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S01E01 Sea and Wine 11/01/2008 Tonia Buxton is spending her holidays in Cyprus with her family. She attends the Annual Wine festival that her family invited her to, to be a taste tester at the family vineyard.
S01E02 Mountain Picnic 18/01/2008 Tonia Buxton visits her relatives in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus where people of all ages come and work together.
S01E03 Fasting and Celebrating 25/01/2008 In memory of The Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Tonia and her family are fasting.
S01E04 Summer Wedding 01/02/2008 Tonia helps her friends, Sue and Nick, with a wedding feast when they decide to have a traditional Greek wedding.
S01E05 Cypriot Kitchen Garden 08/02/2008 Tonia visits her Uncle Eddy's vegetable garden to gather the freshest organic produce before preparing a meal for the family.
S01E06 Sophia's Birthday Party 15/02/2008 Tonia's daughter is turning eight so her family throw her a party in which Tonia helps out with the feast
S01E07 Hairdressers' Party 22/02/2008 Tonia's friends Jo and Andrew opened a hair salon in Cyprus a year ago and plan to throw a first anniversary party.
S01E08 The Village and City 29/02/2008 Tonia visits Cyprus' capital city, Nicosia, and the mountain village of Gilliani.
S01E09 Beach Barbeque 07/03/2008 Tonia makes a delicious Galombrama cake along with traditional rustic sausages called Shoftalia for a beach barbecue.
S01E10 Tastes of the Middle East 14/03/2008 Tonia meets up with some musical travellers while enjoying flavours of the Middle East cuisine.
S01E11 Stuffed Lamb and Ice Cream 21/03/2008 Tonia meets up with her photographer cousin to take some family portraits and enjoy a beach picnic. She cooks stuffed lamb with dates for her family, then makes a delicious Mastikii ice-cream with her daughters.
S01E12 Magical Olives 28/03/2008 Tonia Buxton helps her uncle and aunt on the first day of the olive harvest in a Cypriot mountain village. As well as seeing the olives pressed to make their own olive oil, Tonia makes delicious olive and onion pastries.
S01E13 Seafood Delights 04/04/2008 Tonia searches for the freshest seafood delights as she dives beneath the clear waters off the coast of Cyprus. On today's menu she cooks octopus and a delicious stuffed squid dish.
S01E14 Down on the Farm 11/04/2008 Tonia Buxton visits her Uncle's farm in Cyprus, helping to pick the freshest spinach to make a traditional spinach pie – Spanakopita.
S01E15 The Village Fair 18/04/2008

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