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Muppet Babies was a very successful cartoon series in its own right. This show basically featured Jim Henson's famous Muppets as babies. Each episode, each of the Muppet Babies had adventures that their imaginations take them on. Often however, their imaginations would sometimes get the better of them, all for comic effect. The featured Muppets were Baby Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf, Animal, Scooter, and a new character, Skeeter, Scooter's look-alike sister. Occasionally they had visits from Baby Bunsen and Beaker, and even Statler and Waldorf came to visit, and later we see a recurring appearance by a "baby" version of Bean Bunny from Tale of the Bunny Picnic. The moral glue that held these Muppets together was Nanny (voiced by Barbara Billingsley of Leave it to Beaver fame), a character whose body was only shown from the waist down and we all remember the green striped socks. The one thing that made the Muppet Babies memorable were not the Muppets themselves, but the


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Muppet Babies

S01E01 Noisy Neighbors 00/00/0000 The Kids spend all day Trying to keep animal quiet so they don't disturb their next door neighbor officer caruthers.
S01E02 Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Dark? 22/09/1984 Bunsen hasn't been getting sleep lately each night beeker is waking up screaming saying that the monster attacked him in his sleep the kids realize that beeker is afraid of the ark and try to help him overcome his fears.
S01E03 Dental Hyjinks 00/00/0000 Foozie's tooth becomes loose and he worries about going to the dentist, and what the dentist will do to him.
S01E04 Raiders of the Lost Muppet 00/00/0000 During a game of hide and seek, Animal gets lost. They search the nursery up and down. Until they eventually find out that Animal was with Nanny.
S01E05 Scooter's Hidden Talent 00/00/0000 All of the babies are showing their talents, but Scooter can't seem to find his. By some inspiration, he learns his talent is being computer smart.
S01E06 The Case of the Missing Chicken 00/00/0000 Gonzo panics when he can't find his stuff baby chicken camella.
S01E07 Eight Take-Away One Equals Panic 00/00/0000 A Misunderstanding leads the kids to belive that Nanny is going to give one of them away.
S01E08 What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? 03/11/1984 All the Muppet Babies except for Kermit know what jobs they want to have when they grow up. The babies show Kermit different jobs he can be, and he finally chooses to be a cab driver.
S01E09 Close Encounters of the Frog Kind 00/00/0000 Kermit and the other Muppet Babies get to meet his little nephew, Robin, the tadpole. But since he is too small, they must find him after he esapes from his bowl.
S01E10 Gonzo's Video Show 00/00/0000 Borrowing Nanny's camcorder, The Muppet Babies make their own movies including a ""Star Wars"" parody.
S01E11 Fun Park Fantasies 00/00/0000 Instead of waiting until morning to visit the fun park, the babies make their own park right in the nursery!
S01E12 From a Galaxy Far, Far Away... 00/00/0000 When an alien (really an escaped Koala) ends up in the Nursery, the kids build a rocketship out of their toys so they can take it back home.
S01E13 Good, Clean Fun 08/12/1984 The babies accidently brake a lamp and try to compensate by preparing lunch, but they just ending up making up making a bigger mess, especially Animal.
S02E01 Once Upon an Egg Timer 00/00/0000 The babies use an egg timer and a story to help Rowlf get his voice back.
S02E02 Piggy's Hyper-Activity Book 00/00/0000 When all the babies have nothing to do, Piggy takes out her activity book to play with.
S02E03 Fozzie's Last Laugh 00/00/0000 Fozzie decides he doesn't want to be a comedian anymore when Piggy hurts his feelings.
S02E04 The Great Cookie Robbery 00/00/0000 Gonzo secretly and selfishly keeps cookies to himself letting the other Muppet Babies suffer from hunger until they meet an imaginary cookie-hungry bandit, One-Eyed Jake.
S02E05 Out-of-This-World History 00/00/0000 The babies hear about the timeline of history.
S02E06 Snow White and the Seven Muppets 00/00/0000 Bunson and Beaker come over, and the babies play Snow White. But Skeeter and Piggy argue over who is to play Snow White.
S02E07 I Want My Muppet TV! 00/00/0000 After their real TV set goes bad, missing their favorite show. The Muppet Babies use a pretend TV set and make their own shows.
S02E08 Musical Muppets 00/00/0000 Each Muppet Baby performs and records his or her own song for a song-writing contest and at the end, all their songs are played together as one.
S02E09 What's New at the Zoo? 09/11/1985 The babies must convince Rolf that the zoo is not a prison for animals.
S02E10 The Great Muppet Cartoon Show 00/00/0000 The Muppet Babies create their own cartoons.
S02E11 The Muppet Museum of Art 00/00/0000 The Muppet Babies are about to go to the art museum when Skeeter gets hurt by one of Piggy's pink skates. Before everyone could notice the skate, Piggy replaces her skate with Gonzo's in the scene of the accident so he could take the blame. Since they can't go to the art museum now, the muppets decide to bring the art museum to the nursery by creating their own works of art. Gonzo paints portraits of Piggy, but her roller skate mysteriously appears in Gonzo's paintings. Freaked out by this, Piggy attempts to keep Gonzo's paintings out of sight. The muppets then show their artwork to Nanny and an injured Skeeter. When Gonzo shows to everyone a beautiful picture of Piggy, Piggy finally confesses to framing Gonzo and apologizes.
S02E12 By the Book 00/00/0000 The kids are having a fun time playing boat races but when piggy cheats the fun turns into a disaster piggy claims that the rules were changed nanny tells them how rules should be agreed on and not be changed with out consulting everyone at first.
S02E13 When You Wish Upon a Muppet 00/00/0000 The Muppet Babies play a wishing game where they each imagine their greatest wishes coming true.
S03E01 Pigerella 13/09/1986 The twins decide to get some snacks from the kitchen but Piggy warns them of the consinquences for getting snacks without Nannny's permision they ignore her warning but when piggy tries to sneak the snacks back in the kitchen Nanny accuses her of stealing from the fridge and makes her clean up the mess.
S03E02 The Best Friend I Never Had 20/09/1986 The Muppet Babies all want to have a perfect friend but find out that they are each not what they expect.
S03E03 The Weirdo Zone 27/09/1986 Gonzo shows the other babies what its like to be a ""weirdo"" like him.
S03E04 Muppets in Toyland 04/10/1986 Scooter gets an all new Transco JoBot, and all of the Muppets want one but Nanny gives them her old toys instead.
S03E05 The Muppet Broadcasting Company 11/10/1986 When Nanny's TV breaks, and she complains that she can't watch the news, the Babies create their own news channel, ""MBC"". Each Muppet creates his/her own show, including Kermit and Fozzie in a newscast, and Piggy in her own soap opera.
S03E06 Kermit Goes to Washington 18/10/1986 The babies have an election for president of the nursery, and Kermit wins.
S03E07 Fozzie's Family Tree 25/10/1986 All of the babies find interesting relatives in their family tree, but Fozzie can't find his family tree. So he does not know anything about his family. Kermit and Fozzie search for some of Fozzie's relatives.
S03E08 The Daily Muppet 01/11/1986 After Nanny's newspaper is ruined, the baies make their own paper of news for her.
S03E09 Scooter's Uncommon Cold 08/11/1986 The babies travel inside Scooter to heal him of a cold.
S03E10 Treasure Attic 15/11/1986 The babies explore the attic and find old stuff, that they never knew they had before.
S03E11 Around the Nursery in 80 Days 22/11/1986 After the Muppet Babies hear that Nanny is going on an ""around the world"" trip and are worried that they will not have a good sitter to look after them. They try to have her trip be in the nursery until they find out that their stand-in nursemaid will be her sister, Aunt Fanny.
S03E12 Fine Feathered Enemies 29/11/1986 The Muppet Babies befriend a talking parrot named Polly who causes them to misunderstand each other and quarrel with each other because of his loudmouthing.
S03E13 Muppet Goose 06/12/1986 Nanny tries to get the Babies to go to sleep by telling Nursery Rhymes.
S03E14 Bad Luck Bear 13/12/1986 After Fozzie breaks a mirror, Piggy tells him he will have bad luck for the next 7 years.
S03E15 Of Mice and Muppets 20/12/1986 The kids are taking care of Caruther's pet mouse pewee while he is on vacation its rowlf's turn to put peewee back in his cage but he accidently leaves the door open and pewee escapes the kids go on a all night search for pewee before Nanny finds out.
S03E16 Back to the Nursery 27/12/1986 When everyone is looking at Nanny's old photo album, Fozzie accidently spills cofee on an old picture of Nanny servng at a drive-through. The babies travel back in time, in a ""Back To The Future"" parody to re-take the picture of Nanny.
S04E01 Muppetland 19/09/1987 The babies make they're own themepark, and each babie makes there own attraction.
S04E02 Water Babies 26/09/1987 Nanny got an aqurarium for the muppets to look at. Skeeter thought that looking for treasure is much fun than looking at the fishes.
S04E03 The Incredible Shrinking Weirdo 03/10/1987 Gonzo thinks that he is shrinking when his basketball jersey is too big for him, but in reality He was wearing fozzie's jersey.
S04E04 Where No Muppet Has Gone Before 10/10/1987 Bunsen and Beaker come over, and the babies learn about different things in outer space.
S04E05 Journey to the Center of the Nursery 17/10/1987 After Fozzie's skate key falls down the air vent the kids go looking for it. The kids use the closet as an elevator. At each level they go down they find stranger and stranger things. The reason it's so important that Fozzie find his skate key is because he's still wearing his skates! He can't get them off! Throughout the episode Fozzie goes wheeling and sliding all over the place!
S04E06 This Little Piggy Went to Hollywood 24/10/1987 Piggy tells the babies about how she wil become a movie star like Shirley Temple.
S04E07 My Muppet Valentine 31/10/1987 Rowlf is bummed out about not getting a Valentine cookie from Nanny when the others did so the rest of the Muppet Babies try to cheer him up. Rowlf dedicates a Valentine song to his friends and Nanny gives him his cookie, saying that she forgot to put it with the other cookies.
S04E08 Invasion of the Muppet Snackers 07/11/1987 The babies smell Nanny's cooking, and itsmells really bad. They imagine how it will taste, and what it will look like. When dinner is served, they find out that the awful smell was wallpaper paste, that Nanny was using to re-decorate the bathrom with.
S04E09 Twinkle Toe Muppets 14/11/1987 The babies try different types of dancing, but Scooter doesn't know which type is bes for him.
S04E10 Weirdo for the Prosecution 21/11/1987 Gonzo is accused of breaking the cookie jar and stealing cookies, so the babies hold a trial to give him a chance to defend himself. (Boy, is he in trouble...)
S04E11 Muppet Island 28/11/1987 A bunch of peanut butter and jelly gets spilled outside the Nursery door so the kids have to stay inside until Nanny can get it cleaned up. So they make their own island.
S04E12 The Frog Who Knew Too Much 05/12/1987 Nanny has a big surprise for the kids Kermit is the first one to see it but the trouble is not telling the kids what it is.
S04E13 Beach Blanket Babies 12/12/1987 Fozzie, who has never swum before, learns to swim. But it is very hard at first.
S04E14 Old MacKermit Had a Farm 19/12/1987 The babies try to figure out where bluberry muffins come from.
S04E15 Adventures in Muppet-Sitting 26/12/1987 The babies learn how hard it is to babysit when they have to look after Animal and Robin, Kermit's nephew.
S04E16 The House That Muppets Built 02/01/1988 The babies accidently break Piggy's dollhouse, and then make one of their own for her.
S04E17 Masquerading Muppets 09/01/1988 The baies are getting set to go to a costume party, so eac of them decide what to wear.
S04E18 Nanny's Day Off 16/01/1988 The babies give Nanny a day off, and do all the work around the house so she doesn't have to.
S05E01 Muppets Not Included 10/09/1988 The babies find a tea strainer of Nanny's, and do not know what it is. Each babie thinks of a different use for it.
S05E02 Beauty and the Schnoz 17/09/1988 Piggy learns that ""beauty is in the eye of the beholder"", when she makes fun of Gonzo and it hurts his feelings.
S05E03 The Pig Who Would Be Queen 24/09/1988 The babies bulid Nanny a ""picture box"" with a fairy tale scene, and each babie pretends to be a character.
S05E04 Is There a Muppet in the House? 01/10/1988 Rowlf hadn't disapeared - he'd just watched a scary movie the night before and had gone to see Nanny. The secret passage was actually an old dumbwaiter which Animal found and had been using to move between the attic, kichen and basement.
S05E05 Slipping Beauty 08/10/1988 Piggy gets the chicken pox, and tells the babies the story of Sleeping Beauty, through walkie-talkie.
S05E06 Muppet Baby Boom 15/10/1988 All the babies look foward to seeing Mrs. Mitchell's baby, which ends up being a kitten.
S05E07 Scooter By Any Other Name 22/10/1988 Scooter's tired of being a nerd, so Gonzo convinces him to reinvent himself; first as a jet fighter pilot, then as a stand-up comic, then as a rock star, and finally as a superhero.
S05E08 He's a Wonderful Frog 29/10/1988 The Babies think Kermit is moving away, so stage a ""This is Your Life"" spoof to try and convince him to stay.
S05E09 Elm Street Babies 05/11/1988 The babies describe their weird dreams to each other.
S05E10 Plan 8 from Outer Space 12/11/1988 The babies see a news bulletin about disapearing nannies. Gonzo says that aliens have been nannynapping them because they use green stripped socks to power their spaceships (and only nannies wear green stripped socks).
S05E11 Junkyard Muppets 19/11/1988 The babies make things out of old junk, while Fozzie searches for his lost Teddy.
S05E12 The Air Conditioner at the End of the Galaxy 26/11/1988 When the air-conditioner breaks down, Scooter and Piggy travel to find a place that is more cool.
S05E13 Bug-Busting Babies 03/12/1988 The babies hunt for the bug in Scooter's computer in a parody of Ghostbusters.
S06E01 This Old Nursery 16/09/1989 The babies find an old time capsule in the nursery walls.
S06E02 And Now a Word from Our Muppets 23/09/1989 The babies make up adds for Nanny's garage sale.
S06E03 Six to Eight Weeks 30/09/1989 The babies cant wait six to eight weeks for their playhouse to come.
S06E04 The Green Ranger 07/10/1989 When Kermit's favorite cowboy show ""The Range Rider"" gets cancelled, he contemplates trying to fill in the Range Rider's shoes (as ""The Green Ranger""). But he thinks his friends might have the wrong idea, and it takes more than fame and merchandising to be a real hero.
S06E05 Not Necessarily the Babies 14/10/1989 The Babies discover the importance of why grown-ups watch the news, and with the nursery news, they find all their favorite toys.
S06E06 Comic Capers 21/10/1989 The Muppet Babies look at comic books and comic strips and imagine themselves as the characters in them.
S06E07 Faster Than a Speeding Weirdo 28/10/1989 Gonzo attempts to break the sound berrier while riding on a vaccum cleaner. He brings his trusty sidekick, Camilla along for a ride. However, misfortune strikes, and Camilla gets hurt, and Gonzo is unsure she'll make it. Nanny has to perform ""emergency surgery"" on Camilla, but in the end, she's alright. Gonzo sings the song ""Camilla"" to the babies, to show how upset he is about the thought of losing Camilla.
S06E08 Skeeter and the Wolf 04/11/1989 Nanny read the muppets a story about Peter and the wolf.
S06E09 Romancing the Weirdo 11/11/1989 Gonzo finds an old typewriter, and decides to write a detective novel (with himself as the hero, Philip Samuel Marlowe Spade, and Piggy as the heroine). Can his friends help him when he gets writer's block?
S06E10 The New Adventures of Kermo Polo 18/11/1989 The babies pretend to be famous explorer's from different periods of time.
S06E11 Goosetown Babies 25/11/1989 The babies read their favorite Mother Goose book, and are transported to Goosetown, when they realize that the town just isn't the same. So, taking the matters into their own hands, they visit Mother Goose, who believes that children don't like her tales anymore, and the residents of Goosetown have all stopped taking care of themselves. When the babies go around town patching things up, Mother Goose realizes that kids will always love her books, and everybody lives happily ever after.
S06E12 It's Only Pretendo 02/12/1989 Piggy and Gonzo get so caught up in beating each other at ""Legend of Emelda: Quest for the Golden Key"", that they almost forget it's just a game, and the main goal should really be having fun.
S06E13 Quoth the Weirdo 09/12/1989 The Muppet Babies celebrate the beauty that is poetry by talking about their favorite poems.
S06E14 Operators Are Standing By 16/12/1989 The babies wonder who could have been on the phone after Animal hangs up the phone.
S06E15 Babes in Troyland 23/12/1989 The babies learn about different greek myths.
S06E16 Puss 'n Boots 'n Babies 30/12/1989 The babies get exited about a kitty in the nursery.
S06E17 The Muppet of Invention 06/01/1990 Uncle Statler and Uncle Waldorf come to visit, and the babies make inventions of their own.
S06E18 A Punch Line to the Tummy 13/01/1990 Fozzie's trying to be a real stand-up comedian, but Gonzo's attempts at getting ""feedback"" from his audience (the other Muppet Babies) make Fozzie think his friends don't like him anymore.
S07E01 Muppet Babies: The Next Generation 00/00/0000 The babies parody The Jetsons, Star Trek, Bill & Ted, and Indiana Jones. Kermit pretends to be George Jetson, and tries to get Rolf to take a bath.
S07E02 Buckskin Babies 00/00/0000 The babies pretend to be heroes from the old west.
S07E03 Sing a Song of Superheroes 00/00/0000 The babies put on their own ""superhero opera"" while Nanny tries to watch the ""Phantom of the Opera""
S07E04 Gonzee's Playhouse Channel 00/00/0000 Gonzo does his own conduit of tv.
S07E05 Kermit Pan 00/00/0000 The Muppet Babies version of Peter Pan with Kermit as Peter Pan, Skeeter as Wendy and Piggy as Tinkerbell.
S07E06 Whose Tale is it Anyway? 00/00/0000 The babies tell their own tales to each other.
S07E07 ...At the Movies 27/10/1990 The babies joke about the movies.
S07E08 In Search of the Bronzed Beetle 03/11/1990 The babies search for the bronzed beetle that they hear about.
S07E09 The Transcontinental Whoo-Whoo 00/00/0000 Statler and Waldorf join the kids in reenacting the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad.
S07E10 Get Me to the Perch on Time 00/00/0000 After a messenger pigeon gets hurt outside the nursery window, the Babies help her by deliverying her messages around the world.
S07E11 Bearly Alone Babies 00/00/0000 The babies help Nanny prepare the house for a storm.
S07E12 Remote Control Cornballs 00/00/0000 The babies joke about remote controls.
S07E13 Nice to Have Gnome You 00/00/0000 The Babies help Piggy find her book of ""Alice In Wonderland"" before the Book-Mobile arrives to pick-up the books. When Miss Piggy thinks she has lost it the rest of the gang helps her to make a new book with just pictures; drawn by themselves. The kids then learn that Nanny acutally had the book!
S07E14 Happy Birthday Uncle Piggy 00/00/0000 Uncle Statler and Uncle Waldorf have an aniversary.
S07E15 Hats, Hats, Hats 00/00/0000 The Babies have an adventure with the many different hats that Uncles Statler and Waldorf bring them.
S07E16 Eight Flags Over the Nursery 29/12/1990 When it will take five years to build the real amusement park the babies build their own - Babyland!
S00E01 Promos - Going to Break, No. 1 00/00/0000
S00E02 Promos - Going to Break, No. 2 00/00/0000
S00E03 Promos - Going to Break, No. 3 00/00/0000
S00E04 Promos - McDonald's Ad, No. 1 00/00/0000
S00E05 Promos - McDonald's Ad, No. 2 00/00/0000
S00E06 Promos - Doll Commercial, No. 1 00/00/0000
S00E07 Promos - Doll Commercial, No. 2 00/00/0000
S00E08 Storybook, Vol. 5 00/00/0000
S00E09 Little Muppet Monsters - In The Beginning 00/00/0000
S00E10 Little Muppet Monsters - Space Cowboys 00/00/0000
S00E11 Little Muppet Monsters - The Great Boodini 00/00/0000
S00E12 Little Muppet Monsters - Gunko 00/00/0000
S00E13 Little Muppet Monsters - Foo-Foo Phooey 00/00/0000
S00E14 Little Muppet Monsters - Gonzo's Tallent Hunt 00/00/0000