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Kathleen Harrison, one of Britain’s best-loved character actresses, stars in this ratings-topping comedy-drama devised by Dixon of Dock Green creator Ted Willis. Featuring scripts by the celebrated dramatist Jack Rosenthal, this set contains the complete first series. Cheerful charlady Alice Thursday worked tirelessly for tycoon George Dunrich until the day he died. Now, she learns that she’s inherited control of her late employer’s multi-million pound corporation – along with his Mayfair mansion and his Rolls. Impressed by Alice’s strong character and sound common sense, George always knew she could be trusted to manage his money wisely. Now, with the suave, principled Richard Hunter acting as her business adviser and confidant, the former Mrs Mopp must learn how to be rich – and the first of many challenges she faces is explaining the situation to George Dunrich’s three ex-wives..


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mrs Thursday

S01E01 A Ride In A Rolls Royce 15/03/1966 Mrs Thursday has barely had time to register the news that she;s inherited control of Dunrich Industries when a shrewd executive tries to talk her into signing away her position on the board of directors. Suave, cultured aide Richard Hunter comes to her rescue - and who better to become her business adviser?
S01E02 Call Me Madam 22/03/1966 Mrs Thursday experiences her first day as the head of the Dunrich Group. A clash with the directors ensures when her choice of a suitable memorial for George is put before the board
S01E03 Family Reunion 29/03/1966 The family have heard of Mrs Thursday's astonishing good fortune and they descend upon her, one after another...
S01E04 Thursday's Child 05/04/1966 When a small hamper is sent to Mrs Thursday in a wicker hamper, Hunter and Sir Charles worry about the legality of the consequences
S01E05 Honesty Is the Best Policy 12/04/1966 In a fit of nostalgia, Mrs Thursday slips out one night to play bingo. There, she meets Mr Budge - who becomes somewhat of a problem to her and to Hunter.
S01E06 The Girl from Fuller Street 19/04/1966 Mrs Thursday goes to Fuller Street to try to discover why her old friend Sylvie Summers has written her an abusive letter; and Hunter proves his worth as Mrs Thursday's financial adviser.
S01E07 The Canvas Jungle 26/04/1966 Liston, a young artist, overwhelms Mrs Thursday and demands to be her artistic advisor. Against her will she agrees, deciding to prove whether he is a painter of merit or not..
S01E08 You Dont Have to Book Buckingham Palace 03/05/1966 Mrs Thursday tries to have a holiday with some old friends she has not seen for a while, but they are not treating her the same since her new found wealth.
S01E09 The Snows of Yesteryear 10/05/1966 Mrs Thursday sets out to investigate why a young typist in Dunrich House has fallen foul of a newly appointed personnel lady, Judith Bonamy.
S01E10 Hunter's Moon 17/05/1966 Hunter very nearly runs himself into marriage when he embarks on a property deal on his own account.
S01E11 The Full Dress Affair 24/05/1966 A boutique runs into financial difficulties, and Mrs Thursday decides to offer help
S01E12 The Sitting Tenant 31/05/1966 Mrs Thursday tries to persuade colonel Crichton to move from his house, due for demolition immediately, on a site owned by the Dunrich Group; the colonel refuses to budge.
S01E13 Margate Comes But Once a Year 07/06/1966 Mrs Thursday finds that it's too late to go on the annual outing to Margate with her friends from Fuller Street. She decides to fly to Le Touquet instead!
S02E01 A Little of What You Fancy 27/12/1966
S02E02 Changes Over the Counter 03/01/1967
S02E03 The Train from Dunrich Station 10/01/1967
S02E04 The Duke and I 17/01/1967
S02E05 When My Boy Comes Home 24/01/1967
S02E06 Only Washing and Babies 31/01/1967
S02E07 We Don't Pay London Prices 06/02/1967
S02E08 The Answer Is a Lemon 13/02/1967
S02E09 No Tea for the Tallyman 20/02/1967
S02E10 Up the Garden Path 27/02/1967
S02E11 The Old School Tie Up 06/03/1967
S02E12 A Matter of Time 13/03/1967
S02E13 Charity Begins at the Ball 20/03/1967

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