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They're some of the most iconic cover photos ever taken: a geologist silhouetted against a wall of flaming lava, a majestic Kalahari lion braced against the wind, a young Afghan girl staring boldly at the camera from beneath a tattered shawl. What did it take for National Geographic photographers to get those shots? And what has become of the people and places they captured then? Nat Geo’s Most Amazing Photos reveals the stories behind National Geographic Magazine's most dramatic covers - and follows the photographers as they revisit the scenes of those photographs today.


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S01E01 Lava Hunter 00/00/0000 It is one of the most iconic cover photos ever taken: a geologist silhouetted against a wall of flaming lava. How did a National Geographic photographer get this shot and what became of the subject?
S01E02 War Zone 00/00/0000 National Geographic photographer Reza journeys to Afghanistan with the aim of capturing an image of hope but, with threats of a prolonged war, comes face to face with a people's uncertain future.
S01E03 Beneath Paris 00/00/0000 A photographer explores Paris’ subterranean realms. Filled with historic mysteries and modern danger, he brings to light a world of mystery and darkness that has long inspired artists and writers.
S01E04 Orphaned 00/00/0000 A photographer faces his most emotional assignment yet: photographing orphaned elephants at the moment when they are most vulnerable, immediately after their parents have been killed by poachers.
S01E05 Big Sky Country 00/00/0000 Famed photographer Bill Allard loves the American West’s rugged landscapes. He tracks down the descendants of homesteaders who settled there to eke out a living despite the odds stacked against them.
S01E06 Sweet Voodoo 00/00/0000 A photographer faces the challenge of making sugar an interesting pictorial subject matter. Deep in the heart of Haiti, he encounters practices rarely seen, where sugar is used in Voodoo ceremonies.
S01E07 Tusked Titans 00/00/0000 A photographer braves Greenland’s frigid waters to film the unpredictable and dangerous Atlantic walrus. He must get close up to capture their unique feeding habits but avoid their razor-sharp tusks.
S01E08 Shaolin Kung Fu 00/00/0000 National Geographic magazine sends American photojournalist Fritz Hoffmann to China to document the ancient practice of Shaolin Kung Fu.
S01E09 Capturing Milan 00/00/0000 Home to some of the most prominent art, fashion and history in the world, the surprising beauty and nuances of Milan are uncovered by a photographer on assignment for Nat Geo Traveller magazine.
S01E10 Killer Current 00/00/0000 Brian finds signs that, like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, the coral here is rebuilding itself.