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Jimmy Doherty goes behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum to join the people who are uncovering secrets, solving mysteries and making discoveries among the historic collections.


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S01E01 A Museum in a Modern World 18/03/2010 Jimmy Doherty gets to grips with Darwin's finches and Dippy the Diplodocus.
S01E02 Digging up the Past 25/03/2010 Jimmy Doherty and the team find out about the discovery of a new dinosaur, the latest thinking on the personality of a T Rex, and what scientists are learning from a human skull over a hundred thousand years old.
S01E03 All Creatures Great and Small 01/04/2010 Jimmy Doherty and the team go behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum to see work taking place on animals. They explore projects from the construction of a life-sized whale to a life-saving trip to Uganda. The true image of a dodo is revealed, and a nine-foot sturgeon turns up with the strangest tale of any object in the museum.
S01E04 Discovery 08/04/2010 Jimmy Doherty goes behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum to discover the lengths people go to to add new and rarely studied species to the collection. A colossal squid turns up at the museum, a team of scientists push through unexplored jungle in Panama and a pioneering project finds a new species at the bottom of the sea off the coast of Sweden.
S01E05 The Power of Insects 15/04/2010 The team explore the great butterfly collection, meet the most stung man in the museum and discover how the museum is using insects to help at murder scenes.
S01E06 A Collection for the Future 22/04/2010 Beetles inspire new technologies, the latest scanner allows scientists to take a trip inside a shark, and ancient specimens are called into the battle to help prevent extinction.

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