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Towering over cities and landscapes, six unofficial national symbols need to have some work done. Watch as Big Ben, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Eiffel Tower, the Santiago de Compostela, the Bund and the Taj Mahal are restored to their full splendor in MONUMENTAL CHALLENGE. Whether loved, loathed, admired or criticized, these structures play a role in the imaginations of its country's citizens and motivates travelers. Go behind the scenes to meet the army of people who keep these landmarks in tip-top condition, including emergency repair workers, expansion visionaries, and event planners for VIP clients. Combining stunning footage, impressive CGI, riveting historical background and lots of lively characters, MONUMENTAL CHALLENGE gives fresh insight into the lives of the worlds' most iconic landmarks - revealing the highs and lows of making these monuments great again.


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S01E01 Big Ben 15/11/2010 More than 150 years old, it's the world's most famous clock - but with problems ranging from an aging mechanism and constant attack from pigeons, to surface-destroying pollutants and a weakening foundation, will England's Big Ben make it to the next century? Cared for by a handful of professionals, including metal workers, glazers, and three wise men who ensure the clock runs smoothly, it is a daily struggle to keep the clock upright and on time.
S01E02 Eiffel Tower 22/11/2010 Visited by more than seven million people a year, the Eiffel Tower in Paris is facing one of the most challenging periods in its history. Its ambitious regeneration plan includes a hydraulic lift, a paint job, and meeting critical new energy-saving targets - not to mention the fact that many of its 300-strong maintenance crew are required to perform much of this work while hanging from the tower.
S01E03 Taj Mahal 05/12/2010 With the Yamuna River as both a backdrop to the world's most famous monument to love, and its greatest threat, the workers at the Taj Mahal face constant challenges on a daily basis. But with the Commonwealth Games looming these challenges just got even harder. They must restore sandstone archways, clean the famed blue-veined marble safely and replant much of the gardens. All, while they race against the clock.
S01E04 Shanghai Bund 12/12/2010 A financial hub in China undergoes a transformation with the addition of a waterfront, parks and a new transportation system.
S01E05 Sydney Harbour Bridge 12/12/2010
S01E06 Santiago de Compostela 00/00/0000 The spiritual home of Spain, the Santiago de Compostela, underwent an ambitious refurbishment in preparation for a special feast day and a visit from the Pope. The cathedral, visited by 2.5 million tourists a year, required critical restorations and installations, including a giant incense burner, priceless statues, and repairs to crumbling stone work. Maintenance workers and conservation specialists worked together to prepare the cathedral for a visit from His Holiness.

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