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Ronald Top covers a range of subjects, from early in the industrial revolution, such as canal building in Sweden, and linen making in Belgium, to the next wave of industrialization, with the development of the internal combustion engine, flying and new building practices such as reinforced concrete.


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S01E01 Steaming Up the Alps 00/00/0000 Ronald Top discovers how technology opened up the Alps to Europe’s first tourists. He goes on board the early paddle steamers that took them across the lakes, the ingenious funiculars that carried them up the lower slopes and the cog and rack railways that transported them up to the mountain peaks.
S01E02 Bread, Beer and Salt 00/00/0000 How did the production of food become industrialized in order to keep up with an ever expanding urban population? Ronald Top investigates. Industrialization leads to more mouths to feed and fewer people to work the land, causing food-production complications.
S01E03 Exploding Engines 00/00/0000 Examining historical attempts to build motor cars, and revealing the stories behind several plans to construct steam-powered road vehicles, he also investigates one of the world’s first oil fields in Poland.
S01E04 The City 00/00/0000 Top visits Berlin and Prague and explores how cities coped with rapid population growth once society entered the railway age. His journey also takes him into the subterranean world of sewers hidden beneath the city.
S01E05 High Fliers 00/00/0000 Ronald Top finds out how paper, fire, a cockerel, a duck and a sheep helped man learn how to fly. He travels in a zeppelin, a hot air ballon, and the worlds largest single-engine biplane
S01E06 Eiffel's Tower 00/00/0000 Built in 1889, the Eiffel Tower in Paris was the tallest building in the world. Since then it’s had 200 million visitors, Ronald Top reveals the link between the Towers construction and the making of the humble cooking pot in England.
S01E07 Building Europe 00/00/0000 Exploring how the construction industry kept up with an explosion in demand for building materials during the Industrial Revolution
S01E08 Cotton, Linen and Rope 00/00/0000 Ronald Top discovers what happened when machines took over from manual labour in the creation of clothes, and what the effects were on rope making.
S01E09 Swedish Waterways 00/00/0000 Ronald Top explores Sweden's canal network, discovering how a system designed and built in the 17th century is still proving viable today , he also tries his hand at a spot of shipbuilding
S01E10 Perfect Porcelain 00/00/0000 Top goes in search of how many Europeans learned the ancient Chinese secret of porcelain manufacture. His journey takes him from the mysterious “Cornish Alps” to his native Holland, were he makes some unusual pancakes.

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