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Max Merlin is an auto mechanic who keeps his magic powers a secret from everybody except his teenage apprentice.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mr. Merlin

S01E01 Pilot 07/10/1981 Merlin,Sorcerer of King Arthur's Court,is alive in present day San Francisco.After 1600 years, it's time for him to retire and find a replacement.Enter Zac Rogers, a young man with potential.Set like a modern day Sword in the Stone,and directed by the Addams Family star John Astin. Mr.Merlin takes Zac on,and for the ride of his life.
S01E02 The Cloning of the Green 14/10/1981 Zac's spell lessons are increasing as well as his responsiblity with his new found powers.In this episode Mr.Merlin teaches Zac to clone or duplicate things.With a little urging from his friend Leo,Zac decides to get rich quick.Counterfitting money with spells leads to all kind of trouble for Zac,leaving a mess for the old sorcerer to clean up.
S01E03 Starsand 21/10/1981 Zac creates a magic powder that causes a major case of the sneezes.
S01E04 The Music's in Me 28/10/1981 It's up to Mr. Merlin to save the day when Zac and Leo get swindled by a music agent.
S01E05 All About Sheila 04/11/1981 After Zac's and Leo's friendship comes to blows over the affections of a girl, Mr. Merlin needs to smooth things over between them.
S01E06 The Two Faces of Zac 11/11/1981 Zac's messing with magic leads to two Zacs. Mr. Merlin must destroy the clone, only he doesn't know which is the real Zac.
S01E07 A Moment in Camelot 18/11/1981 Zac's attempt at a chemistry project doesn't have quite the intended result.
S01E08 A Message from Wallshime 02/12/1981 Zac uses Mr. Merlin's magic to help him win a fight.
S01E09 Take My Tonsils... Please! 09/12/1981 Mr. Merlin needs to have a tonsilectomy, but stubbornly refuses.
S01E10 The Ache 23/12/1981
S01E11 Not So Sweet Sixteen 30/12/1981 Zac joins a transport club, but begins to miss Leo.
S01E12 Romeo and Dreidelwood 06/01/1982
S01E13 Getting to Know You 18/01/1982 Mr. Merlin and Zac go on a camping trip to get to know each other better.
S01E14 Alex Goes Popless 25/01/1982 When Alex loses her ""pop"" or ability to transport, Merlin tries to restore it but it accidentally goes into Leo instead.
S01E15 Everything's Coming Up Daisies 01/02/1982 Mr. Merlin and Alexandra play matchmaker with Leo.
S01E16 The Egg and Us 08/02/1982
S01E17 How to Help a Gymnast in a Foreign Country 15/02/1982 Zac befriends a foreign world class gymnast.
S01E18 Change of Venue (1) 22/02/1982 It may be goodbye for Mr. Merlin and Zac when Zac's mother plans to leave San Francisco.
S01E19 Change of Venue (2) 22/02/1982 It may be goodbye for Mr. Merlin and Zac when Zac's mother plans to leave San Francisco.
S01E20 An Absence of Amulets 01/03/1982 Mr. Merlin scoffs at Zac's superstitions when the lad puts his faith in a lucky amulet.
S01E21 Arrivederci, Dink 15/03/1982 Mr. Merlin tries to help a man who runs a hot dog stand.
S01E22 I Was a Teenage Loser 22/03/1982