns, Bill Brock and his team believe that a giant, deadly reptilian bat creature known as the Olitiau, or "cave demon" has made this cave its home.
S01E02 Graveyard Gulch Mapinguari 22/08/2014 Bill Brock and his team suspect recent black bear deaths are due to the Mapinguari: a descendant of the giant prehistoric sloth. Together they travel to Graveyard Gulch, a treacherous cave in Northern California to hunt this deadly monster.
S01E03 Shadow Mine Subterralien 29/08/2014 Bill Brock and the team venture into the abandoned Shadow Mine in Calaveras County, California, to hunt the SubterAlien, a creature that might be more sophisticated than any they have hunted, one that might be armed and hostile
S01E04 Cross Creek Cavern Draco 29/08/2014 Bill Brock and his team of hunters travel to Northern California to a river cave called Cross Creek Cavern, where they believe a monster known as the Draco, a vicious lizard/human hybrid, lives beneath the surface of the dark waters.
S01E05 Apache Death Cave Aswang 05/09/2014 Bill Brock and his team of hunters travel to Two Guns, Arizona, to the Apache Death Cave - the site of an infamous Native American massacre - in search of the Aswang, a legendary shape-shifting, vampiric creature, part dog and part human.
S01E06 Grand Canyon Caverns Rake 05/09/2014 Bill Brock and his team travel to Peach Springs, Arizona to a show cave called The Grand Canyon Caverns, to investigate a newly discovered section of the cave, unexplored by man but possibly hiding a murderous creature known as the Rake.