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Carried over from the popular radio program, Mr. & Mrs. North was a mystery/suspense show played with light humor. It featured Jerry North as a book publisher, happily married to his charming housewife, Pamela. Each half-hour episode concerned itself with a mysterious crime, frequently involving a murder that the Norths stumbled upon and solved before show's end. The Norths live in New York City's Greenwich Village and often call upon their friend for assistance, Lieutenant Bill Weigand, a homicide detective with the city's police department. Jerry is considered an intelligent, worldly, capable man whose familiarity with mystery stories should leave him a worthy amateur detective. Pamela is characterized as a simple-minded, naive wife, like so many other women on TV in the '50s. She is presented as reasoning illogically, as well as acting plain foolishly. Sometimes she just doesn't grasp her husband's reasoning or is dismissed for following her own women's intuition. But


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mr. & Mrs. North

S01E01 Weekend Murder 03/10/1952 Pam and Jerry are invited to spend the weekend at a famous actress' country home, but when they arrive the housekeeper can't be found and there's a dead man in the pantry.
S01E02 Till Death Do Us Part 10/10/1952 While heading out to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, the Norths receive a package containing bride and groom dolls--and the bride has a bloody dagger stuck in her back. Suddenly, there's a scream from the hall and in falls a neighbor in her bridal gown, stabbed to death. Confusing matters more, an old woman with a gun arrives demanding the dolls back, saying they were delivered to the Norths by mistake
S01E03 A Good Buy 17/10/1952 Pam buys an old trunk at an auction and is immediately approached by a woman who offers her big money for it. Mrs. North digs in her heels and refuses to sell. When the trunk is delivered to the North home, it contains corpse--the body of the woman who'd desperately tried to buy it earlier.
S01E04 Death in the Dunes 24/10/1952
S01E05 These Latins 31/10/1952 Pam is jealous of Jerry's relationship with a beautiful Hispanic novelist.
S01E06 Nosed Out 07/11/1952 After a day at the racetrack, the Norths find the body of jockey Eddie Mears in their car trunk. It's an unexpected coincidence that Mears owned the same make and model car as the Norths and kept it in the same city parking garage. Eddie's wife Zelma who had asked him for a divorce just the night before seems the obvious suspect, but Pam questions the garage owner.
S01E07 The Forgotten Grave 14/11/1952
S01E08 Dead Man's Tale 21/11/1952 Jerry Lawson, a bookmaker working out of Dave's Cigar Store, is found dead. Tough-talking crime figure Nick Magnus has accidentally implicated himself in the murder by making threats on Lawson's life in a wrong-number telephone call made to the Norths' residence.
S01E09 Surprise 28/11/1952 A memorable birthday party is attended by the Norths. One of the guests, a lecherous, hammy actor, is stabbed to death while waiting to jump out and yell "Surprise!" Pam's the one who finds the weapon; it was hidden as a part of a model ship. Lt. Weigand realizes that any of the guests may have wanted the over-the-hill Casanova dead.
S01E10 Comic-Strip Tease 05/12/1952 Pam and Jerry try to help a cartoonist break-up a gang of street toughs running a protection racket in a nearby neighborhood.
S01E11 Where There's a Will 12/12/1952 The Norths meet their new neighbor, Tommy Clarkson, when he tumbles down the stairs and lands at their feet. He claims someone's been trying to kill him. After Pam's purse gets switched with that of his Aunt Laura, she goes to the Clarkson apartment and finds the young man nearly dead on the floor. With Lt. Weigand now involved, Pam goes snooping on her own and uncovers the reason someone desperately wants Tommy dead before his 21st birthday.
S01E12 The Nobles 19/12/1952 Pam is a volunteer nurse's aide for the wheelchair-bound and elderly matriarch of the once proud and well-respected Noble family. A murder attempt has been made on the old woman's life and Pam is determined to protect her and to bring the culprit to justice.
S01E13 Silent Butler 26/12/1952 The Norths' new butler, Oliver, comes with a lot of baggage. He's carrying on an affair with the married maid who works next door, and his ex-flame refuses to accept that they're over. The maid's husband, also a butler, is found dead in the building's basement and Oliver is the obvious suspect.
S01E14 On the Rocks 02/01/1953 The Norths spend the weekend at the country estate of a successful writer Jerry's trying to lure to his firm. The party turns ugly when despised rival publisher Ned Waters shows up. His soused wife quickly downs her husband's drink and promptly falls over dead of poisoning. Any one of the group had motive to want Ned Walters dead.
S01E15 Formula for Trouble 09/01/1953 Hidden inside the library book that Pam checks out is a breakthrough formula placed there for safekeeping by a researcher. It must be a valuable property because someone's willing to kill to get the document. The murdered scientist worked at the Potter Industrial Research Lab where everyone clearly is hiding something.
S01E16 House Behind the Wall 16/01/1953 During a driving rainstorm, the Norths' car gets a flat tire, leaving them stranded in the woods. They spot a seemingly deserted house nearby, when suddenly they hear a woman scream. Running to the house, they find a message scrawled on an upstairs window, leading to a horrible discovery in the basement.
S01E17 Beauty Prize 23/01/1953 Curious about a beauty contestant who could easily be mistaken for her twin, Pam finds herself backstage at the Miss Venus contest where she fills in for the missing Kitty Pomeroy. Kitty has made numerous enemies of her betrayed lovers and their scorned wives, so its not surprising when she's found dead in the prop room.
S01E18 The Third Eye 30/01/1953 Someone's been secretly photographing Madame Suzi's latest dress designs and leaking them to competing, cheaper dress stores. Pam drags Jerry to Suzi's to see a preview of the latest fashions when a model involved in the stealing scheme takes the stage and promptly falls over dead.
S01E19 The Doll House 06/02/1953
S01E20 Terror 13/02/1953 Lt. Weigand and the Norths become trapped in the rural home of Dr. Arno, a physician treating a homicidal maniac who's hiding somewhere in the house. The group stages a fake murder scene, hoping the mysterious "Patient X" will be drawn into the open. Instead, when the lights are lowered Dr. Arno's secretary is actually stabbed to death. Once Weigand learns the actual name of the patient, he makes some phone calls and learns they're deal with a real-life Jekyll and Hyde.
S01E21 Stranger Than Fiction 20/02/1953
S01E22 The Frightened Bride 27/02/1953 The Norths and their newly married friend Helen drive out to her recently acquired country home and all is not well. Aunt Clara is missing, a stranger has taken up residence in the house, a dead man falls out of the grandfather clock, and a frightening old man with a rifle prevents them from leaving.
S01E23 Murder in Short Pants 06/03/1953
S01E24 Dying to Live 13/03/1953
S01E25 Blackout 20/03/1953
S01E26 Jade Dragon 27/03/1953
S01E27 Pretty Baby 03/04/1953 A toddler is lost and found numerous times after being left at the North's door. The mother dropped off the child after leaving her race-obsessed bookie husband. An incompetent detective hired by the father repeatedly grabs and loses the tot. Drunks from a bar, seeing a quick buck, join in the kidnapping fun. All the while, a crabby female cop tries to unravel the story.
S01E28 The Man Who Came to Murder 10/04/1953 The secrets of the Honey Moon Inn come to the surface during the North's fifth anniversary visit to the hideaway. Inn owner Margaret is surprised by a marriage proposal from a fresh-from-prison ex-beau, the murdered sheriff is found in bigamist Chef Francois' pantry, and at least one of the household members has a secret marriage.
S01E29 Breakout 17/04/1953 The warden at the State Penitentiary asks the Norths if they wish to interview a high-profile inmate for a potential book. While they're in the prison, a disturbance breaks out that suddenly escalates into a hostage situation--with the Norths as the hostages.
S01E30 Maternity, Third Floor 24/04/1953
S01E31 Hot Mink 01/05/1953 Pam is disappointed when the fur she thought was her birthday present is retrieved by a store representative; the man says it was delivered to her by mistake. It turns out that a con man, posing as Jerry, charged the fur to the Norths' account and then made off with the mink.
S01E32 Seven Sacred Rubies 08/05/1953
S01E33 Shock 15/05/1953
S01E34 Busy Signal 22/05/1953 Pam becomes involved in another murder after the phone company switches the Norths' number with that of a crooked bookie. She takes non-stop phone calls from gamblers placing bets on horses, but has no idea what's they're all talking about. She's on the phone with the shady bookie when he's gunned down in Grand Central Station.
S01E35 Salt in His Blood 29/05/1953 Chuck Walker, a North family friend, is discharged from the Navy for being underage. Planning to rejoin on the West Coast under another name, he needs some money for the trip. After being involved in a bar fight with a drunk who's robbed and dies, Chuck is charged with murder.
S01E36 Two Faced 05/06/1953 The manicurist at Jerry's favorite barber shop recognizes a customer as a wanted murderer, but instead of phoning the police, she devises a plan to blackmail him. However, her scheme goes awry, with deadly results.
S01E37 Trained for Murder 12/06/1953 The Norths go to a training camp so Jerry can interview the up-and-coming prizefighter, Vince McKay, for a future book project. Unfortunately, the boxer collapses in the ring and dies. It turns out that McKay was hard to get along with and made promises to women that he didn't intend to keep. Many people had it in for McKay, but which one fed him the rat poison?
S01E38 Murder on the Midway 19/06/1953 Pam and Jerry run into an old war buddy who is visiting his mother on the midway of a traveling carnival. Problems surface when the crooked stepfather (Joe Vitale) is involved in a plot to rig the games. When the Norths begin to unravel a mystery, things turn ugly on the midway.
S01E39 Million Dollar Coffin 26/06/1953 Jerry is excited about publishing the personal papers a Revolutionary War figure. He and Pam accompany Nathaniel Sykes III to the small town where his ancestor is buried to retrieve the historic documents from his ancestor's coffin. In the next grave over is buried a drifter and a million dollars. A gang of criminals stashed their stolen loot in the grave for safe keeping until the cops lost interest. When the headstones get switched, everyone's in a panic.
S02E01 Quick and the Deadly 26/01/1954 Pam and Jerry go after thieves who have stolen secret government documents.
S02E02 Target 02/02/1954 Pam and Jerry plan to have a nice quiet picnic at the beach, but a sniper quickly changes those plans.
S02E03 Reunion 09/02/1954 While attending a college reunion, Pam is taken hostage by Jerry's former roommate who's now a professor. He demands that the school stop their atomic production program or he'll detonate one of his own at the school's field-house during that night's big basketball game.
S02E04 Loon Lake 16/02/1954 A vicious counterfeiter escapes from prison and hides out in a remote cabin while recuperating from plastic surgery he received to alter his appearance. His gang lures the Norths to the cabin and holds them hostage, their plan being to ultimately kill the couple.
S02E05 Hand Painted Murder 23/02/1954
S02E06 The Ungrateful Killer 02/03/1954 The Norths are driving to a party when they're stopped on the street by an injured man. He turns out to be a wounded criminal, and he gets in their car and tells them to drive him to Canada.
S02E07 Flight 217 09/03/1954 The Norths travel to Mexico City to help their friend, Det. Paco of the Mexico City police, solve a missing persons case. As they board their plane for the flight back to the US, they don't know that someone has planted a bomb aboard the aircraft, and it's ticking away.
S02E08 Death Doll 16/03/1954 Pam and Jerry are investigating the death of an explorer, and among they things they turn up are a voodoo doll and a jealous wife.
S02E09 Phantom at the Wedding 23/03/1954 The Norths are asked for help by a young lawyer friend who has received a death threat on the evening before his impending marriage.
S02E10 Homicide Limited 30/03/1954 A beautiful blonde turns up dead on a train going from New York to Florida. The Norths investigate.
S02E11 Shrinking Violet 06/04/1954 Amelia Little, someone Pam hasn't seen since childhood, comes for a visit. Pam believes her odd behavior is simply a case of being overwhelmed by the big city. The truth is she's an impostor who tossed Amelia off the train and assumed her identity. She's actually Violet Budge, a killer on the run for murdering a wealthy old woman. Pam's in danger of become her next victim after determining the supposed friend is actually a phony.
S02E12 Model for Murder 13/04/1954 Pam enrolls in a modeling school and discovers that fencing class isn't the only place where she can get stuck by a sword.
S02E13 Murder for Sale 20/04/1954 A friend of the Norths has a change of heart after arranging the murder of his wife's lover. Will he be able to stop the assassin in time?
S02E14 The Placid Affair 27/04/1954
S02E15 The Girl in Cell 13 04/05/1954
S02E16 The Suspected 11/05/1954 The paid companion of an elderly silent film star tries to kill herself when the tabloids implicate her in the death of the former actress.
S02E17 Mask of Hate 18/05/1954 Gordon Lane, a suicidal invalid, is bitter about his life and jealous of his wife's lover. Marion Lane feels trapped in an unhappy marriage and wants her lover, Barry, to kill her bed-ridden husband. When Barry turns up dead in the Lane's home, Marion is the only logical suspect But when the Norths visit, Pam discovers the truth behind Gordon's disabilities and finds her own life in jeopardy.
S02E18 Climax 25/05/1954