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S01E01 Meet The Mozian Family 20/01/2003 In this episode You meet the Mozians! Joe- Stayed home dad / Comedian with his children / Eats a lot! Michele- Mom, helping Joe find a job! Michael & Alex- 2 young boys. Joes dad has over 26 phones in his house. Joes mother-in-law brings kewish.
S01E02 Meet The Almeida-Miller Family 27/01/2003 In this episode we meet the Millers! Mom- A desprate woman looking for love! Maria- Teenage sister!. Nick- The Prankster! Alayna- The Cute One!
S01E03 Meet The Lucas Family 03/02/2003 Jennifer- Older Sister Allison- Younger Sister Both destend to host/star their very own Sitcom and finally meet their true love, Tom Cruise!
S01E04 Meet The Zaccagnino Family 10/02/2003 Camille- Upsessed with the dead. (Oldest Sister) Karen- Own's her own Hair Sallon. (Middle Sister) Diane- Affraid of driving. (Youngest Sister)
S01E05 Meet The Sampson Family 16/02/2003 The Pro-restling Family competes to see if there life can become a reality Sitcom.
S01E06 Meet The Fontaine Family 24/02/2003 With Crazy-Cupon-Clipping Mom at work. the kids have a great ballence.
S01E07 Meet The Mac-Gregor Gordon Family 03/03/2003 Retired Rockstar musicans mom and dad now taking on a family!
S01E08 Meet The Bollmann Family 10/03/2003 THe Bollmann Family as the next Modern Partridge Family. They even created the're own theme song for the're Sitcom...if it turns out that way.
S01E09 Hollywood Round 17/03/2003 The Zaccagnino Sisters and The _____ Will compete to have there own sitcom!
S01E10 The Finale 24/03/2003 The Executive Producers reveal who won their own sitcom. It was the Zaccagnino Family! They then showed their very own Pilot.
S01E11 The Zaccagnino Family: Pilot 24/03/2003 In The Zaccagnino Family Pilot, it tells the short story of a famous celeb coming to their Hair Styling Shop. But when the husband gets the message wrong, its not really a Celeb coming for a haircut.

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