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A Scottish Television production documenting real life and fictional murderers all with one thing in common:- They're Scottish


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Murder @ 9

S01E01 In Search of Bible John 22/09/2014 3 Glasgow women were brutally murdered in late 60s and their killer was never caught – or was he?
S01E02 Ian Brady, The Right to Die 23/09/2014 The story of the Scottish serial killer, who, together with Myra Hindley, murdered 5 children on the Manchester Moors
S01E03 Peter Manuel, The End of Evil 24/09/2014 Hanged in 1958, Manuel was convicted of 7 murders including men, women and children.
S01E04 Madelaine Smith, A Glasgow Murder Mystery 25/09/2014 Madelaine Smith was young and beautiful but was she also a murderess? Who did kill her lover?
S01E05 In Search of Burke and Hare 26/09/2014 This documentary follows in the footsteps of the first Scottish serial killers and looks at how they came to murder at least 17 people.
S01E06 Robert Mone, A Scottish Killer 29/09/2014 Imprisoned after the murder of a young Scottish schoolteacher, Robert Mone continued to hit the headlines by escaping and continuing his killing spree.
S01E07 Robert Black, A Scottish Killer 30/09/2014 Serving 12 life sentences for murder and kidnap, this is a fascinating profile of a Scottish killer whose dark legacy is one of the most chilling in living memory.
S01E08 Rebus, Behind the Scenes 01/10/2014 A fascinating insight into the creation of DCI John Rebus by Ian Rankin and the actors who have played him.
S01E09 “There’s Been Another Murder – I Love Taggart 02/10/2014 An affectionate insight into the longest running detective show on UK television.
S01E10 In Search of Sherlock Holmes 03/10/2014 An investigation into the master of mystery by one of his biggest fans, David Hayman.

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