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Ultimate Muscle follows Suguru Kinniku, a superhero that must win a wrestling tournament to keep the title of prince of Planet Kinniku.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Muscleman

S01E01 Le Messager 03/04/1983
S01E02 Le Monstre du Loch-Ness 10/04/1983
S01E03 L'Attaque des monstres de l'espace 17/04/1983
S01E04 Mademoiselle Libellule 24/04/1983
S01E05 Kinkotsuman and the Battle of Bone and Muscle / Kinnikuman's Broken Heart 01/05/1983
S01E06 Kinnikuman is Sexy!? / The Japanese Representative is... 08/05/1983
S01E07 The Hero Olympics / Kinkotsuman's Trap 15/05/1983
S01E08 The Space Marathon / Showdown! The Battle Royal 22/05/1983
S01E09 Natsuko Becomes Giant / The Hidden Secret 29/05/1983
S01E10 The Tournament Finals Begins! / Watch Out, Terryman! 05/06/1983
S01E11 The Great Reversal! / Ice-Top Death Match 12/06/1983
S01E12 The Deadly Camel Clutch / Just Look at that Western Spirit! 19/06/1983
S01E13 Terryman's Demonic Transformation / The Killer Boston Crab 26/06/1983
S01E14 Zangyaku-seijin Appears! / Kinnikuman Advances to the Finals 03/07/1983
S01E15 The Secret Snowy Mountain Training / Ramenman's Great Rage 10/07/1983
S01E16 Let's Go! Battle Style / There it is! The Human Rocket 17/07/1983
S01E17 Robin's Dreadful Finisher! / The Course of Death 24/07/1983
S01E18 The Electric Hellish Message / Will Kinnikuman Comeback? 31/07/1983
S01E19 Kinnikuman Flies the World / Hawaii! The Mysterious Kamehame 07/08/1983
S01E20 The 7 Second Fall! / The No Rope Death Match 14/08/1983
S01E21 Kinnikuman One-Shot Fight / Finishing Move: Fuu Rin Ka Zan 28/08/1983
S01E22 The Choujin League Crumbles! / Watch Out, Suguru 04/09/1983
S01E23 The Terrifying Magician Appears / The 4th Killer Technique 11/09/1983
S01E24 Tendon vs. Kinnikuman / The Secret of Skull Boze 18/09/1983
S01E25 Robin Mask Appears Again / The Great Amazon Canyon Duel! 25/09/1983
S01E26 The Hellish Midair Death Match / The End of Robin Mask 02/10/1983
S01E27 The Choujin Olympics Again / The Insanely Strong Rikishiman Appears 09/10/1983
S01E28 The Choujin Sieve Drop / Challenge in the Gasoline Pool 16/10/1983
S01E29 Kinniku Edition: Springtime of Love / Knock Away the Shinkansen 23/10/1983
S01E30 Final Prelim: The Ravine of Falling Choujin / The Deadly Roller Game 30/10/1983
S01E31 Deadly Struggle Before the Goal / The Choujin are Pachinko Balls 06/11/1983
S01E32 Warsman, The Iron Claw / Can You See It!? The Killer Wax Hold 13/11/1983
S01E33 Brocken Jr.'s Challenge / And Here's Kinnikuman's Finishing Move! 20/11/1983
S01E34 The Concrete Death Match / Brocken Jr.'s Fierce Assault 27/11/1983
S01E35 Secret Technique: Great Wall of China / The American-Soviet Choujin Clash! 04/12/1983
S01E36 Benkiman's Trap / Ramenman is a True Choujin 11/12/1983
S01E37 The Sumo Choujin Rikishiman / To the Edge of the Dohyo! 18/12/1983
S01E38 Casket Death Match / The Fighting Machine Choujin 25/12/1983
S01E39 The Deadly Bear Claws / The Scramble Soft Reversal 08/01/1984
S01E40 Mask Removal Death Match! / Ramenman's Oath 15/01/1984
S01E41 Defeat the Palo Special / That's it! The Kinniku Buster 22/01/1984
S01E42 The Day of the Final Battle Arrives! / What is Barracuda's True Identity!? 29/01/1984
S01E43 The Terrible Computer Choujin! / The Torn Mask 05/02/1984
S01E44 The Crucial Kinniku Gard / The Greatest Pinch! 12/02/1984
S01E45 Robin Mask's Revenge / Burning Inner Strength! 19/02/1984
S01E46 90 Brutal Minutes! The Single Round Match / Do You Give Up, Kinnikuman!? 26/02/1984
S01E47 The Blazing Spirit Calls for a Miracle!! / An Historic First! V2 04/03/1984
S01E48 The Seven Akuma Choujin Appear!! / Meat is Separated 11/03/1984
S01E49 The Akuma Choujin Series Begins / The Bad SteCase King 18/03/1984
S01E50 The Devil's Symphony / Secret Technique! The Three Minute Killer 25/03/1984
S01E51 Devil Choujin Black Hole/Terrible Fourth Dimensional Wrestling 01/04/1984
S01E52 Shadow Hitman! The Split-Image Technique/Life or Death!? The Hole of Darkness 08/04/1984
S01E53 Hooray!! The Yellow Hole/I am Indestructible!! 15/04/1984
S01E54 Idol Choujins vs. Devil Choujins/The Devil Choujins Full-On Attack!! 22/04/1984
S01E55 The Terrible Devil Tomboy/Great Underwater Tactics 29/04/1984
S01E56 Beware The Mummy Package!!/Finishing Move!! The Hellish Fang 06/05/1984
S01E57 The Mysterious Truth of the Choujin!?/The Valuable Trump Blade - The Bear Claw 13/05/1984
S01E58 The Resurrection of the Human Spirit/Double Bear Claw 20/05/1984
S01E59 Terryman Falls into the Canyon/The Mysterious Red Spots! 27/05/1984
S01E60 The Binding Devil Choujin Blood/The Intense St. Helens Eruption 03/06/1984
S01E61 Meat Helps Kinnikuman/Mysterious Choujin Mongolman 10/06/1984
S01E62 Shower of Hell/10 Million Power at Full Throttle! 17/06/1984
S01E63 The Secret of the Long Horn/The Fiery Reversals 24/06/1984
S01E64 The Tattered Ring/It's Here! The New Kinniku Buster 01/07/1984
S01E65 The 1 Second Time Limit!!/The Ring of Frienship 08/07/1984
S01E66 The Legend of the Gold Mask/Challenge of the Devil Knights 07/10/1984
S01E67 Outrageous! The Hellish Crocodile/Changing Choujin Sneagator 14/10/1984
S01E68 The Fiendish Frill-Necked Lizard!!/Sneagator's True Form 21/10/1984
S01E69 Come Like a Miracle Silver Mask/The Mortal Entrance 28/10/1984
S01E70 Planetman's Space Hell/Is the Justice Choujin Done For?! 04/11/1984
S01E71 Geronimo's War Cry/Chased to the Bottom of Hell 11/11/1984
S01E72 The Deadly Five-Story Ring/Junkman's Counterattack! 18/11/1984
S01E73 It's Here! The Robin Strategy/The Ninja's Binding Spider Web 25/11/1984
S01E74 Hooray! The Red Rain of Berlin/Hellish Technique Ashura Buster 02/12/1984
S01E75 Both Arms Stolen/Watch Out Warsman! 09/12/1984
S01E76 Terryman's Deadly Resolution/Geronimo's Fierce Attack! 16/12/1984
S01E77 The Murderous Hell's Pyramid/The Immortal Choujin Spirit 23/12/1984
S01E78 Mystery of The Gold Mask/Akuma Shogun Appears 30/12/1984
S01E79 The Explosive Hell's Guillotine!/Buffaloman's Revival! 09/01/1985
S01E80 Come Like a Storm Hellish Spider Web/The Devastating Kinniku Buster! 13/01/1985
S01E81 The Crushing Ashura Buster/Buffaloman's Rebellion! 20/01/1985
S01E82 Harsh Training! The New Finishing Move!!/Direct Hit! The Skull Crush 27/01/1985
S01E83 Akuma Shogun the Hollow Choujin/The Explosive Neo Kinniku Buster 03/02/1985
S01E84 Explosive Diamond Power/The Fiery Megaton Punch 10/02/1985
S01E85 Survivor Death Match/The Chairman's Friendship 17/02/1985
S01E86 Kinnikuman vs. Akuma Shogun/Victory of Justice and Friendship 24/02/1985
S01E87 The Dream Tag Tournament/Challenge of the Three Gates! 07/04/1985
S01E88 Kinnikuman Great Appears/Great Riot! The Hellish Combo 14/04/1985
S01E89 The Dreadful Fourth Dimensional Trap!/Watch Out Kinnikuman Great! 21/04/1985
S01E90 The Miraculous Muscle Docking/The Terrible Perfect Choujins! 28/04/1985
S01E91 The Hellish Blood-Spilling Screw/The Bosses Appear 05/05/1985
S01E92 Big the Budo's True Form/Rough Technique! The Robin Special 12/05/1985
S01E93 The Non-Removable Mask/Robin Mask's Counterattack! 19/05/1985
S01E94 Birth of a New Terryman/Take That! The Hell's Tornado 26/05/1985
S01E95 The Cursed Roller Strategy/The Hell's Sand Ball 02/06/1985
S01E96 Terryman's Resurrection/The Blood Spilling Devil's Combo 09/06/1985
S01E97 The Explosive Hellish Clothesline/Kinnikuman Great's True Identity 16/06/1985
S01E98 The Semi-Finals Begin!/Lumber Jack Death Match 23/06/1985
S01E99 Terryman's Anguish/Kinnikuman Great's Come-Back 30/06/1985
S01E100 Sunshine Magnum/Essential Point! The Sleeping Technique 07/07/1985
S01E101 The Prince of Hell/Beware of Ashura's Fireball Bullets 14/07/1985
S01E102 The Crushing Cursed Roller/Akuma Shogun's Resurrection!? 21/07/1985
S01E103 The Burning Devil Spirit/Ashuraman Weeps! 28/07/1985
S01E104 The Friendship Combination/The End of Sunshine 04/08/1985
S01E105 The Harsh Barbed-Wire Match/Watch Out Mongolman! 11/08/1985
S01E106 Return of the Long Horn/The Mountain Ring Collapses! 18/08/1985
S01E107 The Pyramid Ring Arrives!/Jump for the Skies of Hokkaido! 06/10/1985
S01E108 Mystery of the Pyramid Ring/The Vicious Thunder Sabre! 13/10/1985
S01E109 Buffaloman's Friendship/The Magnetic Cross Bomber 20/10/1985
S01E110 Ramenman's Deadly Defeat!/Kinikuman's Theft 27/10/1985
S01E111 Long Horn of Friendship/The Finals! Sword Death Match 03/11/1985
S01E112 No-Limit Best-of-Three Match/The Fiery Mind Tricks 10/11/1985
S01E113 Mask Hunt - The Last 30 Seconds/The Explosive Magnetic 17/11/1985
S01E114 The First Defeat!/Ashuraman's Friendship 24/11/1985
S01E115 Revival of The Machineguns!/Mask The End 01/12/1985
S01E116 It's Here! Kinnikuman's Uncovered Face/Neptune King Makes his Appearance 08/12/1985
S01E117 Terryman is Skewered!/Come Like a Miracle, Power of Friendship 15/12/1985
S01E118 The Fiery Uneven Sides/The Mysterious Apron Window 22/12/1985
S01E119 Trapped in the Ancient Graveyard/The Shining Trophy! 29/12/1985
S01E120 The Prince Kinniku Capsizes/The Psycho Choujin Army Appears 05/01/1986
S01E121 The Strategist Yama Khan Appears/Transforming Choujin Kareiyasu 12/01/1986
S01E122 Kinnikuman Melts Away/Great Melee! Where is Mari? 19/01/1986
S01E123 They're Here! The Psycho Jaws/The Fighting Yama Khan 26/01/1986
S01E124 The Strongest! Psycho Warp/The Justice Choujin is Immortal! 02/02/1986
S01E125 Kinnikuman the Doubleman/Protect the Sword of Justice! 22/04/1986
S01E126 Pallbearer Dirty Baron/The Sparking Hellish Ring 29/04/1986
S01E127 The Volcano's Great Explosion!?/The Foggy Wild Bakuto 20/05/1986
S01E128 Bakuto's Heinous Trump!!/Dirty Baron's Fresh Appearance 27/05/1986
S01E129 The Dreaded 3D Trump/Terryman is Tattered! 17/06/1986
S01E130 The Shocking New Long Horn!/Buffaloman's Devilish Burn 01/07/1986
S01E131 Ramenman's Determination/Finishing Move - The Great Chinese Water Wheel 15/07/1986
S01E132 Ramenman is Skewered!/Szechwan - The Great Rising Dragon! 22/07/1986
S01E133 Disadvantaged! The Irregular Tag Match/Great Monster Sky Devil 29/07/1986
S01E134 Robin Mask's Desperate Situation!/The Murderous Superhuman Grind of Blue Docky 02/09/1986
S01E135 Blocken Jr.'s Anger!/Threatening! The Seven Tools of The God of Death 16/09/1986
S01E136 It's Here! The Biggest Battle of The Century/Burning Inner Strength 23/09/1986
S01E137 The Long Horn's Disturbing Strike!/Whose Hand Wields The Sword of Justice!? 01/10/1986
S00E01 Showdown! The 7 Justice Supermen vs. The Space Samurais 07/04/1984 A young boy from Planet Rakka named Beansman asks Kinnikuman and the others to help save his planet from the Space Samurai's led by Black King.
S00E02 Kinnikuman: Stolen Championship Belt 14/07/1984 After winning the 21st Choujin Olympics, Kinnikuman plans to build his own theme park. As his friends and celebrities arrive, the sky grows dark and with a flash of lightning Kinnikuman's championship belt is gone. He then sees that it has been taken by Octopus Dragon III, who challenges him to take it back. Kinnikuman tries but fails and Mari is kidnapped. Octopus Dragon gives Kinnikuman a time limit to save her before she is fed to the monster Gigasaurus and then returns to his home world of Planet Metro (????, Metoro-sei?). Despite his injuries, Kinnikuman is determined to go and reclaim his belt and Mari. Luckily, Terryman, Ramenman, Robin Mask, Warsman, Brocken Jr., and Rikishiman arrive to lend him a hand. Upon arrival on Planet Metro, they are spotted by two minions of Octopus Dragon (series creators Yudetamago in a cameo). They report back to Octopus Dragon, who sends his Kyou'aku Choujin (????, Villainous Supermen?) off to stop the Idol Choujins from advancing. They first come across Harigorasu, who is guarding a log bridge. Rikishiman volunteers to fight him and eventually causes them both to fall over into the valley below. Although Rikishiman manages to grab hold of the wall of the valley, he tells Kinnikuman and the others to go on without him as it would take too much time to save him. When Kinnikuman refuses, he lets go of the wall and falls into the valley. They next meet the ninjutsu Choujin Ukon and his minions. After a comical scene where Kinnikuman mishears Ukon's name as unko (???, poop?), Ramenman and Brocken Jr. volunteer to take them on while the others continue on the journey. As they continue, Robin Mask and Warsman volunteer to take on AmeRug Boss and his minons so Kinnikuman and Terryman can continue. However, Warsman meets up with them again and tells of how Robin threw himself and several of the enemies into an erupting volcano. Warsman then ends up taking on another group of enemies by himself, urging Kinnikuman and Te
S00E03 Great Riot! Justice Superman 22/12/1984 The mighty Horumon clan have been rivals of the Kinniku Clan for years, but today they are nearly extinct. When the last daughter of the Horumon Clan falls in love with Kinnikuman during her mission to assassinate him, her father Horumon Yaki enlists the aide of Shishkeba Boo of the Barbecue Clan, promising him Bibinba's hand in marriage. Shishkeba Boo himself has joined forces with the "Dark Monarch" Black Emperor, who looks to destroy Kinnikuman. Two of his spies (series creators Yudetamago in a cameo) have learned of Kinnikuman's location, so they head for Earth. While Kinnikuman whines about not being interviewed on the Choujin Hour with the rest of the Idol Choujins, Chairman Harabote arrives with a letter of challenge from Shishkeba Boo. Kinnikuman heads to Mount Fuji and the fight begins. Meanwhile, Black Emperor sends out his Black Corps (??????, Burakku Gundan?) to attack the Idol Choujins. As Kinnikuman's fight continues, Great Ukon arrives with his minions to help Shishkeba Boo. However, Shishkeba Boo is outraged by this cowardly tactic and fights off the minions while Kinnikuman defeats Great Ukon with a Kinniku Buster. Black Emperor then arrives and challenges Kinnikuman. When Kinnikuman refuses, he places Bibinba and her father on a large boulder and surrounds them with a lake of fire. Kinnikuman tries to walk through the flames, but only gets halfway through before almost passing out. Suddenly, Terryman and Warsman arrive and pull him out while Robin Mask and Rikishiman save Bibinba and her father. With the Idol Choujins all there, the real fights begin. Kinnikuman is supposed to fight the Black Satan corps but is easily dominated by them. Black Emperor believes he has won and begins to leave. Suddenly, Buffaloman arrives and volunteers to take on the Black Satans while Kinnikuman fights Black Emperor. At first, Kinnikuman has trouble even catching Black Emperor, but as soon as he does Black Emperor begins using his Devil
S00E04 Justice Supermen vs. Ancient Supermen 16/03/1985 While Kinnikuman is on vacation with Mari-san's kindergarten class at Easter Island, the young wheelchair-bound Kouichi-kun laments being with an idiot like Kinnikuman, preferring to instead be with his favorite Seigi Choujin Buffaloman. Meanwhile, the other Seigi Choujins are also vacationing at ancient landmarks.
S00E05 Counterattack! The Underground Space Choujins 13/07/1985
S00E06 Hour of Triumph! Justice Superman 21/12/1985
S00E07 Crisis in New York! 15/03/1986
S00E08 Justice Supermen vs. Fighter Supermen 20/12/1986
S00E09 Kinnikuman II Sei 25/09/2001 La nouvelle génération de Muscle Man débarque ! Mantaro est le nouveau protecteur de la Terre, aidé de ses compagnons de la ligue des lutteurs, eux aussi des super héros. Ils vont devoir affronter un terrible adversaire très coriace, et sauver une fois de plus la planète.
S00E10 Muscle Ginseng Competition! The Great Choujin War 20/07/2002 In order to save a princess, Mantarou and the gang must find a special ginseng. They are later joined by Kevin Mask.

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