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Television gardener Monty Don is back on the small screen with a programme devoted to his passion for France. His latest project visits the best-known gardens in France to get an insight into their history and cultural influence.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Monty Don's French Gardens

S01E01 Gardens of Power and Passion 01/02/2013 Monty Don he tells the stories behind France's most important historic gardens. These include elaborate walled gardens designed to please the mistress - and then the wife - of a king, magnificent displays of flowers and fountains that involved thousands of soldiers moving tracts of land and incited violent jealousy in another monarch, and a modern-day chateau garden that came close to bankrupting its owner. Monty sees how throughout history the French have used gardens as a public expression of money, power and passion.
S01E02 The Gourmet Garden 08/02/2013 Monty turns to the French love of food and finds out how this has influenced their gardens. He travels to some of the most famous 'potager' or kitchen gardens, where vegetables and flowers are planted together in elaborate and beautiful displays. He talks to gardeners about this style of planting which has been copied the world over. He also visits allotments, learns to pick asparagus, enjoys some of the best produce from the land and learns about the importance the French attach to the soil.
S01E03 The Artistic Garden 15/02/2013 Monty Don turns to France's famous artistic tradition to see what influence it has had on the country's gardens. Monty travels to some of the most celebrated artists' gardens, including the one created by the impressionist Claude Monet, who planted and painted his garden for half his life. Monty also matches the paintings to the garden of Paul Cezanne, as well as visiting several contemporary artistic gardens to see how the use of plants and trees has evolved into new and varied styles.