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Located in Alaska, America's last frontier, Russell Knight has assembled a team of skilled craftsman who are preserving natural history every day. Mounted in Alaska will be the first series of its kind to take the viewer inside the exciting, entertaining and always challenging world of taxidermy. From concept to completion, we will see the real process of what it takes to preserve natural history--on a deadline, and always for a demanding client. It's a pressure-packed process full of non-stop challenges for Russell and his team.


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S01E01 Maneaters 07/04/2011 After a client harvests an African Lion, Russ tests the skills of his newest employee, Sam, a taxidermist from Mississippi who claims to be the "Cat-Man." Russ must create the world's first ever King Crab mold in order to save an old broken crab for a former fisherman.
S01E02 Growlin' and Howlin' 07/04/2011 Russ and his team are given the task of refurbishing a 40-year-old Polar Bear Mount from a popular family restaurant, but Doug almost screws up the bleaching process. Dave must master the ancient Japanese art of Gyotaku so he can make a paper print of a large fish in time for a client's family reunion.
S01E03 Warts and All 14/04/2011
S01E04 The End is Rear 14/04/2011
S01E05 Predator vs. Prey 21/04/2011
S01E06 C'antelope 21/04/2011
S01E07 Reindeer Games 28/04/2011 Dave develops a crush on Miss Teen Alaska ; an old friend brings in a king salmon Russ mounted twenty years earlier for a cleaning; Tina competes in the running of the reindeer.
S01E08 I Am the Walrus 28/04/2011 Russ finds a mystery box on his front steps; Aaron is made team leader of a double nyala mount and goes over Russ's head.
S01E09 Bear-ly Alive 05/05/2011 Russ and his friend race to the spot where a Grizzly bear attacked his buddy two years ago; a client brings in a creepy box from Africa; the gang blames the animal for the run of bad luck at the shop.
S01E10 Later Alligator 12/05/2011 Russ busts out an alligator that he took with a bow 20 years ago; Sam mounts a cape buffalo for a client who was mauled by a bear.
S01E11 A Ton of Bull 19/05/2011
S01E12 Sasquatch in the Shop 26/05/2011 A man looking like Sasquatch shows up unannounced; Russ up-sells a reluctant client; Russ and Tina go head-to-head on one of Knight's rarest mounts; Doug is ordered to make more ``Wally Wackers'' from walrus bones.
S01E13 Tina's Packin' Heat 09/06/2011
S01E14 A Fight in the Woods 16/06/2011
S01E15 Teddy Bears 23/06/2011

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