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Documentary series following the highs and lows of a group of youngsters, providing an insight into the lives of different children across the UK, each with a unique story to tell.


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S05E01 Race for Rio 28/01/2014
S05E02 Peter's Circus 04/02/2014 At just 14 years old, Peter is the youngest stunt motorbike rider in Europe. What's more, he lives in his very own caravan and spends nine months of the year travelling around England, performing in his parent's circus. Being one of the show's most popular performers brings daily challenges. Whether it's having just one day to master a motorbike act on a high wire, building a monster truck or riding in a globe inches above your sister's head, life for Peter is never boring.
S05E03 The Floating Hospital 18/02/2014 This film is a tale of two worlds colliding and the formation of friendship through life-changing experiences. Iona is a 15-year-old British girl who lives on a floating hospital that sails around the world, and Grace is a Congolese teenager, whose life has been shattered by the growth of an enormous tumor on her face. At the moment the Floating Hospital is based in Congo, in West Africa. Grace and her mum have travelled days from Kinshasa to the ship, hoping that the doctors on board will be able to help. Her life is incredibly difficult - she doesn't go out or go to school because of the tumour on her face. But it's not just about how Grace looks - if not treated she will die. Iona takes us onboard her home and we meet the people who live and work on the ship. Grace and Iona don't speak the same language but they find a way to overcome the barriers and we're with them all the way as Grace's life is transformed forever.
S05E04 Born Lucky 25/02/2014
S05E05 One Way Ticket 04/03/2014 How do children feel when their parents decide to up sticks and move them to a different country? In this My Life film, we follow ten-year-old Daniel and his seven-year-old brother Jake as they move lock, stock and barrel from Devon, England to Wellington, New Zealand. But with many families deciding to return, will this turn out to be a disastrous decision, or will they want to stay?
S05E06 Signing Off 11/03/2014 10-year-old Ben is one of only two hearing people in a deaf family.
S05E07 The Most Famous School in the World (1) 18/03/2014 Documentary following three boys - James, Theodore and Faramade - who have all won New Foundation Scholarships to Eton College. In this first episode, we meet our three lads as they get fitted out in their brand new school uniforms, ready for their new lives ahead. We learn how the boys first heard of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and witnesses their mounting excitement as they get ready to leave home and start their lives at Eton. We see how different everything they encounter is to their former lives. But will the boys settle in? Will they keep up when many of the lessons are completely new to them? Will they get to grips with all the new words and phrases? And will they make it to the half-term break without too many mishaps?
S05E08 The Most Famous School in the World (2) 19/03/2014 In episode two, our young Etonians have to face the truth that exams are looming. The second half of their term becomes a whirlwind of lessons, revision, tests - oh, and the hilarious Mufti Day, where some boys seem to take the 'no uniform day' rule to extremes! Despite being exhausted by all things new, the lads are determined to do well in the end-of-term exams and everything builds to that moment... But have they done enough and are they now true Etonians, or is there still a little something of their former selves left inside?