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Green-fingered gardener Mr Bloom helps young people around the country with their gardens and green spaces.


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S01E01 River Carron 03/02/2014 Sean, Keira and Luca invite Mr Bloom to Falkirk, where he tries kick sampling to look for tiny river creatures with the help of a River Ranger. He then rolls up his sleeves to help the Tiddlers create a wildlife garden around a riverside bench.
S01E02 Steam Railway Museum 04/02/2014 Mr Bloom meets Finley and his Tiddler friends, who like to visit their local rail museum. They take a ride on a steam train and then get busy planting some flowers to brighten up the picnic area.
S01E03 Apple Orchard 05/02/2014 Beth and her friends are finding out about how apples grow with a local apple expert. Mr Bloom helps the Tiddlers plant some seeds, thin out the growing apples and polish off a delicious apple pie.
S01E04 Falkirk Wheel 06/02/2014 Hannah, Ben and Prasoon love to visit the Falkirk Wheel near where they live. Mr Bloom joins them to find out about how boats can travel up and down hill on canals. They then make little boats of their own to float in the water park.
S01E05 Westquarter Glen 07/02/2014 Mr Bloom has been 'Here and There' in the Falkirk area of Scotland. He looks back at all the places he's visited and the Tiddler children he's met. He brings them all together in this programme to do a spot of litter picking in their community.
S01E06 School Garden 10/02/2014 Mr Bloom visits some Tiddlers who have an award-winning school garden. He meets the chickens and helps the ducks move house!
S01E07 Smithills Hall 11/02/2014 Flynn and Ben love where they live because it's near Smithills Hall. They get to wander through the rooms and find out about how people used to live hundreds of years ago. Mr Bloom joins them for a tour and dons a Tudor costume for a spot of dancing.
S01E08 Horse Sanctuary 12/02/2014 Emma invites Mr Bloom to visit a horse and pony rescue centre where local children can 'adopt' ponies and find out how to look after them.
S01E09 Bolton Museum and Aquarium 13/02/2014 Mr Bloom meets Ethan, Abbie and Kirsten. They show him the fishy things to see at Bolton Museum and Aquarium - including an Egyptian fish mummy, a pre-historic fish fossil and its living descendants from the Amazon. The children complete a colourful collage to brighten up the aquarium's wall.
S01E10 7 Acres Nature Reserve 14/02/2014 Mr Bloom has been here and there in the North West of England. He looks back at all the places he's visited and the Tiddler children he's met. He brings them all together to do a spot of Himalayan balsam bashing at their community's nature reserve.
S01E11 Seaside Safari 10/03/2014
S01E12 Playscheme 11/03/2014
S01E13 Surf Life Saving Club 12/03/2014
S01E14 Margam Country Park 13/03/2014
S01E15 Sculpture by the Sea 14/03/2014
S01E16 Cheese Farm 17/03/2014
S01E17 Composting 18/03/2014
S01E18 Summer Gardening Club 19/03/2014
S01E19 Osprey Conservation 20/03/2014
S01E20 Tag Rugby Club 21/03/2014

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