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Each week, real people will share their personal stories about a time in their life when love drove them to a place where rational thinking went out the window. This comedic anthology series follows the wild, romantic and hilarious things men and women have done in the name of love. From jumping out of a plane to hiding out in a girlfriend’s closet, this series will cover it all through stylized reenactments and interviews.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de My Crazy Love

S01E01 Tina and Adrienne 28/10/2014 When a hot guy approaches her at the bar, Tina is overwhelmed and pretends to be deaf; Adrienne Bailon struggles with her disgust for tomatoes and fear of heights when she falls for a daredevil with an appetite for Italian food.
S01E02 Betsy and Mike 04/11/2014 Pressured by her friend’s engagements, Betsy pretends to move across the country to entice her slacker boyfriend to propose. Mike gets invited to his dream girl’s house, but gets trapped in the closet hiding from her mother.
S01E03 Noah and Beth 11/11/2014
S01E04 Walki and Katie 18/11/2014
S01E05 Erin and Jeff 25/11/2014
S01E06 Leigh Anne and Kara 02/12/2014
S01E07 Jasmine and Cheryl 09/12/2014
S01E08 Jenny and Alex 16/12/2014
S01E09 Andrea and Calvin 23/12/2014
S01E10 Chanel and Jessica 06/01/2015
S01E11 Corey and Kayla 13/01/2015
S01E12 Rosie and Melissa 20/01/2015