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Susan Austin and Lance Gilman run the world famous Mustang Ranch brothel, where they host everybody — and everything — from sponsored athletes and live events to concerts, motocross competitions, MMA fights, and unique Mustang Games. Susan and Lance face daily challenges running the Mustang Ranch the way they want to — with heart and integrity — even though their business is traditionally associated only with sex and money. But her business approach has always been the same, reflecting how this couple first met: she was a working girl in her mid-40s, he was a successful businessman and her most loyal client, and out of this unconventional romance grew an unconventional business partnership when the government put the ranch up for sale on eBay. Each 30-minute episode of this series features Susan, Lance, members of the staff, the working ladies and even some of their regular clients at the Mustang Ranch, America’s first and oldest legal brothel, which is located just outside Reno, Nevada.

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