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Kenny Gupta is a British-born Indian who is sent out to a Mumbai to turn around Teknobable, a failing company being run by Dev Rajah - a manager more interested in chasing his female staff and using the centre for his own profitable side lines. The arrival of English business woman Terri Johnson, an assessor from London HQ, only adds to their problems.


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S01E00 Extras 29/07/2009 Interview with SanjeevBhaskar and Nitin Ganatra and Behind The Scenes feature.
S01E01 Teknobable 30/05/2009 Kenny Gupta has been sent from London to manage Teknobable, a call centre in Mumbai. Since arriving, Kenny has been unhappy. Meanwhile Dev, Kenny's assistant, gets a call from the head office saying that Terry Johnson will be doing an on-site assessment. In a panic, Dev gets Kenny to deal with the problem.
S01E02 Home Comforts 06/06/2009 Kenny is launching a new service for drivers in the UK, but when things fail to go smoothly he is forced to take inspiration from an unusual source. Meanwhile, Dev offers Terri accommodation at his house, but he is ridiculed by his family when they find out that she is his boss.
S01E03 Good Sellers 13/06/2009 Terri is concerned that the operators at the centre do not speak with clear English accents. Whilst Kenny is slipping off into Bollywood fantasy, Terri sets about hiring Benedict Harlow, an English actor, who embarks on a radical training programme.
S01E04 Boy To Man 20/06/2009 Terri realises that the operators are lacking in confidence and are too submissive with callers. She gives the operators a crash course in self-confidence.
S01E05 Dating Season 27/06/2009 Dev accepts a speaking engagement on behalf of Kenny. Kenny is initially reluctant to give the speech, but Dev convinces him.
S01E06 My Mate Mumbai 04/07/2009 Kenny has decided he's had enough of India. In order to get home to London he must sort out the call centre's accounts... But Terri and Kenny realise that Dev has made such a mess of the credit card database that Kenny won't be going home anytime soon.
S01E07 All That Glitters Is Not Glass 11/07/2009 Kenny wakes up in Terri's bed but can hardly remember how he got there. Meanwhile, Philip, the owner of the company, is coming to Mumbai.

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