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Premiering in 1963 broadcast on prime-time from 1968-1971 and airing in syndication until 1988 the Emmy Award-winning MUTUAL OF OMAHA'S WILD KINGDOM was one of the longest-running and most beloved television series of all time. A pioneer of the narrative nature-documentary format the educational series followed venerable host and ecologist Marlin Perkins (later joined by Jim Fowler Peter Gros Stan Brock and Tom Allen) as he trekked to the farthest reaches of the globe to study wild animals in their natural habitats.


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S01E01 The Lost Elephants of Timbuktu 17/09/2002 Along the southern fringe of the Sahara desert, near Timbuktu, travels a herd of elephants that remain a mystery to both locals and experts. Follow a scientist's efforts to understand how these elephants survive in this harsh and barren land.
S01E02 Great Cats of India 22/10/2002 Meet Alphonse Roy, India's leading wildlife cameraman, and witness his extraordinary depth of experience as he attempts to capture definitive documentary portraits of India's four great cats: the lion, tiger, leopard and ever-elusive snow leopard.
S01E03 Black Mamba 00/00/0000 Explore the secret world of the black mamba, an amazing creature with a terrible reputation. Donald Strydom, a mamba specialist, faces the snake every day in an effort to protect it and educate people about this misunderstood species.
S01E04 Meerkats Unmasked 00/00/0000 Follow the exploits of a meerkat family as it confronts the challenges and joys of life in the Kalahari Desert. These tiny animals, no bigger than a half-grown kitten, form tight knit communities with a social structure unlike any other.
S01E05 Survival of the Sand Creatures 00/00/0000 Weird and wonderful mammals, insects and reptiles struggle to survive in the hostile, sun-baked Namib Desert. For these animals, the stakes for survival get higher with the shifting of each grain of sand.
S01E06 Swimming Lions 00/00/0000 In the Okavango Delta — where anything is possible — lions are doing something unexpected: They have taken to water and become supreme swimmers. Meet the scientists engaged in an ongoing quest to understand this quirky lion behavior.
S02E01 Danger Under the Ice 00/00/0000 Follow the fatal game of cat and mouse that leopard seals play with penguins and discover a surprisingly human side of this dangerous mammal. Underwater cinematographer Göran Ehlme explores the icy waters of Antarctica where leopard seals thrive.
S02E02 Cave Elephants 00/00/0000 A cave in Kenya's Mount Elgon National Park is the only place in the world where elephants venture deep underground, feeling their way in the darkness, trunk-to-tail, satisfying their need for salt to survive.
S02E03 Rumble in the River 00/00/0000 It's not the "Thrilla in Manilla" or the "Rumble in the Jungle." This title bout takes place in the murky depths of Zambia's Luangwa River, where two of the toughest heavyweights of the water world compete for the title "King of the River."
S02E04 Night Cats on the Prowl 00/00/0000 Lift the curtain of darkness that conceals the creatures of the African night in this first-ever extended-access evening in the Serengeti, where night vision cinematography and infrared cameras reveal wildlife behavior never before seen on film.
S02E05 Wild Ladies of Viramba 00/00/0000 From what we eat to where we sleep, mothers are the glue that holds our families together. The same goes for baboons. Join a young researcher for an eventful year in Tanzania among 40 baboons that exist on a knife-edge between life and death.
S02E06 Grizzly Encounters 00/00/0000 Cinematographer Andreas Kieling has heard rumors about giant grizzlies along the remote coastline of the North Pacific. He swims with wild bears and films a fight between a young bear and a wolf pack, but can he track the giant grizzly?
S03E01 Heart of a Lioness 00/00/0000 When a lioness adopts a baby antelope in Kenya, it's nothing short of a modern-day miracle, and her tenderness toward the calf is astonishing. Naturalist Saba Douglas-Hamilton tries to unravel the mystery behind this natural wonder.
S03E02 Cheetah: Race Against Time 00/00/0000 Once widespread across Africa and Asia, today there are only 12,000 wild cheetahs left. Join wildlife expert Peter Gros on a journey to Namibia, where conservationist Laurie Marker is helping to turn the tide on the long decline of the cheetah.y in the darkness, trunk-to-tail, satisfying their need for salt to survive.
S03E03 Okavango Untamed 00/00/0000 Diana Tilden-Davis, a guide in the Okavango Delta, uses remote-controlled cameras and a bite-proof cage to get closer to hippos and lions than ever. Scuba diving in the delta's channels, she makes an amazing discovery about hippos.
S03E04 Devil Diary 00/00/0000 Follow the everyday dramas experienced by park staff at the world's premier Tasmanian devil sanctuary. Owner, founder and devil expert Androo Kelly runs the show and has an extraordinary rapport with these misunderstood animals.
S03E05 Way of the Warrior 00/00/0000 From the monstrous great white shark to the tiny army ant, these animals are built to kill. Witness the deadliest and most creative killers in the animal kingdom in action. Learn exactly what makes them so lethal and how they win their battles.
S03E06 Natural Born Winners 00/00/0000 Every day, animals face dramatic tests of survival. Whether it's beating back competitors or finding the next meal, success is measured by life or death. Discover how animals beat the competition in the ultimate game of survival.
S04E01 A Man Among Orcas 00/00/0000
S04E02 Kalahari Supercat 00/00/0000
S04E03 Polar Bear Alcatraz 00/00/0000
S04E04 King Cobra and I 00/00/0000
S04E05 Amazon Claws 00/00/0000
S04E06 Butaan: The Lost Dragon 00/00/0000
S04E07 Global Wolf 00/00/0000 Global Wolf educates viewers on the history of the human-wolf relationship throughout the world and follows international wolf researchers as they work to preserve a species once hunted to the edge of extinction. Gesa Kluth, a European wolf biologist, plays happily with captive research wolves as she explains they are quite friendly to each other and the humans they recognize. Her quest is to determine if the German wolf is truly extinct or if there may be hope to revitalize the regional lineage. In the Yukon, Canadian biologist David Jones joins his friend Steven Frost, a caribou tracker, as they traverse the Porcupine River. The two men hope a caribou migration will result in some wolf sightings. Although Canadian wolves boast a healthy population they are known for their evasive nature. It is therefore a unique event when a wolf presents itself to Jones and Frost, engaging in a conversation of howls with Jones – an encounter that lasts over three hours. In Russia, wolf rescuer Vladimir Bologov purchases a litter of wolf cubs from the hunters that orphaned them. He takes them to an island where we discover he has established a wolf refuge. Striving to allow the wolves to remain as wild as possible, Vladimir keeps his distance, allowing the wolves to remain semi-wild but cared for in the refuge for a year before driving them as far into the wilderness as possible to be released. Vladimir remains with the wolves for days after release to ensure the likelihood of their survival, and fits them with radio collars so he may continue to track their progress. In addition to following these specific researchers, the filmmakers take us to India to survey the relationship between the human population and area wildlife, and to more remote areas of Egypt and the Middle East, as the historical conflict between humans and wolves is elaborated upon. While crediting the endurance of wolf populations with their ability to adapt to various environments, it is also explained that
S05E01 Magnificent Moments 00/00/0000
S05E02 Last Lions of India 00/00/0000
S05E03 America's Savanna 00/00/0000
S05E04 Cheetahs: Fast and Furious 00/00/0000
S05E05 Raising Sancho 00/00/0000
S05E06 Stalking Leopards 00/00/0000
S05E07 Tsavo Lions 00/00/0000
S05E08 Octopus Volcano 00/00/0000 On the edge of the planet's most active volcano rages an ancient battle for survival. Armed with remote and underwater cameras, a group of scientists seek to discover how the octopus manages to thrive in the waters surrounding the volcanic island of Stromboli.
S05E09 The Great Elephant Rescue 00/00/0000 Kruger National Park has become a victim of its own success — there are just too many elephants. Follow the incredible effort of moving 1,000 elephants across the border to Mozambique and Zimbabwe in one of the biggest relocation projects ever attempted.
S05E10 War of the Wombats 00/00/0000 In Australia, this cuddly subterranean engineer enrages farmers and home owners by tunneling under buildings and fields. Attempts to control its numbers have pushed the wombat into rapid decline. This is the story of the few individuals determined to save it from extinction.
S05E11 Whales of the Midnight Sun 00/00/0000
S05E12 Borneo's Pybmy Elephants 00/00/0000 The island of Borneo is home to a species of elephant unlike any other on the planet. This is the story of a remarkable relationship between a single man, Bert Dausip, and the extraordinary pygmy elephants he has devoted himself to and will give everything to protect.
S08E01 BEARWALKER OF THE NORTHWOODS 00/00/0000 Biologist Lynn Rogers has studied wild black bears for over 40 years. Follow Rogers as he tracks a group of wild bears in Minnesota and witness first-hand, the trials and tribulations of a mother bear and her three cubs.
S08E02 THE LAST LIONESS 00/00/0000 Lady Luiwa is the last remaining lioness in Liuwa Plains National Park in Zambia. When wildlife officials attempt a risky reintroduction of male lions to the park, will the last lioness finally have a pride of her own?
S08E03 MOUNTAINS OF THE MONSOON 00/00/0000 Journey through one of India's last wildernesses. These mountains are a refuge for some of India's most extraordinary animals. Kadur is in search of the most elusive creature of all, a big cat unlike anything seen before.
S08E04 WORLD'S LARGEST SHARK 00/00/0000 The whale shark is the world's largest shark, but it's also one of the least understood creatures in the ocean. For most of the year, whale sharks disappear beneath the waves. Can the latest satellite tracking and shark cam technology solve this mystery?
S08E05 MANTA QUEEN 00/00/0000 Along the remote coastline of Mozambique, a young American biologist has devoted her life to the study of manta rays. From dramatic feeding frenzies to the discovery of an entirely new species, Andrea's findings are rocking the world of marine biology.
S08E06 China's Last Elephants 29/04/2010 Thousands of elephants once roamed China's vast landscape. Today, only 250 remain. British wildlife cameraman Richard Kirby and Chinese conservationist Grace Gabriel set out on a remarkable mission to track and film these elephants before they disappear forever.
S09E01 Million Dollar Otters 03/04/2011 Off the stunning coast of California live the world's smallest marine mammals, the sea otters. For eight months, we follow the lives of two sea otter pups, both born at the end of summer but growing up in two very different worlds. One pup lives among the yachts off Millionaire Row. The second, on the rugged, wind swept shoreline to the south. Their tenacity, family bonds and intelligence are all they have to overcome the challenges of life.
S09E02 Dolphins of Shark Bay 10/04/2011 In a stunning new insight into the lives of wild dolphins, passionate young biologist Eric Patterson follows three families of dolphins - the Beach Girls, the Spongers and the Whackers, who live in the shallow waters of Western Australia's spectacular Shark Bay. The Dolphins of Shark Bay promises an intimate and emotional portrayal of one of the ocean's most revered creatures.
S09E03 Radio Gibbon 17/04/2011 In deepest Borneo, a remarkable young Frenchman named Chanee Brule is combining his love of music with his passion for gibbons. These magical singing apes of the rainforest are in danger of extinction and, to help save them, Chanee has set up a rescue center and gibbon sanctuary. To increase awareness of the gibbons' plight, Chanee has created his own radio station, Radio Kalaweit, named after the local word for gibbon. He uses the airwaves to publicize his mission, and its music and message have made it the most successful radio station in Borneo.
S09E04 Mysteries of the Jungle Giants 01/05/2011 Deep in the rainforest of Central Africa lies an elephant oasis - a remarkable place that holds the key to the future for forest elephants. Over the last 20 years, Andrea Turkalo, a former Bronx schoolteacher, has been studying these enigmatic giants, getting to know more than 4,000 of them. She has begun to unravel the secrets of their complex social lives and the meanings of their unique vocalizations. New acoustic research is shedding light on the many mysteries that still surround forest elephant society. Will these endangered elephants finally speak out and tell Andrea what it is they need to survive?
S09E05 Prairie Dog Chatter 15/05/2011 The eccentric experiments of Arizonian prairie dog researcher Con Slobodchikoff suggest that prairie dogs are capable of language. For the last 20 years, he has been compiling a dictionary of prairie dog words. Only this year he discovered that prairie dogs actually attend school to learn these words. So what are they really saying? We follow these linguists of the prairie and their calls of the wild.
S09E06 Pandamania 22/05/2011 A landmark documentary to mark the 50th anniversary of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the giant panda as its much-loved icon. This is the panda's survival story; a look back at an extraordinary east-west collaboration that has brought pandas from the brink of extinction, and ahead to the radical, controversial and risky next phase: re-introduction into the wild.

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