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Moshi TV Show is a 'show' on Youtube by the Moshi Monsters team and hosted by Simon (Not real name) and is filmed at the Moshi Monster HQ. Currently the show has 9 episodes. The show features some segments such as My Show, Code Generator, Art Show, etc.,Every Saturday, a new episode of Moshi TV Show will premiere. Sadly the TV Show ended on Episode 9 when Simon was sent off on a mission from Mr. Moshi and he may be back soon.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Moshi TV

S01E01 Episode 1 04/11/2012 Filmed live from inside Moshi Monsters HQ, it's our VERY FIRST episode of The Moshi TV Show! Do you have a good idea for a future episode? Let us know below, and it could make it's way on screen!
S01E02 Episode 2 10/11/2012 Direct from Moshi HQ, it's The Moshi TV Show! Thanks to all the fans out there! We'll be reading your letters, playing your Moshi videos, and of course GENERATING CODES!!!
S01E03 Episode 3 - EXCLUSIVE Coco Loco Premiere 17/11/2012 A very special show for all the Moshi fans out there! Introducing the Coco Loco's first music video! Plus music from The BlackOut, My Show, IGGY, and everybody's favourite... THE CODE GENERATOR!
S01E04 Episode 4 24/11/2012 Check out episode 4 of the monsterific Moshi TV Show!
S01E05 Episode 5 - With Tonight Alive! 01/12/2012 The Moshi TV is back and more goopendous than ever! Newbie Will shows you how to draw cool Moshi eyes, Chrissa steals Blingo's style and Tonight Alive rock out in the Treehouse. Plus loads more of your stuff and of course...IGGY!!!
S01E06 Episode 6 - With Zack Binspin! 07/12/2012 Check out episode 6 of Moshi TV - direct from Moshi HQ! This week Simon generates another code, Will shows you how to make your very own Poppet decoration and Zack Binspin performs live in the treehouse!
S01E07 Episode 7 - With Roary Scrawl 14/12/2012 That's right, Simon's back and he's brought some goopendous friends with him for this week's episode of Moshi TV. We've got Iggy, Fifi and Roary Scrawl as the fangtastic new host of My Show! Plus Twistmasssy music from the treehouse and Simon generates another code for you lucky monstars!
S01E08 Episode 8 - Twistmas Special! 21/12/2012 Watch the video and let's make it a Moshi Twistmas EVERY DAY! Simon is back with Iggy, Roary Scrawl, Will, Poppet and Diavlo for some goopendous festive entertainment. Plus there's a twistmassy message from a very special guest...
S01E09 Episode 9 - Happy Goo Year! 28/12/2012 Remember 2012? Take a trip down memory lane for the last Moshi TV show of last year - and what a goopendous episode it was for all you lucky monstars!

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