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This strange yet unique and enchanting British Comedy is set in rural England and the manor of the spinster Miss Rose Farnaby, a cantankerous and lonely lady nearing the end of her life. Over the years a distrust has developed between Miss Farnaby and her staff of Bert and Alice Finch. Bert is the gardener and grounds keeper and his wife Alice serves as the cook and housekeeper. Even though they and Miss Farnaby grew up together at the manor, a gap has continued to widen in their relationship. Miss Farnaby, thinking that their loyalty is only an effort to insure she will leave them a good pension when she passes on, while they think she is distancing herself in order to cut them out of her will completely. Into this situation comes Mulberry, the strange and mysterious new companion for Miss Farnaby, who turns everyone's lives upside down by his wit, his manner, and his determination to "change the old routine" and make the gloomy manor a fun place to live.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Mulberry

S01E01 Arrival 24/02/1992 The mysterious Mulberry arrives, carpet bag in hand to apply for the recently vacated position of companion to the elderly and reclusive Miss Rose Farnaby. Strangely, Miss Farnaby's staff hasn't even had time to post the vacancy before the mysterious Mulberry arrives to fill it. Mulberry manages to persuade Miss Farnaby that he does have experience and is fully capable of handling the new position. She finally relents and hires him for the job, and the fun begins. His first task, to convince Miss Farnaby to part with a childhood rocking horse and give it to her grand-nephew. Miss Farnaby is soon wondering why she hired him........
S01E02 Fireworks 02/03/1992 It is Guy Fawkes Night at the Farnaby manor and time for the traditional bonfire. Miss Farnaby supports the bonfire but normally does not participate or if she does, she does so from a distance. Well now, Mulberry is determined to end this non-participation by his employer, and sets out to make the night one to remember, with fireworks included in the evenings festivities. As usual, Bert and Alice think that they should not have to do everything by themselves and fully expected Mulberry to assist them, which of course he doesn't, much to their dismay.
S01E03 The Quiz 09/03/1992 It is time for the local village's Annual Quiz Contest. Mulberry manages to convince Miss Farnaby that they should enter a team in the contest and that they will be a cinch to win it. Things take a change for the worse when Miss Farnaby's sister Adele, who has bested her at everything her whole life, decides to enter the contest as well, against the team of Miss Farnaby and her staff.
S01E04 The Holiday 16/03/1992 Miss Farnaby is out of sorts. So much so that she has everyone at the manor on edge, including Mulberry, who convinces her she needs a little trip away to freshen her outlook and cheer her up. She decides to go to Paris and decides to take Mulberry along. As may be expected, a problem arises on the way to the airport and the trip is in dire jeopardy and it's Mulberry's fault.
S01E05 The Dinner Party 23/03/1992 Miss Farnaby, refreshed from her outing with Mulberry, decides to have a dinner party at the manor. Of course, Bert and Alice are upset at the extra work involved, but have no choice but to prepare the evening meal, constantly battling with Mulberry over the preparations. It seems that Miss Farnaby's dinner party is destined to be a success when an unforeseen event occurs that could ruin more than just the dinner party.
S01E06 Leaving 30/03/1992 Mulberry decides to make a safety check of the manor. Much to Bert and Alice's dismay, he declares the manor a death trap. Thinking of this and the implications causes him problems. His father appears again and in frustration, Mulberry decides the only way to protect Miss Farnaby is if he leaves the manor as suddenly as he came. This turn of events provokes a battle between him and his father on who is really in charge and who is going to ""take care of"" Miss Farnaby.
S02E01 Springtime 08/04/1993 Miss Farnaby decides to enter a local floral competition and gives Bert the task of bringing one of her favorites flowers, one of her prized hyacinths, into bloom in time for the competition. In the meantime, Mulberry's father appears again and tells Mulberry that his time is up and he must ""take"" Miss Farnaby or else. Mulberry pleads for just another 24 hours. In the meantime, while checking on Miss Farnaby's hyacinth, Mulberry meets his mother, Springtime, urging the lowly flower into bloom in time for the competition. Mulberry asks her to intercede with his father and give him more time with Miss Farnaby. His mother agrees and promises him he will have more time with lady of the manor. When the flower blooms in all it's glory for the competition, no one is more suprised than Bert.
S02E02 The Accident 15/04/1993 In Miss Farnaby's younger years, she had promised her cousin Arthur that she would fly a kite at his passing, fully expecting to be long gone before he was. When being told of her cousin Arthur's death, Miss Farnaby is determined to carry out her promise to her dead cousin and asks Mulberry to help her honor it. Unfortunately, during her attempt to fulfill this promise, a terrible accident occurs. Tragically, Mulberry is killed..........
S02E03 The Matchmaker 22/04/1993 Mulberry is back and you will have to watch episode 8 to find out how. Miss Farnaby, having taken a real liking to Mulberry decides to fix him up with her visiting niece Jocelyn. She asks Mulberry to take Jocelyn out to dinner, at which they really hit it off and something begins to happen. However, Mulberry knowing who he is and that nothing could ever come of the relationship, lets the opportunity pass, much to his, Jocelyn's and Miss Farnaby's dismay. Meanwhile Bert and Alice celebrate their anniversary by inviting Miss Farnaby to their quarters, a very bad mistake.
S02E04 The Art Class 29/04/1993 Mulberry, in one of his attempts at getting Miss Farnaby out of the manor and enjoying life, gets her to join the local village's art class. At which she promptly volunteers him to be a model which could lead Mulberry to much more exposure than he had anticipated. Seeing some of her work, he unknowingly submits it for an art contest. Upon hearing of this, she is quite upset with her personal companion and the sparks fly. Meanwhile, Alice is not too pleased with Bert's new part-time job.
S02E05 A Mysterious Guest 06/05/1993 Miss Farnaby catches Mulberry by complete surprise when she insists on driving herself to the library. She also tells Mulberry that she has met a gentleman and is going to have dinner with him at the manor, but refuses to tell him who it is. No matter how hard he tries, she will not reveal the man's name. Later, while Bert is supposed to be serving, Mulberry enters the room and finds his father is the man dining with Miss Farnaby. Knowing that once he enters a house, a death must occur, Mulberry is sure that his time with Miss Farnaby will soon be over.
S02E06 A Musical Evening 13/05/1993 Mulberry and Miss Farnaby grow increasingly suspicious of Alice's actions of late. They both agree that something is amiss and decide to follow her one day only to make a rather unusual and distressing discovery. Meanwhile, Miss Farnaby's planned musical evening at the manor seems destined to failure until the last minute discovery of a hidden talent in Bert.
S02E07 An Unexpected Visit 25/05/1993 Miss Farnaby is in dread. Her two sisters, Adele and Elizabeth, who have bested her her whole life, are coming for a visit. No matter how much Mulberry tries to calm Miss Farnaby, she knows that something terrible is coming to visit. Her fears are born out when after the required pleasantries and forced small talk, she forces them to tell her why they have really come. They want her to sell the manor.
S00E01 Pebble Mill With Geraldine McEwan and Karl Howman 00/00/0000