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Welcome to the My Little Margie guide at TV Tome. "My Little Margie" was the story of Margie Albright (played by Gale Storm), the vivacious, irrepresable, 21-year-old daughter of Vernon Albright (played by former silent screen star, Charles Farrell), a widowed executive at the investment-counseling firm of Honeywell & Todd. The Albrights resided in a Fifth Avenue apartment in New York. Margie was always trying to help her father get a client, avoid a designing woman, or just to act his age as she felt he should. Margie's elaborate plans almost always included a disguise of some sort, she masqueraded as everything from a male opera singer to Vern's mother to her own, non-exsistant sister to the Albright's equally non-exsistant maid. Usually helping her with her schemes were the spunky Mrs. Odett's, the Albright's aged neighbor, and Freddie Wilson, Margie's ardent boyfriend, whom Vern disliked intently. Other characters in the mix were Mr. Honeywell, Vern's exasparated boss; R


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S01E01 Reverse Psychology 09/06/1952 Both Margie and Vern use a book on reverse psychology to get each other to breakup with their prospective mates, Freddie and Roberta, respectively. However, the whole thing backfires when a misunderstanding causes each one to think the other is eloping.
S01E02 A Friend for Roberta 16/06/1952 Margie tries to get a date for Roberta with a famous opera star so she will leave Vern alone. However, the singer thinks its Margie who wants the date.
S01E03 Radioactive Margie 23/06/1952 Margie writes a fake letter saying there is uranium on some property Freddie has inherited so Vern will give him a job. Vern finds out what she did and turns the tables by making Margie think their is uranium behind their apartment building.
S01E04 Margie Sings Opera 30/06/1952 Margie gets an opera singer to perform at a party to impress one of Vern's clients. When the singer cancels, Margie must replace him by disguising herself as the male singer.
S01E05 Margie's Sister Sally 07/07/1952 Vern sets Margie up on a date with a client's son. Margie sees a photo of a little boy so she disguises herself as an 11-year-old girl. When her date shows up she discovers the photo was an old one and the client's son is a handsome young man. Now in order to date him she must pretend to be her own older sister.
S01E06 Costume Party 14/07/1952 Margie and Mr. Honeywell try to trick Vern into going to a costume party by saying Roberta will be there with another man. Meanwhile, a thief sees the guestlist and decides it will be the perfect time to rob the partygoer's apartments.
S01E07 Margie Plays Detective 21/07/1952 In order to get Vern to take her on a trip to Havana, Margie promises to be on her best behaviour. Events conspire to ruin her plan as all kinds of problems pop up throwing the Albright apartment into chaos.
S01E08 Insurance 28/07/1952 When Vern's doctor tells him he needs to get in better shape for his insurance he does so by walking instead of going by car and cutting back on meals. This causes Margie to think her father is in financial difficulties and she tries her best to correct the problem.
S01E09 Margie's Mink 11/08/1952 When Margie receives a mink coat by mistake, she tries to impress Vern by telling him a man sent it to her. When the man who bought the coat shows up he turns out to be a U.N. delegate from Arabia who wants to add Margie to his harem.
S01E10 Efficency Expert 18/08/1952 Vern wants Margie to date someone with ambition so in retaliation she starts dating Mr. Honeywell's nephew, an obnoxious effeciency expert, who Vern dislikes.
S01E11 The Hooded Vern 25/08/1952 Margie pretends to be a spy so she can meet a handsome FBI agent. When he uncovers her plot, he and Vern conspire to teach her a lesson.
S02E01 The Contract 01/09/1952 Both Vern and Margie find themselves with one date too many and try to conceal the fact so their dates won't find out about each other.
S02E02 Vern's Chums 08/09/1952 Margie invites Freddie's parents to dinner to try and drum up some investment business for Vern. Vern thinks it must mean Margie and Freddie are considering marriage, so he brings home some show people to make a bad impression on Mr. & Mrs. Wilson.
S02E03 Conservative Margie 04/10/1952 To impress a very conservative client of Vern's, Margie pretends to be an old-fashioned girl, but the client is so pleased she expects Margie to marry her grandson.
S02E04 Margie's Career 11/10/1952 Margie gets a job as a singer in a nightclub which is frequented by gangsters. A concerned Vern hires an actor to pose as a gangster to scare Margie, but unbeknownst to Vern he's actually dealing with a real mobster.
S02E05 Vern Needs a Rest 18/10/1952 Margie tries to convince Vern to go on vacation to Florida by making him think he's having a nervous breakdown.
S02E06 Missing Link 25/10/1952 When Margie is conned into buying the contract of a has-been wrestler she tries to make back her money by claiming she and Freddie are big game hunters who have returned from the wilderness with the missing link.
S02E07 The Blonde Margie 01/11/1952 To breakup Margie and Freddie, Vern sets Freddie up on a date with Mr. Honeywell's niece, but Margie finds out, becomes a blonde and pretends to be the other woman to test Freddie's loyalty.
S02E08 Who's Married? 01/01/1953 Margie poses as Freddie's wife to help him get a job with one of Vern's clients who only hires married men. When Vern is at the meeting too, he also thinks they are married.
S02E09 New Neighbors 08/01/1953 Mr. Todd arranges for Vern's new client to move into the apartment above the Albrights so he will be in close proximity for business dealings. Trouble arises when the Albrights fight with the new neighbors without realizing who they are.
S02E10 Motorcycle Cop 15/01/1953 Margie gets a speeding ticket from a motorcycle cop who wants to date her, so she and Mrs. Odetts plan to prove her innocence.
S02E11 The Indians 22/01/1953 Vern hires an actor to pose as a client to keep Margie away from the actual man. But the real client overhears Margie telling the actor she can show him real Indians in Central Park, so the client offers to pose as an Indian so he can find out whats going on.
S02E12 The Two Lieutenants 29/01/1953 Mrs. Odetts has been writing letter to servicemen using Margie's name and photos. Now two of the servicemen are in town and want to meet their pen pal.
S02E13 Hollywood Trip 05/02/1953 Margie, Vern and Mrs. Odetts take a trip to Hollywood. Trying to crash the movies, Margie pretends to be an acrobat and Mrs. Odetts pretends to be a clown in order to get jobs in a circus epic.
S02E14 Hillbilly Margie 12/02/1953 When a group of mountain folk inherit stock in Honeywell & Todd, Margie and Vern must pose as hillbillies to get it back.
S02E15 Hypochondriac 19/02/1953 When a client of Vern's backs out of a deal because of her sick grandson, Margie's trip to Paris is canceled. Margie learns the grandson is a hypochondriac so with the help of Mrs. Odetts, she pretends to be even sicker than he to make him feel better about his own condition.
S02E16 Cry Wolf 26/02/1953 When Vern won't take her on a trip to Mexico, Margie hires a press agent to make it seem she is involved with a notorious playboy. Vern uncovers her plot and hires an actor to pose as the playboy, but matters are complicated when the real man arrives in town.
S02E17 Homely Margie 05/03/1953 To keep a young client away from Margie, Vern shows him a picture which has been retouched to make her look homely. When Margie has to meet the man, Vern convinces her to disguise herself to look like the photo.
S02E18 Trapped Freddie 12/03/1953 Vern promises Margie a new car if she won't see Freddie for one month. Unaware that Freddie is already there, Margie agrees, then must try to hide him from Vern.
S02E19 Vern, the Failure 19/03/1953 Vern feels like a failure after attending his class reunion, so Margie tries to get him promoted by pretending another firm has offered him a better job. Trouble arises when Vern thinks the job offer is real and quits Honeywell & Todd.
S02E20 Stock Control 26/03/1953 Margie finds herself in possession of some very important stock and takes advantage of the situation.
S02E21 Buried Treasure 02/04/1953 When the Albrights buy a run-down country house, Vern tries to keep Margie occupied by planting a phony treasure map.
S02E22 The Golf Game 09/04/1953 Freddie has a job at Honeywell & Todd and Margie is afraid he will lose it if he can't play a good game of golf to impress a prospective client, so she conspires to make him appear an expert golfer.
S02E23 They Also Serve 16/04/1953 Margie and Vern are forced to take jobs as a maid and butler to have a place to sleep when their hotel reservations are canceled. The only problem is, they run into the client Vern is in town to sign.
S02E24 The Newlyweds 23/04/1953 Margie inadvertently causes trouble between her newlywed neighbors by an offhand remark about not letting jealousy break up their marriage.
S02E25 To Health with Yoga 30/04/1953 Margie tries to meet the author of a book on yoga by telling some fibs that keep growing.
S02E26 Young Vern 07/05/1953 When Vern starts feeling old because Roberta is dating a younger man, Margie tries to help out by having his hair dyed while he sleeps and enlisting the help of her young girlfriend to make a fuss over him. The only trouble is, her scheme works too well and Vern gets carried away with himself.
S02E27 A Horse for Vern 14/05/1953 Margie gets a job as a newspaper reporter but runs into some trouble over a missing horse.
S02E28 Girl Against the World 21/05/1953 Freddie can't get his play produced because it is too far-fetched, so Margie, Freddie and Mrs. Odetts act out the play as though it were real for Vern's new client who happens to be a producer.
S02E29 Mrs. Margie Calkins 28/05/1953 Margie poses as her neighbor's wife in order to scare off an old girlfriend, but the plan backfires and his old flame decides to move into the building.
S02E30 Vern's New Girlfriend 04/06/1953 Margie tries to prevent a gold-digging blonde from hooking her father.
S02E31 Father's Little Helper 11/06/1953 Margie convinces Vern to let her help him land a deal with two rich Texans, but when they turn out to be phonies Margie has to try and save Vern's job.
S02E32 Delinquent Margie 18/06/1953 Mrs. Odetts enlists the help of Margie and Vern to get $6000 dollars out of her trust fund so she can buy a hot rod car.
S02E33 A Mother for Vern 25/06/1953 Margie has to pose as Vern's mother in order to get a client to sign with him.
S02E34 Freddie's Formula 02/07/1953 Vern offers to take care of a client's pet white cat, but Margie thinks its a stray and lets Freddie use it to try out his new invention, a permanent hair dye.
S02E35 The Truck Driver 09/07/1953 A truck driver runs into Margie's car in order to ask her on a date. Vern and Mr. Honeywell think he's only a gold-digger, so they convince Margie to pretend she is poor to test him. However, the man is actually a rich client of Honeywell & Todd, who, acting on similiar advice, is also pretending to be broke.
S02E36 Margie's Helping Hand 16/07/1953 Margie asks Vern for the money to pay a charity pledge and then gets a lecture on responsibility, so she sets out to prove she really does want to lend a helping hand.
S02E37 Double Trouble 23/07/1953 To keep Margie from wanting to go on a trip to South America, Vern hires an actor to court her. Margie uncovers the plot and uses the actor's twin brother to make Vern think he's losing his mind.
S03E01 A Present for Dad 02/09/1953 Margie wants to have her portrait painted as a present for Vern's birthday. Short on money, she arranges to pretend to be the girlfriend of an artist to impress his friend and in exchange he will paint the portrait. Vern gets suspicious and, following Margie, thinks she is having an illicit affair.
S03E02 Campus Homecoming 09/09/1953 Vern plans to do some business with the Dean at his college reunion, but Margie intends to teach him a lesson when she finds out he and his friends weren't quite as dignified in college as he had claimed.
S03E03 A Day at the Beach 16/09/1953 Vern calls in sick so he can take the day off and go to the beach with Margie at her suggestion. Trouble arises when he runs into a client and, without realizing who she is, brags about being irresponsible.
S03E04 My Little Bookie 23/09/1953 Vern hides the fact that he got a bonus and tells Margie he is in danger of losing his job if she doesn't start economizing. Margie tries to help, but only ends up causing more trouble.
S03E05 Go North, Young Girl 30/09/1953 Vern tells Margie he will take her to Hawaii if she can last through a Canadian hunting trip. He's convinced she won't be able to take it, but Margie outfoxes him by hiring three men to do all her work for her.
S03E06 Margie, the Writer 07/10/1953 Vern tries to get Margie interested in writing, thinking it will keep her out of trouble. In order to research her book, Margie starts pretending she has amnesia and when the police get involved, its wall-to-wall trouble for everyone.
S03E07 My Little Clementine 14/10/1953 Margie asks Vern for a job at Honeywell & Todd, but Vern says no. When Margie's lookalike cousin arrives, Vern thinks its Margie in disguise and decides to get even.
S03E08 That's the Spirit 21/10/1953 Margie tries to convince Vern to be more aggressive with Mr. Honeywell by taking him to a phony seance in which Mrs. Odetts pretends to be a spirit giving him advice.
S03E09 Margie's Phantom Lover 28/10/1953 Vern and Mr. Honeywell make Margie believe she has a secret admirer to keep her from entering an auto race. When Margie tries to find out who the secret admirer is, Vern's new client gets involved.
S03E10 Margie's Baby 04/11/1953 Margie tries to help the daughter of Vern's new client. He doesn't know his daughter is married and has a baby, so Margie has to pretend the baby is hers.
S03E11 A Slight Misunderstanding 11/11/1953 Margie tries to help her neighbors repair their marriage by making the wife jealous, but Vern and Freddie end up thinking they are having an affair.
S03E12 Vern's Secret Fishing Place 18/11/1953 Vern always wins the annual fishing tournament and Mr. Honeywell offers Margie a mink coat if she will help him beat Vern.
S03E13 Comedy of Terrors 25/11/1953 Vern is the foreman on a jury that convicts a gangster. Worried about her father's safety, Margie sets a trap for what she thinks are the gangster's henchmen, but turn out to be a mild-mannered client and a private detective.
S03E14 What's Cooking? 02/12/1953 Margie invites Mr. Honeywell and a prospective client to dinner. She lets Freddie, who now has a job selling cookware, make the dinner. What she doesn't know is that Vern's client is a competitor of Freddie's company.
S03E15 Vern's Two Daughters 09/12/1953 Vern doesn't want Margie to meet a client's son, so he sends her out of town and has Roberta pose as Margie. When a suspicious Margie returns, she catches on and then pretends to be her own imaginary sister, Helen.
S03E16 Chubby Little Margie 16/12/1953 Vern convinces Margie to break her date with a Marine to go out with a client's son. An angry Margie uses helium to inflate her dress so she will look fat. The plan backfires, however, when the client's son turns out to be a dreamboat.
S03E17 Margie's Millionth Member 23/12/1953 The set and costumes used in the ""My Little Margie"" episode ""Margie's Millionth Member"" are from ""Rocky Jones Space Ranger"". Both sets and costumes were used at The Hal Roach Studios. The name of one of the cereal company owners is ""Mr.Crackie"".
S03E18 Meet Mr. Murphy 30/12/1953 Margie agrees to babysit for a chimpanzee that belongs to one of Vern's clients. Vern, not realizing who the chimp belongs to, pays Freddie to kidnap it. When Margie learns of the plan, she tells Freddie to go ahead with it to teach Vern a lesson.
S03E19 Vern Gets the Bird 06/01/1954 Margie must pretend to be a birdwatching enthusiast in order to keep a client of Vern's around long enough to sign a new contract.
S03E20 Vern Retires 13/01/1953 A misunderstanding over Mr. Honeywell's health leads to Vern being fired. Now Margie must scheme to get his job back.
S03E21 Health Farm 20/01/1954 At a health farm for wealthy women, Margie switches identity with a friend who wants to be sure her new boyfriend isn't after her money.
S03E22 Day and Night 27/01/1954 Vern tells Margie if one more thing goes wrong she won't get her trip to Sun Valley. Margie then gets into trouble when she tries to operate a broken elevator and ends up taking a fellow tenant on a wild ride. When the woman threatens to sue, Margie tries to keep the landlord from talking to Vern, by convincing Vern it is the middle of the night.
S03E23 Mexican Standoff 03/02/1954 Margie, Vern and Mrs. Odetts go to Mexico to see a client and run into plenty of trouble and misunderstandings.
S03E24 Margie's Manproof Lipstick 10/02/1954 Freddie has a new job selling lipstick that lasts three months. When Margie messes up a demonstration Freddie was trying to give to Vern's new client, she must think of a way to correct the problem she has caused.
S03E25 Margie Babysits 17/02/1954 Margie and Vern babysit for client's grandson who happens to be an obnoxious brat. What Margie doesn't realize is that the old lady neighbor who is helping them amuse the child is actually a notorious thief.
S03E26 Case of the Helping Hand 24/02/1954 Vern thinks his job is being taken over by an ambitious young man at Honeywell & Todd. The man is a big fan of murder mysteries, so Margie and Roberta set up a real mystery to try and trick him into leaving the company.
S03E27 Sleepwalking 03/03/1954 Margie decides she wants to live in a ground floor apartment and to convince Vern it is a good idea she makes him believe he walks in his sleep and it is dangerous for him to live on the tenth floor.
S03E28 A Proposal for Papa 10/03/1954 Mr. Honeywell makes Vern hire the daughter of a client to be his secretary. When the girl falls for Vern and wants to marry him, Margie tries to make her see how ridiculous the age difference is by dating the girl's aged father. The only problem is, the old man really falls for Margie.
S03E29 Vern's Son 17/03/1954 To keep a new client away from Margie, Vern lies and says he has a son instead of a daughter. When the client wants to meet Vern's son, Margie disguises herself as a boy.
S03E30 Daughter-At-Law 24/03/1954 Margie's new boyfriend is a lawyer who convinces Margie Vern has no legal right to treat her like a child.
S03E31 The New Freddie 31/03/1954 In order to breakup Margie and Freddie, Vern and Mr. Honeywell convince Freddie that Margie would like him better if he acted like a cave man. Margie discovers their plan and retaliates by pretending she loves the ""new Freddie"".
S03E32 Tugboat Margie 14/04/1954 When Vern and Freddie are called to duty by the Navy, Margie ends up a stowaway on their ship.
S03E33 En Garde 14/04/1954 Vern gets carried away with fencing lessons and neglects Roberta. Mr. Honeywell hires a Frenchman to make Vern jealous.
S03E34 Honeyboy Honeywell 21/04/1954 Convinced Mr. Honeywell would be a better boss if he were a married man, Margie gets him a date at a lonely hearts club. When the woman turns out to be a gold-digger, Mrs. Odetts and Margie pose as Mr. Honeywell's wife and daughter to get rid of her.
S03E35 Careless Margie 28/04/1954 Margie is careless with her money, so Vern tries to teach her a lesson about financial management. Margie ends up thinking her father has gone broke and rents out their apartment to a couple of wrestlers.
S03E36 Vern on the Lam 05/05/1954 Vern gets into trouble when he forgets his entry permit on a trip to South America and ends up tangling with a commander, unaware that he is the client he is there to sign.
S03E37 Margie and the Shah 12/05/1954 Despite Vern's objections, Margie is determined to meet Vern's old fraternity brother, the Shah of Zena...even if it means sneaking into his hotel room.
S03E38 Margie and the Bagpipes 19/05/1954 When Margie accidentally breaks a set of antique bagpipes belonging to the head of a Scottish lodge, she tries to replace them with Mr. Honeywell's set.
S03E39 Dutch Treat 26/05/1954 Margie poses as a 12-year-old immigrant girl to help Mr. Todd out of a misunderstanding he is having with his wife over a check he wrote.
S04E01 Kangaroo Story 01/09/1954 Roberta is trying to convince her visiting father that New York is a respectable place to live. Things go awry because Freddie just happens to be babysitting a kangaroo in the Albright's apartment.
S04E02 The All American 08/09/1954 Vern refuses to take Margie along on a trip to sign up a football player, but Margie just happens to run into him right here at home.
S04E03 Vern's Guilty Feeling 15/09/1954 When Vern feels Margie isn't coming to him with her problems, she makes up a phony story about being jilted.
S04E04 Star of Khyber 22/09/1954 Margie tries to help a private detective find a maharaja's stolent jewel, but only succeeds in making everyone think she's involved in the theft.
S04E05 Parrot Gold 29/09/1954 Mr. Honeywell is made trustee of an eccentric millionaire's fortune, but doesn't know where the money is hidden. He enlists the help of Vern and Margie in finding the money.
S04E06 Real George 06/10/1954 When a man who wants to date Margie and accidentally gets the wrong name, Mrs. Odetts thinks she has a secret admirer.
S04E07 The Do-Gooder 13/10/1954 Margie tries to prove to Vern that she isn't spoiled by doing a good deed, but ends up getting involved in secret Air Force mission.
S04E08 Convention Story 20/10/1954 At a Miami convention, Vern is dating a man's daughter so he will vote for Mr. Honeywell in an election. Margie and Roberta misunderstand and conspire to break the pair up.
S04E09 Shipboard Story 27/10/1954 Margie wants Vern to take her to London. When he refuses, she hires a man to pretend they are going to elope as soon as Vern leaves.
S04E10 A Job for Freddie 03/11/1954 Vern thinks Freddie takes too much money from Margie. He tells Margie if Freddie keeps a job for one week he will double her allowance, if not, he won't give her any. Margie gets Freddie a job in a restaurant and then tries to help him keep it.
S04E11 Switzerland Story 10/11/1954 Vern and Margie try desparately to locate a client. They rush to Switzerland thinking they have found him at a chess match, but it turns out to be the man's 10-year-old brother.
S04E12 Big Chief Vern 17/11/1954 Margie gets carried away with flying lessons. To distract her, Vern plants a fake map which supposedly leads to an Indian gold mine in Mrs. Odetts' trunk.
S04E13 Vern's Winter Vacation 24/11/1954 Margie poses as Freddie's bride after he wins a trip to Palm Beach by using a phony story.
S04E14 San Francisco Story 01/12/1954 In San Francisco, Vern's rival tricks Margie into interfering in a Chinese family feud, not realizing one of the men is Vern's client.
S04E15 Operation Rescue 08/12/1954 Margie tries to help Vern get out of a romance by pretending the family is insane. The only problem is, she mistakes a woman client for the girlfriend and endagers Vern's business deal.
S04E16 Subconcious Approach 15/12/1954 Margie tries to make Vern stand up to Mr. Honeywell by playing records with messages on them while he sleeps. Vern catches on and teaches her a lesson by pretending it worked and he got fired.
S04E17 The New Neighbor 22/12/1954 Margie takes a job with her new neighbor, an inventor, so she can pay for a mink coat she bought.
S04E18 Margie's Client 29/12/1954 Vern and Mr. Honeywell tell Margie they want her help getting a client to renew his contract, when what they are really hoping is that she will mess things up so much that he will cancel.
S04E19 Miss Whoozis 05/01/1955 Margie gets a job modeling clothes for a fashion designer. When she wants to date the photographer, she breaches her contract by posing for another campaign. The designer is outraged, and what she doesn't realize is that he is one of Vern's clients. She then must try to hide the fact that she is Vern's daughter in order to save her father's contract with him.
S04E20 Murder in Bermuda 12/01/1955 While vacationing in Bermuda with her father, Margie thinks she has witnessed a murder, but no one will believe her.
S04E21 The Unexpected Guest 19/01/1955 When Mr. Honeywell lends the Albright's apartment to a client and then Margie and Vern return unexpectedly, they are forced into pretending they are the maid and butler.
S04E22 Mardi Gras 26/01/1955 Margie and Vern go to New Orleans during Mardi Gras where a prospective client asks their help in getting his obnoxious brother-in-law to leave.
S04E23 Vern's Mother-In-Law 02/02/1955 Vern tells the story of how he married Margie's mother and was hired by Honeywell & Todd.
S04E24 Too Many Ghosts 09/02/1955 In England, Margie tries to help a client sell one of his castles. However, the prospective buyer only wants it if it is haunted, so Margie has to provide the ghosts too.
S04E25 Make Up Your Mind 16/02/1955 Margie and Mrs. Odetts try to convince a client to make a trip to Hawaii because they will also get to go along.
S04E26 Hawaii Story 23/02/1955 When a client of Vern's prefers younger men, Margie has to pretend she is 12 years old.
S04E27 Las Vegas Story 02/03/1955 In Las Vegas, Margie gambles in a client's casino as a favor to the man's niece. When he gets suspicious of her winning streak, Margie hides out in a masked beauty contest.
S04E28 Vern's Flying Saucer 09/03/1955 Margie messes up a live TV show sponsored by one of Vern's clients and Vern and Mr. Honeywell end up thinking aliens have landed when they wander onto a science fiction set.
S04E29 Margie's New Boyfriend 16/03/1955 Vern tells Margie that Freddie is too much of a weakling and she should find a real man. Her answer is to come home with an obnoxious Marine judo expert, which makes Vern long for the presence of the once-hated Freddie.
S04E30 Corpus Delecti 23/03/1955 Freddie has a new job working for a private eye and when he and Margie find a murderer's diary in an old trunk they decide to investigate. The trail ends up leading them to one of Vern's clients.
S04E31 Mr. Uranium 30/03/1955 Vern and Margie set out to locate a reclusive man who has a uranium claim. Vern thinks he has found the right man, but it turns out it's actually another man with whom Vern has been fighting.
S04E32 The Big Telecast 06/04/1955 Margie lets a group of circus performers stay at the Albright apartment, unaware that Vern has arranged to be interviewed there on live television.
S04E33 Margie's Recipe 13/04/1955 Vern tries to impress a prospective client by having Margie cook a fancy dinner. When Margie learns he heads a local opera company, she decides she wants to sing for him.
S04E34 Papa and Mambo 20/04/1955 Mr. Honeywell has promised Vern that he will step down and give Vern the presidency of the company, but when the time comes, he's not ready to retire. He says that if Vern gets a contract with an important client, he will step down, but if Mr. Honeywell himself gets it, he will remain president. Vern agrees, but Mr. Honeywell tricks Margie into working against her father.
S04E35 Matinee Idol 27/04/1955 Margie gets involved with an actor who is trying to make his leading lady jealous and the leading lady uses Vern for the same purpose.
S04E36 Countess Margie 04/05/1955 Margie switches identities with a countess who wants to test her boyfriend's motives.
S04E37 Margie's Baseball Player 11/05/1955 Margie tries to help Vern get a contract with the owner of a baseball club.
S04E38 Vern's Butterflies 18/05/1955 Margie tricks Vern into going on vacation by telling him a prospective client is at the hotel she has chosen for his rest.
S04E39 Margie's Elopement 25/05/1955 Margie helps the daughter of one of Vern's clients elope against her father's wishes. Vern thinks it is Margie who has eloped.