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Adam Young is not your ordinary teenager. A whiz kid-turned-teen genius, Adam hit the books hard enough to get into university at age 9. Now a university graduate at the tender age of 14, he's headed back to high school as Mr. Young, the science teacher! But no amount of studying could prepare him… More for the challenges of balancing his job with his personal life, especially when he's teaching both his best friend AND his crush. With one foot in the classroom and one foot in the staff room, it's Adam's social life that's being put to the test.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mr. Young

S01E01 Mr. Young 01/03/2011 Adam Young, a fourteen-year-old genius, starts work as a high school science teacher. When the school bully, Jordan "Slab" Slabinski, threatens to beat him up and steals Adam's master key and wreaks havoc throughout the school. Now Adam must get creative in order to resolve the conflict and outwit the big oaf, or his first day on the job could be his last.
S01E02 Mr. Roboto 08/03/2011 When Adam has trouble controlling his class, he creates a robot student, Arthur, to enforce the rules. When Mr. Tater finds out, he figuratively says that he is going to kill Adam. However, Arthur takes it literally and tries to destroy Tater, as one of his directives is to protect Adam. Adam and Derby must stop his creation, or he himself could be "terminated."
S01E03 Mr. Detention 15/03/2011 Adam learns that Echo is taking the same route home from school and is excited to walk with her. That is, until he learns he has detention duty and the only way to get out of it is to prevent anyone from getting in trouble...including Slab.
S01E04 Mr. Inventor 22/03/2011 Adam becomes jealous when Derby accidentally invents a miracle hair growth formula. When someone wants to market his formula, Derby has to recreate it but can't remember what it was. Meanwhile, Ivy needs to pass her CPR course.
S01E05 Mr. Younger Man 29/03/2011 When Adam's "college buddy," a gorgeous twenty-three-year-old girl, comes to visit, Adam thinks she wants to be more than just friends. Derby finds out that she has a boyfriend and has to try to stop Adam from embarrassing himself on their date. Meanwhile, Echo convinces Slab to stage a non-violent protest to prevent Tater from getting rid of the vending machines while Slab gets her to bully people for him.
S01E06 Mr. DNA 05/04/2011 Adam tries to get the school's ban on cheerleaders lifted by solving a twenty-five-year-old mystery.
S01E07 Mr. Honest 12/04/2011 When a botched experiment in Adam's lab creates a gas making everyone tell the truth. When Tater finds out, he places Adam, Echo, Derby, Slab, and Ivy under quarantine. Derby makes Slab cry and then tries to apologize, but he keeps saying the wrong things. Adam tries to prevent any form of communication between him and Echo because he's afraid that if he talks to her, he will tell her how he feels about her. Ivy tries to get out of the school to get to the mall, but Dang keeps stopping her.
S01E08 Mr. Ballerina 03/05/2011 When Adam discovers that Slab is secretly taking ballet, he and Derby follow him to dance class hoping to blackmail him into behaving at school.
S01E09 Mr. Talent 17/05/2011 When no one is willing to sign up for the talent show, Mr. Tater offers a get out of detention free card as incentive to sign up. Because no one is getting detention, except for Derby, Tater starts to make new rules in order to give out detentions. When he sees Ivy texting in the hall, he tells her that there is a new rule against it. To avoid getting detention and having to sign up for the talent show, Ivy tries to use different forms of long distance communication, but Tater bans them all. Meanwhile, Adam convinces Echo to sing in the school talent show, but when he realizes she's a terrible singer, he tries to prevent her from taking the stage. Meanwhile, Derby searches for a talent to use in the show.
S01E10 Mr. Big Brother 14/06/2011 After Adam finds out that Echo is taking her "little sister" to the school carnival, Adam signs up to be a "big brother"so they can spend the day together. Unfortunetly Echo's "little sister" starts stalking Derby while Adam's "little brother" spends a lot of time with Echo.
S01E11 Mr. Shakespeare 12/07/2011 Adam is made faculty advisor for the school play "Romeo & Juliet", but when Tater casts Echo as Juliet, Adam tries to prevent her from kissing another Romeo.
S01E12 Mr. Meteor 09/08/2011 Adam holds an overnight astronomy class in the quad, but finds himself competing for his students' attention with principal Tater, who treats it like a camping trip.Adam tries to trick the class into camping with him. Meanwille Ivy plays a horsing game with the janitor
S01E13 Mr. Impossible 30/08/2011 Adam wants to be paired with Echo in a computer match-making fundraiser and will go to any lengths necessary to ensure his questionnaire answers match hers.
S01E14 Mr. Marvelous 06/09/2011 When Adam's mom sells his prized "Mr. Marvelous" comic book to Slab, Adam dresses up as the superhero in an attempt to get it back.
S01E15 Mr. Dog 13/09/2011 Adam believes that a professor has been nominated for a Nobel Prize, based on research he stole from Adam. When he and Derby break in to the professor’s office to search for proof and discover he’s blind, Adam convinces Derby to become a seeing-eye dog, and sniff out the evidence.
S01E16 Mr. School Song 20/09/2011 With Adam as a judge, the students try to make a school song.So when all the songs turn out bad everyone does it together.
S01E17 Mr. Picture Day 04/10/2011 Echo wants to create good opportunities for Adam after she found out that they disgraduated him after Grade 3.
S01E18 Mr. Tickleschmootz 18/10/2011 Adam attempts to clone Echo's hamster with monstrous results after it dies in his care. Derby tries to keep Ms Byrne busy and out of the classroom by faking a cruise.
S01E19 Mr. Mummy 24/10/2011 It's Halloween night, and Echo invites Adam to go to a horror movie screening at the school. But in order to attend, a grounded Adam must lie to his Mom about where he is going.
S01E20 Mr Elderman 29/11/2011 Adam tries to get his students to appreciate having a young teacher by pretending to be his own substitute, a cranky old man. The students apreciate his subsitute so much that Principal Tater fires Adam! Adam protests so Tater offers a 'teach-off' between the two. Can Adam be in both teachers at the same time?
S01E21 Mr Masterpiece 15/11/2011 A famous and now dead artist was once an art teacher at Finnegan High. Could he have left some hidden artwork at the school which could now be worth a fortune? Mrs. Byrne, an old flame of his, is the one that holds the answer to that question if she could only remember the answer!
S01E22 Mr Brain 22/11/2011
S01E23 Mr Servant 08/11/2011 Finnegan High School staff members are auctioned off as servants for a day as a fund-raiser. Adam hopes for a day with Echo but she goes for the unwanted Mrs. Byrne leaving Adam for his own sister's evil plans.
S01E24 Mr Space (1) 29/11/2011 After being pranked by his students, a fed-up Adam quits Finnegan high school and takes a job in the NASA Space Program.While trying to impress his friends with his new job at NASA, Adam accidentally launches them all into outer space.
S01E25 Mr Space (2) 29/11/2011 After being pranked by his students, a fed-up Adam quits Finnegan high school and takes a job in the NASA Space Program.While trying to impress his friends with his new job at NASA, Adam accidentally launches them all into outer space.
S01E26 Mr. Moth 13/12/2011 When Adam is accidentally doused with moth pheromones, he suddenly becomes the object of Echo's attention... but fears he may be turning into a moth. This episode is shown to be Echo's dream where she cannot believe she was attracted to Adam, however she looks at him with a feeling that she really does like him.
S02E01 Mr. Claus 13/12/2011 After a prank gone wrong Derby accidentally knocks Santa out of his sleigh on Christmas Eve, causing him to lose his memory. So Adam, Derby, Echo, Ivy and Slab delivered the presents to the world. When they come back (everybody except Derby), they find out that Santa only pretended to lose his memory, and claimed he was lazy and he himself was on the naughty list. This show is mostly Derby's dream.
S02E02 Mr. Spring Break 12/03/2012 Adam follows Echo to the exotic country of Sanduras in the hopes of spending time with her, but he keeps getting pulled away by his guardian, Mrs. Byrne. Meanwhile, Derby and Slab travel to Sanduras by hot air balloon, and Tater and Dang search for a legendary beast: the Sasquawk.
S02E03 Mr. Matchmaker 26/03/2012 With Principal Tater constantly on Adam's back, Adam and Echo decide to calm his frustrations by finding him a woman. This proves more difficult than expected. But when Echo convinces Adam to match Tater up with Adam's mom, Rachel, everyone is happy everyone, except Adam. Meanwhile, Derby tries to cure Slab's phobia of milk.
S02E04 Mr. Sleep 02/04/2012 Set on teaching his students the importance of getting a good night's rest, Adam conducts a sleep deprivation experiment at Finnegan. He uses his students as the test subjects, and challenges them to stay awake for the entire night, while hanging out in his class. As the night wears on, the group endures everything from exhaustion to hallucinations, while the various effects of sleep deprivation set in.
S02E05 Mr. TV 09/04/2012 The producer of the popular science-based TV show, "Science Schmeince" arrives at Finnegan, looking to hire Adam as the show's new host. Adam agrees, seeing this as a great opportunity to spread his love of science to a broad audience. But, when the producer grows bored of Adam's science-y technobabble, he hires Derby as the zanier host of the show.
S02E06 Mr. Pickles 00/00/0000
S02E07 Mr. Student 00/00/0000 Adam pretends to be a student at Finnegan High, so that he can join the Quiz Team and help Echo win a trophy. But when Slab takes Echo's spot on the team, Adam tries to force Slab off, so Echo can take his place.
S02E08 Mr. Film Festival 00/00/0000 The red carpet is rolled out for Finnegan's brightest stars to present their movies at the first annual Film Festival. With each student submitting a film, entries run the gamut from a sappy romantic comedy, to a 3D action thriller, to a Kung Fu extravaganza. May the best movie win!
S02E09 Mr. Elephant 00/00/0000
S02E10 Mr. Candidate 00/00/0000
S02E11 Mr. Robot 2.0 00/00/0000 Adam's old robot invention, ARTHUR, returns to Finnegan High and starts replacing staff and students with android copies. Adam and Echo must discover why everyone is acting so strangely, and stop Arthur's dastardly plan, before the entire school is overrun by robots.
S02E12 Mr. Rock Star 00/00/0000 When Adam finds out that Echo is obsessed with Dark Demon, a heavy metal musician that Adam knew in college, he tries to get his old friend to come to Finnegan High. But when Dark Demon refuses to make an appearance, Adam pretends to be the leather-clad rocker, and must perform at Echo's Save the Ferrets benefit.
S02E13 Mr. Witness 00/00/0000 After Slab threatens Derby for tattling on him to Principal Tater, Derby fears retaliation and asks Tater for protection. Tater offers Derby a chance to pose as an exchange student from Britain, Simon. As Derby masquerades as Simon, Tater must convince Slab that Derby has actually moved away.
S02E14 Mr. College 00/00/0000
S02E15 Mr. Discovery 00/00/0000
S02E16 Mr. Pixel 00/00/0000
S02E17 Mr. Dance 00/00/0000
S02E18 Mr. Switch 00/00/0000 Adam's neural-imaging unit goes on the fritz, accidentally switching the gang's personalities. In order for Adam, Echo, Derby, Slab, Ivy, and Dang to return to their own bodies, they must work together to fix the machine before Principal Tater discovers their secret.
S02E19 Mr. Scooter 00/00/0000
S02E20 Mr. Airplane 00/00/0000 With the paper airplane competition approaching, Finnegan High's Engineering Squad has no hope against rival Western High - that is, until Adam discovers Slab's untapped paper-folding genius. Adam must convince Slab to embrace his inner nerd and join the squad.
S02E21 Mr. Poet 00/00/0000
S02E22 Mr. Alligator 00/00/0000
S02E23 Mr. 1812 00/00/0000 When Principal Tater forgets to pay the electricity bill at Finnegan High, he challenges the students to live without modern technology for an entire day. But when Slab's brute strength makes him most useful, a jealous Adam tries to impress Echo by being the manliest provider of all.
S02E24 Mr. Invisible 00/00/0000
S02E25 Mr. Candy 00/00/0000
S03E01 Mr. & Mrs. Roboto 00/00/0000
S03E02 Mr. Magic 00/00/0000
S03E03 Mr. Apartment 00/00/0000
S03E04 Mr. Hyde 00/00/0000
S03E05 Mr. Elf 12/12/2012 Adam brings a reindeer to the north pole and convince Santa Claus to automate the work. Now Adam has to care for the now unemployed elves.