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"Monumental Mysteries" reveals the secrets and stories behind America's most exceptional monuments. Host Don Wildman takes viewers to statues, memorials, national parks, gravestones and sculptures that pay tribute to America's highest highs and lows.


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S01E01 Teen Vampire, King of Cons, Alcatraz 09/05/2013 Don Wildman examines the tombstone of a young woman may have haunted a small New England town, exposes the man behind one of New York City's most elaborate and historic scams, and visits the country's most infamous prison.
S01E02 Sickness of the Brooklyn Bridge, Gram Parsons Coffin Heist 16/05/2013 Host Don Wildman visits an iconic bridge, examines a twisted and beautiful marble sculpture that commemorates an out-of-this world event, and heads to a vast desert to investigate the last days of a legendary rock star.
S01E03 Smoky the Yorkie, Golden Gate Bridge, Oakville Blobs 23/05/2013 Host Don Wildman visits a memorial to a dog that became a celebrated war hero, examines an iconic bridge shrouded in tragedy, and heads to a state forest where an unidentified substance threatened an entire community.
S01E04 Grand Central Occult; Superhero Surfer, Charleston Jail 30/05/2013 Host Don Wildman explores the strange occult imagery on the ceiling of New York's most famous train station and visits the grim chambers of a haunted prison.
S01E05 Chrysler Building and Stanford Mausoleum 06/06/2013 Don Wildman visits one of New York City’s most iconic skyscrapers and explores an unsolved murder mystery that rocked one of the country’s most esteemed universities. Also includes a segment about Bosco, the dog who was elected Mayor of Sunol, California.
S01E06 Ellis Island, Sailing Stones, Alamo Treasure 13/06/2013 Don Wildman visits a 27-acre island that played a central role in the lives of one of music's most famous families, examines a mysterious set of stones that some say have the ability to move across a hostile desert landscape, and heads to a legendary 300-year-old fortress that may contain a vast treasure.
S01E07 The Real Rocky, Dr. Burdell, Kissing Sailor 20/06/2013 Don Wildman visits a memorial to a fictional boxing legend, travels to the tombstone of a murdered dentist and examines a monument to an iconic public display of affection.
S01E08 Sleeping Prophet, Mysterious Death of Mozart 27/06/2013 Don Wildman visits the grave marker of a mysterious psychic, examines a bust of one the greatest composers of all time, and explores a city park that is haunted by its sinister history.
S01E09 American Venus, Alien Abduction 11/07/2013 Don examines a set of statues representative of a muse who inspired a crime of passion, visits the site of a bizarre and potentially supernatural abduction in a forest, and explores a city to find the true creator of a well-renowned American food.
S01E10 Devil's Music, Fisherman's Wharf, Alaska Triangle 18/07/2013 Don Wildman visits the spot where a legendary bluesman made a deal with the devil, examines a city wharf that lead to a case of fraud, and explores a National Forest where 2 of the country's most powerful men vanished.
S01E11 First Circus Elephant, Greenbrier Ghost 25/07/2013 Don Wildman visits a monument to the first circus elephant, looks at a tombstone of a young woman whose ghost allegedly helped convict her husband of murder, and examines the statue of an explorer who met a violent demise.
S01E12 Eureka Springs Cancer Hotel, Female Paul Revere, Frozen Grandpa 01/08/2013 Don Wildman visits a landmark town where a con man preyed on desperate cancer patients, examines a statue of a teenage girl on horseback, and looks inside a storage shed that has inspired media frenzies and legal battles.
S01E13 Ames Pyramid, Straus Titanic, Cracking the Zodiac 08/08/2013 Don Wildman examines a strange pyramid, visits a statue that commemorates a love story, and explores an island nicknamed after a California serial killer.
S02E01 Lucy the Elephant, Capitol Bomber, Hitler in Hollywood 13/06/2014 Don Wildman encounters a majestic mammoth that boasts an incredible tale of survival; investigates an iconic landmark that was at the center of terrifying explosive attacks; and unveils an abandoned camp with a sinister past.
S02E02 St. Urho, Mystery Castle, Bat Bombs 20/06/2014 Don Wildman investigates a sculpture of a suspicious saint with a dubious past; visits a fortress at the center of a strange tale of secrecy, discovery, and death; and explores spectacular caverns and its multitude of bats.
S02E03 Headless Chicken, Boon Island, Sister Aimee 27/06/2014 Host Don Wildman examines an unusual sculpture of a death-defying creature; gazes upon a lonely outpost built atop an island that witnessed unspeakable horrors; and explores a spectacular park linked to a preacher.
S02E04 Sacred Cod, Forgotten Hero, Artichoke War 04/07/2014 Host Don Wildman investigates the fishy disappearance of a sacred effigy; explores the truth behind the first African-American baseball player; and examines the statue of a New York mayor.
S02E05 The Mystery of Captain Thunderbolt, Newsboy’s versus The World, The Rocket Man 11/07/2014 A mysterious scholar who opens up the Round Schoolhouse in Brooklyn. Plus the story of New York’s newsboy’s and a visit to a statue of a pioneering explorer.
S02E06 Kecksburg Space Acorn; Skyscraper Swindle; Emperor of the US 18/07/2014 A bizarre acorn-shaped sculpture; the world's smallest skyscraper; an engineering wonder.
S02E07 The King & Spanish Dancer, Communist, Filth Party 25/07/2014 Host Don Wildman explores the former home of a mysterious dancer that cost a Bavarian king his home, a 16-foot statue of Vladimir Lenin and a disease once studied by a scientist who used himself as a lab rat.
S02E08 Superman vs. the KKK; Who Killed Huey Long?; Marches to Montgomery 01/08/2014 The host explores the story of how a social crusader infiltrated the Klu Klux Klan; and visits the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the site of a 1965 attack on civil rights demonstrators in Selma, Ala. Also: the mystery surrounding the death of former Louisiana governor Huey Long.
S02E09 The Reanimator; Florida Three Toes; the Man Who Invented Martians 08/08/2014 The story of an ambitious scientist trying to play god is explored at the University of California at Berkley. Also: the tale of a Godzilla-esque creature stalking the beaches at Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, Fla., and the legacy of astronomer Percival Lowell.
S02E10 Blind Tom; Invention of the Tommy Gun; Granddaddy of Snowboarding 15/08/2014 Don visits the grave of a blind slave whose musical genius led to a bitter custody battle. Also: He investigates the birthplace of the tommy gun; and explores the origins of snowboarding.
S02E11 Escape From Slavery; A Witch on Hatteras Island; The Horn That Made a Big Bang 22/08/2014 Don explores the story of an escape from slavery while visiting a historic home in Boston; and investigates a majestic oak tree's connection to witchcraft while on Hatteras Island, N.C. Also: how the Holmdel Horn Antenna changed the way people understand life.
S02E12 The House That Sugar Built; Kill Dozer; Rocking Chair Riots 29/08/2014 The host investigates a sugar swindle while visiting a mansion in Michigan; learns about a bulldozer rampage in the town of Granby, Colo.; and gets to the bottom of the 1901 "rocking chair" riot that took place in New York City's Central Park.
S02E13 Roosevelt's Moroccan Mission; The Last Bare Knuckle Boxer; America's First Spy Ring 05/09/2014 How conspiracy and lies are associated with a president. A look at the last bare-knuckle boxing match and a visit to the home of America's first spy ring.

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